Brexit Wars 3



You mean a Northern Ireland unification referendum I’m guessing?

Firstly, there will be a NI unification referendum at some point in the future…whether it’s directly due to Brexit is doubtful IMO, because it wont happen for many years.

Secondly, if the population of NI vote in a referendum to leave the UK and unify Ireland then that’s their democratic decision. It’s nothing to do with the rest of the UK.

Thirdly, a NI unification referendum would be more divisive than any Brexit referendum. A decision to hold one would not be taken lightly and certainly not at the whim of any English politician.


Sorry JW, but surely the USA being a full time member of nato, stationing their troops (and missiles) in Europe helped to put the USSR off any thoughts of “expansion”
You may not like the USA but they DID help with stability during those early days.
Easy to dismiss their level of protection now … but in its day it was essential ?? no ???
You are right though, that nato today would have little appetite for combat against Russia… and without America !!!
Trump is also right in one respect, certain EU countries need to up their “ante” a bit and STOP relying upon America as the ultimate “backstop”
People have short memories when it suits … imo


Quite. I heard today on UK Sky News some ex-advisor to Nigel Farage explaining that because there was technology to “track her shoes” that there’s no reason all border checks on the Irish border couldn’t happen with such technology. I don’t want to call these people stupid else @HuwJarse will get upset again.

This just shows what manipulative people are involved with this Brexit sh*tshow.
What noone answers is how technology will… as an example… replace the need for sanitary/veterinary checks that are required at an EU/non-EU state boundary for animals being transported.

  • conduct the veterinary checks
  • verify the veterinary certificates & documents accompanying the animal/s#
  • perform the required visual inspection to check for consistency between the documents or certificates and the animals
  • perform physical checks on animals, possibly including sampling and laboratory testing and, where appropriate, additional checks during quarantine.

Better start programming the AI units for the Vet Drones pretty smartly.


Farage on the Irish border


Hugh, why should we ‘provide a good reason for you to want NI to remain as part of the Union’? Don’t you have a brain…cannot you make your own mind up…does someone have to tell you what to wear in the morning?

Personally I would prefer NI to leave the UK and unite Ireland…but it’s not my decision…it’s nobody’s business but the Irish.

Can the UK force NI to leave the UK and create a united Ireland…No it cannot? There is such a thing as democracy.

What are you trying to ask?


Ok so a few basics for you “experts”
Different eu countries have different amounts of vat on different goods … each needs to be accountable for despite open borders
Different eu countries have different currencies… each also needs to be accountable for despite open borders???
We seem to manage ok atm
… so forgive me in thinking that minimal volume of trade that passes through Ireland is somehow “unmanageable”


I agree with your post @fynne actually.
Re: above bit… that’s a possibility but… IMHO… it’s more important to help ensure that some of the Baltic countries are stable and successful. The potential expansion you refer to might only happen when they fall on bad times economically and certain Groups/Parties within start agitation.
The movements of missiles and forces close to borders merely invoke reciprocal moves… which is fine if you are sitting 4,000 miles away from the action… and directing these moves on a European board.


Point is I do post things to make a point… yes, But you and others could read and argue/discuss that the views in the article are wrong because of x y etc thats how discussion boards work.
But as predicted instead you try to find anything negative about the author which does not prove his opinion wrong and make you look biased and ill informed.


And while we’re at it … we also “cope” with all the goods from other countries!!!
Yes they arrive in containers (mostly) … and then they go on “lorries” ffs
Obviously they get held up in the docks for months as “clearly” no one could cope with the level of paperwork required


Getting Interesting


On the Irish Border… they aren’t held up today at all… they just pass straight through between Ireland and NI.
Once the UK leaves the EU… then unless something else is negotiated… then there will need to be certain Border Controls BOTH sides of the border.
It isn’t a matter of how long they take so much as the fact that there will be a need for some physical border “posts”.

In the mainland UK… yes… just means that EU stuff will take longer to clear than it does today. Another disadvantage of Leaving the EU.


Extreme pro Brexit UKIP orange order guy, has been ok #BBCQT 4times,
Can it be that difficult to Vet an audience but it shows why the BBC question time is so one sided.


Regardless of distance? … not sure that a ballistic missile worries too much about being 4000 miles away from the “action”
New York would have been as much a target as London


I didn’t see him “Smash the Irish PM” as the title proclaimed. Instead, he was just rude to him and others then argues that because the Irish will be badly hit economically that they should come up with a solution.
Funny thing is… don’t remember him arguing for that pre-Referendum… it was all going to be the land of milk and honey and real easy.


The “point” being that as a country we cope with imports from multiple countries on a daily basis … I’m sure even we could cope the volume through Ireland…


I was more referring to the US missile “shield” and US forces being deployed in places like Poland… they are shorter distance missiles… a few hundred miles.
The recent news on them both pulling out of the Treaty isn’t going to help things for the future either.


It’s the “royal we” of course


Yep… but it isn’t the volume… it’s the fact that there will be buildings/designated areas/offices where people are based performing border control checks. The concern in the Border Counties is that they will become targets… the fact it will slow down movement is lower down on their list of concerns.


The threat of 1960’s has changed I agree … but, I find it quite it slightly insulting to disregard that the USA (who also put troops on the line) can now be so easily dismissed.
I find it even more insulting with talk of an eu army … when most nato countries won’t even make their nato contributions


Really, so what will change tomorrow with regards vat and currency differences