Brexit Wars 3



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Nah, he’s not clever enough to think in such an abstract way.

For Chrissakes! The NHS pays out huge amounts to EU countries because there are 100,000s of retired, old, sick pensioners living out in the sun and availing themselves of their Health facilities and resources. And good luck to them as they paid taxes during their working lives in Britain.

Whereas, the vast majority of EU migrants to Britain are young, healthy, at work and pay taxes.

Can it be any simpler and clearer than that!?




Its like last night of the Proms an embarrassment for country that try’s to pretend a majority want to leave the EU clearly a lie.
Question is about BBC impartiality… The censorship of EU flags, plants in the QT audience, constant platforms for far right.


yes but some might want to make a point in support of EU membership probably wrong place and little point, so why would BBC ban it especially IF it was going to be only a few?? maybe just maybe the room would have been full of EU flags…


Issue Union Jacks ???


True but are we becoming a country where ppl will not want to come to…
divided and racist and on the way down thanks to brexit…

PS migrants from the EU contribute so much…



Jeremy in Coventry…
Labour could still back a second Brexit referendum, Jeremy Corbyn said at a speech in Coventry.
He spoke to a crowd at Warwick Conferences as he urged Theresa May to accept his demands for a deal.


Good point Pete… so is Oily going to ban the Union Jack at Last Night of the Proms too? Which equally has f*ck all to do with the event… even with the increasingly embarrassing “Rule, Britannia”.


Not only the conditions count, also the feeling of being welcomed. That has faded regarding the UK.

The UK may seek, but it will automatically create all sorts of hurdles after leaving. Wasn’t Brexit about locking foreigners out? And now you suggest not much will change? Only one can be true. It’s ironical that Brexit particularly increases the hurdles for EU workers whereas it will be unchanged for all other origins.

You underestimate the framework that the EU provides for working abroad:
o a right to benefit from welfare if the person worked in that country for long enough
o coordination of social insurance. Working years in one country are accepted as working years in another country. Not for the amount of pension, but for the minimum required working years before retirement. There is more harmonization. See EU regulation 883/2004 and 987/2009.
o a right to stay after retirement
o entitlement to receive benefit for children that stayed in the country of origin
o even things like sending money to the family abroad without big bank fees will be removed. The EU has enabled that. It will probably go.
o no working permit is necessary
o mutual recoginition of vocational qualification.
o last not least the European Court of Justice to appeal to if the host country changes the rules, violates agreements etc.

Going to another EU country was never as big a step as going overseas. Regarding the UK it will be.

Nobody knows how these things will be in the future. Your unprepared, chaotic government is unclear on everything.


One problem. Wages will have to be hiked as nobody will accept being paid in Sterling at it’s current level. Where will the NHS find the money?


The UK may seek, but it will automatically create all sorts of hurdles after leaving. Wasn’t Brexit about locking foreigners out? And now you suggest not much will change? Only one can be true. It’s ironical that Brexit particularly increases the hurdles for EU workers whereas it will be unchanged for all other origins.

Ask yourselves If you were a skilled worker who could go anywhere in Europe would you bring your family to the UK now…



As I’m not in need urgent need for free Eye Q Capsules, I would probably consider other locations.


took me a few minutes but … ha ha


You are spot on. If you are talented, educated and multilingual why would you move to the UK? If you do a business degree in any business school in Europe the language of tuition will be English. LBS, Lancaster, Manchester, Strathclyde, Bath or Aston will only attract UK students

Like every other country, we have to compete for gobal talent.


I don’t think it was about locking foreigners out but one of the most wanted requirements was control of our borders. Not quite the same thing is it!

Anyway It’s all over bar the shouting and will be what it will be. Unfortunately the rhetoric of EU politicians is not doing anything other than hardening the resolve of those who voted out. There won’t be another referendum because the majority of politicians realise it’s a mine field as far as democracy goes. If there were, however, then the results would be interesting but the country would no doubt still be split.

Take care and enjoy the rest of the weekend and the rugby tomorrow of course!


Can you be more specific on what you mean by “control of our borders”? Metaphorically regarding who to let in and settle or physically regarding surveying all movements at the border? Or something else?

My remote observation was that people actually meant “locking immigrants out” by what was paraphrased as “control of our borders”. Perhaps be more specific before the next referendum?

What is rugby?


It seems that on the boards when there is no answer to a discussion point it turns to There won’t be another referendum sounding increasingly desperate

This started from UK will no doubt seek skilled people from other countries and fast track their immigration process once we leave the EU

We were pointing out that the skilled ppl we need may not want to come. You run out of arguments and come up with the old we won tosh…

Its all looking very shaky now it either Tories go with labour which means following EU laws etc eg (what the point) or another referendum (only way the Tories and Uk keep a semblance of pride)


In this case, it’s a song contest…which has nothing to do with politics, outwardly…although country’s have been known to vote politically! Surely in this case the BBC is just trying to create an apolitical atmosphere…if they let in EU flags (presumably with a political message) then you’ll have Farage demanding entry with some ‘yellow vest’ heavies with loud voices and slightly bigger ‘Brexit means Brexit’ flags. Better to keep the event politics free…although we can still give Russia a really low score :wink:

But what if the ERG thought of making an even bigger statement and flooded the event with ‘Gilet Jaune’ types and ruined the event for everyone. You would say that was a disgrace and the BBC should have stopped them. What would you do if you were a BBC manager and had to set the rules?


Why not? If he has a good song?


JW, did I say they should ban the Union Jack? I think you’ll find that the Union Jack is a perfectly acceptable way for showing ones Britishness at event like Wimbledon, Lords Test Cricket, the Proms, etc etc.

I suppose the ‘Saltire’ and the ‘red dragon’ would also be allowed…as long as they weren’t too exuberant and definitely no singing.

Oh, If I ruled the world…