Brexit Wars 3



Yes. Much like people were buying HoF, because they went in one day and ten people were in the store with bags. Hilarious


Looks like im the target today in here lol44


So who is on the mission today? hahabbb

time to turn off email alerts. Its coming in at a rate of knots. Even i dont have time for that lark. Sad


Somebody gone into a closed thread re brexit 2, and spending time going down the list to flag any comment i made…

how boring…admin decent though. looking into it now…


Admin is looking at all the flags in BW2. It’s old hat now anyway…we have decided to be polite & civil to each other…right?! :wink:


Why do you insist scrawling this across 3 companies? Might it not be better to put it under “General”



Good. All joking aside, gets really annoying having it flash up every five mins


Nothing flashing for me…now that’s favouritism. A lot of posts to go through I expect :wink:

He’s really going to have to earn his money today…poor bloke. Hopefully he gets more that the living wage.


Hi Last-Call,

You probably know this anyway, but for anyone getting too many email alerts from ii, stopping them is easy. Click your alias image. Then click it again. Click “Preferences”. In “Emails” make sure no boxes are ticked & save changes. I believe ii’s default system sends email alerts automatically to all those who register. - Cheers.


Done. Thanks a million @jackdawsson


Been away for a day or so lot of changes to Brexit 2 not sure whats going on… few bits of news…

1 UK’s top lawyers urge Theresa May to back second Brexit vote
More than 1,500 sign letter calling on PM to let British people have final say on EU membership

Nearly every part of Birmingham wants a second Brexit referendum, poll says


We just had a referendum where LEAVE told people we are being overrun by migrants they are stealing jobs etc and now we cant even find enough people for the army and are allowing nasty foreigners join even if they never lived in the UK.
Personally I wish they would spend money replacing the 40000+ police we need…

Foreign nationals to be allowed to join British army


Cracks me up LC , To try and shout you down, The remainers ended up closing their own thread :joy:
They are clueless to how the site works :joy:


haha .


Easy to avoid it if you don’t like it Devon. I notice that you have been an active contributor too.


Frog in a tree


Yes, I also notice it’s the second of your threads to be closed down.

Might it not be time to consider if it’s adding anything beyond discord?

It would be easier avoiding it if you didn’t keep adding it to multiple companies.

Actually, given it’s only a matter of time before it gets closed down, smearing it might a better description. Smearing it across multiple companies.

Either way, I’ve flagged it as spam. I would encourge others to do the same.



Well Jarse, I’m an optimist. After the backlash by the coming generation the UK will end up in the Euozone and Schengen. Time is on our side:





So DP having lost the argument you want to sabotage free speech. Why not just quietly retire, you won’t be missed?




Hello Devon,

It really is quite pathetic that you are already trying to close this down. Can I suggest that if you don’t like the content that you simply don’t participate in the discussion. Whether you are approaching from LLOY, HSBC or BARC it is easy to identify by its name, in case you haven’t noticed. As you are aware, you are able to mute certain threads if you don’t want to see them. Don’t ask me how as I am not remotely interested in closing down conversations.

If you look at the first message in this thread you will also see that I have made some suggestions as to how we should procede.

I doubt that ii will give your “spam” warning any credence since nothing untoward is being advertised. It rather appears that you are one of those along with Broadmoor who simply wants to use devices to close down discussions where you disagree with some of the content.

Regarding Brexit Wars 1, that was closed down principally due to a series of outrageously racist posts by Grumpy Grandad.


All the best,

Frog in a tree


In that case you will be able to provide some evidence then won’t you?