Brexit Wars 3




They get to play each other 4 times a season. I hope you’re not advocating 4 referendums??? :joy:


Or the SNP will support the government
Or Sterling is going to 1.35

I have to do mindfulness meditation before I look at this.


You might have hit on something. There are no good Brexit songs. Surely we can come up with some

“You’ll never vote again”


Did I say that it did? (No…)


But as ever… you totally miss the point… which is that the UK will be worse off because we are Leaving the EU. Do you actually read anything?

You’ve heard of financial passporting right?
You must know that almost every financial institution using the UK is splitting off part of it;'s operations that processes non-UK business away from the UK… not necessarily just EU business note.

You think that will leave us better off? The same? Or Worse Off?

I can tell you the answer now… all taxpayers in the UK will be paying more tax because of the migration of this business.
Companies will be fine… I’ve never said they wouldn’t be… just a one-off sunk cost for them.

The UK will be poorer thanks to people like you deliberately telling lies and misinforming what the true effects are.
You should be ashamed.


A couple of observations:

  1. You are incapable of judging the merit of any course of action other than by its effect on the coffers of the exchequer. It’s not a good look.
  2. I believe Brexit will have zero negative impact in the medium term (personally I think that, as a country, we’ll be considerably better off).
  3. Another huge irony of your sort is that you totally reject the idea of going down the route of lowering taxes post Brexit to attract inward investment (something the EU are bricking it about) yet make a massive fuss about even the slightest drop in tax income from the City. You couldn’t make it up.


If you are saying that I prefer to have certainty, want the UK economy to be better off/stronger and with a higher GDP… versus… ‘taking back control from the EU elite’… then too right.

I don’t recall doing that myself… but equally I wouldn’t call that a great idea for the UK. Nor is it something I’ve heard the PM say is an objective of leaving the EU.


Ooh you mean like our greatest entrepreneur Dyson or the head of JCB or the ceo of Wetherspoons or are you referring to European owned companies


Yes, we know about these three. Dyson who bases most of his manufacturing in Asia…a true patriot! Tim Martin who says he will replace French wines with those from Australia…a man of with and taste?. He won’t sell any to me, he won’t.

But I know your problem RRW. There is a bit of a shortage of business champions for Brexit given the the overwhelming majority of business leaders are very worried about the damage Brexit will cause.


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Those three are a long way behind the Great Remainer entrepreneur Richard Branson.




Anything can happen in the next 24 hours. One possibility is that May (as a servant of the People) says she will take her deal to a public vote. Parliament would go with this. The option of Remain would have to be the alternative on the ballot sheet.

The hard “No deal” Tories would be outraged but they don’t have the numbers to stop this happening, nor can they challenge her leadership for another 11 months.

It is also a possibility that she will go back to Brussels to beg for concessions (again).

But I think the above “Peoples’ vote” option would suit her best as it will keep her in power until at least July by which time she can have the locks changed on the Number 10 doors and improved the barricades around her bunker.




Dyson manufactures in Malaysia makes new electric car in Singapore. JCB 5 factories in India… Wetherspoons yuk…


No just talking abt PPL on this board and their replies…


So guess you’re going to be pinning your hopes on comrade Corbyn?

… good luck… and god help us !!


202 for May’s deal and 432 against. A satisfactory outcome. Surely May must resign as PM. She has wasted 2 and a half years to get precisely nowhere.

My guess is that if there were to be a Commons vote between “no deal” and Remain the majority for Remain would be even greater than 432.

We need a new PM to take this forward, someone who can work across the House without the cloak and dagger strategies that May has used.

Personally, I would have voted against the May deal on the basis that it was not a permanent deal and could have been used as a staging post by the hard Brexiters.

If it were to be agreed across the House that we might Brexit on a Norway style agreement, I would be fairly comfortable with this. Anything less and I would still look for a Peoples’ Vote.

Interested to hear others’ views whether Leavers or Remainers.


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Well JC has tabled a no confidence motion …
If he succeeds tomorrow (I truely hope he doesn’t btw)
General election if he does or more TM if he doesn’t…
Then what ?
Personally I think mps should vote again as clearly they haven’t been given the full facts or realised the consequences of their vote ??


If I was a Tory I would be looking for a safer pair of hands…Philip Hammond?



The two thirds majority know full well the consequences. May told them “my deal or no Brexit”

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If you look at it Sterling is rallying. My guess is the EU may make the extension of Article 50 conditional on either a second referendum or a GE. This is an endgame.


Err not quite, nice try but you would say that?

Unfortunately a lot didn’t think TM’s deal was workable, members of cabinet resigning after chequers should have given her a clue !!


The resigners were all hard Brexiters. They were holding a marginal position if not in the Conservative party. May should have ignored them all along and courted the centre ground on a cross-party basis.

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