Brexit Wars 3



Fascist? You don’t know the meaning of the word.



Fascism from fasces Latin: birch bundle for beating.
Militaristic - contempt for the will of the people and democracy
Rule by ‘Elites’ (globalist/EU commission types)
Oppressive. ( as per hate speech/laws restrictive of liberty)
A form of political Supremacy. ( by force)

Of course what you understand by the word will be mainly an emotional concept.
Like racist racist racist/ white supremacy/ transphobic racist. And other various mental confusion/rage fit reactions.


We still do.
87.3% of NHS staff in England are British… 12.7% are not.

So… of the 12.7%… they come from a mixture of Asia, Africa, Americas, Caribbean and EU states.

I’m not sure why this is a Brexit related issue… In or Out of the EU… it is something for the NHS to address if indeed there is anything to be addressed.
By the way, in the 50s and 60s… prior to UK joining EU… hospitals were still recruiting heavily from countries such as India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.


Do you honestly believe that the UK imports 3.2 million from the middle east… because some of them will be nurses we will need?


Frog back to the latest Economic data
Germany moving into recession banks in troubled
France moving into recession
Italy banks in real trouble moving into recession
Uk higher than predicted growth Brexit is working much better to loosen ties to these shrinking economies and broaden our horizons without dictats of EU
They are in a weakening position for our future trade talks when we leave in March


Completely inane, tangential comment. Typical reaction to those who can’t face the facts staring them in the face. The thinking goes along the lines of ‘Brexit is destroying industry sectors and so I’ll reply with some half-remembered lie to divert attention’.

The truth is, you’re only kidding yourself. Try putting your brain into gear and look at what is actually happening and LISTEN to what people like Jaguar Land Rover are saying. " A No deal Brexit will cost us 1.2bn per year".

At a time they are needed more than ever the UK is going through a process of shedding quality, high paying jobs and careers and exporting them abroad. It isn’t a short-term adjustment, this is going to impact on generations to come, including doctors and nurses trained here … why would they stay when countries like USA will accept them and pay them so much more? (In reponse to your second inane comment which completely ignore demographic realities).

It is a very simple reality warned about over and over again yet for matters of pride people continue to bury their heads in the sand. Unfortunately, that may well include enough of our politicians to do irreparable damage to the country.


They are… and your don’t know much about decision making in the EU.


be assured that if those countries go into recession, the UK will too.


Who is it then? The jewish world conspiracy?


The EU is not democratic, the people who wish to control us are the very same people who already control it. Please get up to speed, you waste much time with these superficial arguments.


It looks like you believed every lie that LEAVE spewed out…
In general EU migrants came to fill vacancies paid taxes etc
Because our country couldn’t be bothered to train our young to do the jobs our country needed, basically let them get into student loan debt and do any degree they wanted.
Starved us of trades and skills we needed.
So companies advertised the vacancies in the EU and they came.
LEAVE blamed migrants for taking all our jobs while claiming benefits at the same time.
They are being treated like sht and our country looks like Trumps RW and a laughing stock.

ALL because PPL like you believed a load on nonsense designed to trigger your prejudices




Really not when we set up our own trade deals and encourage inward investment outside EU Straight jacket
We will also be able to amend UK corporate laws and taxes to attract further investment
Anyway O they are in recession and we continue to grow your predictions so far are unfounded


ONS data shows that in in the last three months UK gdp growth has fallen from 0.4 to 0.3%. EU growth has also fallen over the same period.

Frog in a tree


forget the trade deals. They will not be in place until the next cycle is over and under no circumstance already in the next year.

and make more debt? Even if so, future trade deals will make corporate taxes an issue for harmonization.

The EU is not in a recession. I have no numbers about the EU28, but the Eurozone made
Q1 0.4
Q2 0.4
Q3 0.2

Q4 is likely to be better than Q3

Q1 0.1
Q2 0.3
Q4 0.6


Or maybe it was business that couldn’t be bothered to invest in their people and took the easy option of buying in cheap labour from overseas. Again, this is far too simplistic. Business saw the opportunity that the EU gave them and took it. People aren’t fools, they can see what a bountiful supply of cheap labour has done to wages and investment in people.


Absolute nonsense. Q4 is going to be a lot worse than Q3


For the UK, yes.

Not easy to find forecasts for the EU. I found this:

That said, the fading of some one-off factors in Q3 should help fuel a small rise in growth, especially the normalization of the automobile sector. FocusEconomics analysts see the Eurozone economy growing 0.4% in Q4.

That is consistent with forecasts that growth in Germany will be bigger in Q4 than in Q3 because of car industry increasing production after adapting to WLTP. The second half of the year will be in line with the first half.


Talk about straw clutching. Have you seen the data coming out of Europe over the past week?? Clearly not. Forecasts are always hopelessly lagging indicators, look at current soft data.

I would bet any amount that EU growth in Q4 is lower than Q3.


The report was published Dec 21th.

If you have other facts provide them or stay quiet. I’m tired of fact free claims from brexiteers


I hope your MP calls you out for being an ignorant xenophobe then.

But some good news: finally and at last the media have had the courage to say what I have been banging on about for 18+ months. On Channel 4 News last night Jon Snow came out with some moderate statistics about the now dead Leave majority and the new overwhelmingly Remain electorate since 23/6/16. Remainers: the trend is our friend!

I knew I should have copyrighted this crucial discovery.