Brexit Wars 3



Usual crap being spouted by dotard thicko remoaner brigade who always automatically assume that non-alignment automatically means reducing our standards. It does not.


Not automatically but deliberately so as to toady to the USA.

What do you know about food production or any real life issues anyway being a bank clerk?




I said no such thing but misquoting people is your favourite pastime isn’t it @Eadwig

Of course we have to meet their standards to export to them. We can, however, now import from wherever we want, tariff free. Even you must be able to accept that there are thousands of EU regulations that we can get rid of.

The bluff is straightforward. The EU doesn’t think we would walk away on WTO terms hence its misguided belief that it can demand rules alignment and fishing access. This UK government will not only say it is prepared to walk, it will actually do it.

Happy days.


The Ladybird book of Remoaning


At the end of the day you will find it is Liar Johnson and his lickspittle misfits who are doing the bluffing and lying. Abject failure awaits.




We’ll see @Sir_Buns-Up_Knealing

So far your forecasting track record has been on a par with the Treasury morons who predicted deep recession straight after the EU referendum


As you well know the recession was delayed by Carney slashing interest rates and the UK remaining in the EU for a further happy 3 1/2 years.

The deep recession due to Liar Johnson being in charge is just around the corner. So much in debt will the UK be in a year or two it will have to be bailed out by the IMF again.




Good to see my old chum Martone is still breathing.





You can rest assured that if the UK goes into a deep recession the EU will be in a deeper one. Germany is already heading that way. Even a stopped clock is right twice a day Buns. The economy always goes in cycles. There will always be plenty of sad act Remoaner fanboys like you desperate to blame the next one on Brexit.


And wouldn’t that make all the bonehead Little Englanders proud and happy.

What a shameful laughing stock this country is.




Yes… like the imaginary EU regulation on the smoked kipper “ice pillow"… another Johnson lie.


Still on cut and paste and whinging overdrive I see.
And Brexit will still happen.


Yep… get your excuses in early.


so no answer and no benefits to list .

cut paste is just the drivel you believed…
eg easiest deal in history ?


Just pointing the obvious as Buns made the earth shattering prediction that there will be a recession at some point. Like saying it will be 6.00pm at some point today. You keep hoping for one don’t you Eeyore


Good to see you admitting that it hasn’t really yet. Many a slip between cup and lip.

Liar Johnson to be gone by next Christmas.




Yes but … which one !! :clown_face:


That’s not a bluff, is it?

You do know we sell most of our fish to the EU, I suppose? You seem happy to cut off your nose to spite your face. Especially when the finance sector loses all that EU money. A lot already gone, of course.

This government will walk away on WTO terms and put several sectors out of business forever.

We then accept lower standards and 19 times the cases of salmonella which will mostly kill off the elderly.

Fantastic deal. As you say, happy days.


You’re the one that has been predicting a recession in Germany for the last 4 years. Keep it up, you’ll be right sooner or later, just like a broken clock. Hypocrite.


If they do, I hope the EU switch the lights off. I’d love to see them play real hard ball instead of falling over themselves to be nice to people like Farage and Johnson.

Then we’ll see who the real bluffers are … that’s if you can understand the concept which you don’t appear to have any grasp of.