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No but pro immigration types believe that if we need two kebab chefs urgently then this justifies open borders for millions. We need them. Where would we be without them…
I exaggerate the point slightly, the point,however, remains.


Really? we have three bureaucrats appointed by an individual, who have never been elected by the people for anything ever and you think this is democracy?
Even protozoa have a more balanced view of politics than this.


From 1 September 2014, companies in the EU were banned from making or importing vacuum cleaners above 1600 watts.
This was particularly bad news for people with a loud voice who had very dirty carpets.
You did say name one law.
You failed to specify any particular kind.
The EU also proposed to introduce laws to limit the power of kettles. A law that would have wasted energy as lower power kettles use more energy than higher power ones. But EU types are sometimes so stupid that basic maths is beyond them. Brexit delayed this as they thought the average British was very attached to his turbo powered kettle.
Eh? They wanted to suck them in and then take their kettles away from them.!
Today kettles, tomorrow the grey matter… or was that yesterday?..



We cannot get to know the inner workings of your mind that’s for sure. As a college educator you clearly should have an appreciation of the need to reference your data. How do you define " imported people" and how do you calculate that “imported nurses are only adequate for the numbers of imported people”?

As for comments about the “dim side of the political spectrum”, I rarely see such boneheaded, prejudiced comments as yours on these boards.


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I can certainly agree with that.
In your original post you referred to’overseas’ students whom I don’t think are eligible for loans at all.

Your reply referred to statistics about EU students, and that whole system has been a terrible mess which I’ve never really understood, frankly. Not least because it keeps changing. Once fees were introduced it became even worse.

It all starts with no fees for Scottish students but fees for English students and then there is some dependency on how EU students are treated in their home territory whether they are eligible or not. It soon becomes too farcical to waste time on …

When it comes down to it the portion of students from the EU within the foreign student body (last figures I saw to do with investing in student accommodation) was 7%, which is why it is somewhat surprising on the surface that Brexit is likely to impact the sector so badly.

The portion of lecturers and technicians from the EU (I’m guessing) is likely much higher than that, as the UK took by far the largest portion of the EU’s R&D budget which earned the UK several billions per year. No surprises there when you look at the figures Huw gave about 1 EU university within the global top 50 compared to 10 (now 8) in the UK.

This, and the new immigration policies which appear to be so closely tied up with Brexit, are what really hits the sector badly with Indian students being especially badly hit in numbers. No surprises there either as global demographics, to some extent, dictate that 1 in 3 of all foreign students (at least) would be Chinese or Indian … and the Chinese government has been pouring hundreds of millions into the redevelopment of some selected faculties in some selected universities.

I would like to see foreign students excluded from the immigration figures altogether. This government did have a go at doing that but apparently it is some international convention to include them in the figures and so they remain as being counted when it comes to the policy of net immigration ‘in the tens of thousands only’.

Two fingers to an international convention that causes such a problem for such an important sector, I would have said if in government …


No wonder that we are in deep trouble.




Kettles. etc.

Last year electricity consumption in the UK was back to 1985 levels as a result of EU energy saving rules on appliances, e.g. light bulbs and fridges.

This is just as well as this criminally incompetent Government has caused the collapse of future Nuclear power projects.




So these 3 bureaucrats (do they have names) must have imposed so many laws on us over the years So can you name one that was imposed on us… …??

Thanks for using protozoa to show haw clever you are… definition below…
a phylum or grouping of phyla which comprises the single-celled microscopic animals, which include amoebas, flagellates, ciliates, sporozoans, and many other forms. They are now usually treated as a number of phyla belonging to the kingdom Protista.


[quote=“c3pow, post:4274, topic:1145436”]
From 1 September 2014, companies in the EU were banned from making or importing vacuum cleaners above 1600 watts.

I asked If any laws had been imposed on us you come up with a famous LEAVE lie
Now the EU wants to ban kettles etc !”

Yes, the EU introduced legislation calling for manufacturers to make kettles more energy-efficient.
No, this did not represent a blanket ban on kettles.
FactCheck verdict: nonsense




tut tut Pete … not exactly what he said is it?


I had a giggle at the ridiculous way Leave called them “tea” kettles. A not very subtle way of implying that that the EU was attacking the good old British cup of tea.

Still, some like C3 swallowed it!



basically he cant name any law imposed on us so comes up with bits of nonsense from the disgraceful LEAVE campaign . I just filled in the details many gullible folk believed this tosh…gave me another opportunity to show what a disgraceful dishonest immoral campaign was run by Farage Bojo etc and why we are a divided mess…

More info on the attached if you can be bothered to watch it…


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Mayday! Mayday!

It looks like crunch time is coming for the Tory party as we come to Tuesday’s vote on May’s deal.

There is a lot of talk in the Sunday press about politicking in every party in every direction. True politics!

In the Sunday Express we see that May has been making a “back me” plea to avoid a collapse in trust in politics. Too late mate! Its already happened entirely as a consequence of Tory divisions on Europe. As their party is a party of old folk with little skin in the game it fails to represent the interests of the majority of younger people. Her use of the Express is of course a signal that she is appealing mainly to the right wing of her party.

Perhaps (?) alarmingly there is talk of a cross-party coalition in the Commons to sieze the reins of power and prevent a Brexit that is as harmful as May’s deal or worse. It will be interesting to see how this develops. No doubt we shall be hearing more from Brexit hardliners about how MPs are betraying democracy. This is absolute nonsense of course. All the recent opinion polling show that May’s deal is as unpopular with Remainers as it is with Brexiters and that as far as we can tell that there is currently a 6% majority of opinion in favour of Remain. So, it is perfectly resonable to claim that the Commons pro-Remain majority is in practice in line with sentiment in the country at large. Perfect democracy!

A major problem remains that Corbyn is failing to give the leadership that the majority of his party membership and constituencies want which is to back a second referendum. In my view he is sowing the seeds of his own demise. His current strategy of seeking a general election is risible and even if he won on a promise to give effect to Brexit (which would be very unlikely) he would then pick up the poisoned chalice now held by May. Uttter madness. Most Remainers would continue to campaign as noisily against a Corbyn Brexit as vociferously as we have campaigned against May’s.

Other than a Peoples’ Vote, which is my preference, the only other solution which might gain majority support in the Commons is the Norway model. Even as a Remainer I could support this as a compromise while we continue to campaign for rejoining the EU in the future.

Only one thing is certain, Brexit Wars will continue for years.


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You may be interested in this.




Corbyn and Marr were going round in circles this morning.

Corbyn thinks the European Court of Human Rights is an EU institution.

Mindblowingly stupid and inexcusable at This stage of things.

Are they (not just Corbyn, loads of them) too lazy to bother checking the facts or are they too thick to understand / remember them?

And this is the opposition!!


It’s not beyond the realms of possibility that he could be the next PM. As the Labour leader is elected by the entire party membership, there is little chance of Chukka Ummana or Keir Starmer ever being leader.


At least @c3pow was able to make the point “that imported nurses are only adequate for the numbers of imported people.”
Only someone qualified as a “professional educator to college level” could be so transparent and factual.


OE, to be fair to comrade Corbyn he didn’t say that ‘exactly’…I believe he suggested that the ECHR is ‘partly’ in the EU (or something similar)…not too sure about what he meant by ‘partly’ but I suppose he knows his stuff (although that’s not guaranteed).


Basically what is needed now is a couple of dozen rough sleepers should be randomly seconded to run the Government . They could only improve the situation.

I’m actually being serious and not at all disrespectful to those down on their luck. It would be even better if the Cabinet members were thrown out onto the street.