Brexit Wars 3



The Royal family are German :face_with_raised_eyebrow: They changed their name to Windsor during WW1 from Saxe-Coburg-Gotha in 1917.


Regarding the referendum I’m simply pointing out what the vast majority of politicians and political analysts are saying including those that wish to remain.

I also appreciate what you were saying about skilled people but it’s the market that really dictates so if there are shortages then in the end wages will have to be increased if we wish to attract the right skills. As an ex business man I’m sure you understand that. The level of the pound v euro clearly adds to the attraction of moving too. I’ve no doubt that brexit has a part to play but it’s not that simplistic. There is a shortage of skills in many areas so perhaps more and better training would help.

Anyway I refrained from posting on here for nearly a year and felt a lot better for it, I guess it’s time to really call it a day. if I want to get wound up I can always read the Mail on line comments!

Take care, be happy and make the best of what ever life throws at you. You are a long time dead my friend and I for sure am in my twilight years.


PTN good evening

Il ritorno del ‘‘clown’’ dela politica britannica, Farage fonda un nuovo partito
Think it means:
The great Nigel returns with a new party to scare May and Corbyn sh**less, if they continue to mess up Brexit.
Pete - no payment needed for the translation service.


Actually, I know, but it didn’t cross my mind that this could be the allusion behind the music. The germanhood is still present. Philip speaks a good german. He used to spend a lot of time with his relatives in Hesse. Lately they lost track of marrying german.

If Scotland votes for independence, they could perhaps ask Franz, Duke of Bavaria to resume the Scottish crown.


If the Italians recognize a politician as a veritable clown, he is soon becoming prime minister. So, take care!


Something for you to be proud of…


Exclusive: Fifty-three per cent of voters would support postponing Britain’s departure from the EU, leaving the door open to a second referendum,

Only hope for Tories is another Referendum …


Arsa - good morning,
We already have a clown as PM , with an even worse one leading the Momentum Party.


A fine example of Homo Brexitanicus_


@petethenovice That poster sums up what was meant by “control our borders” … and a main reason people voted to leave the EU.
They actually think that anyone (Iranian, Iraqi, Libyan, Syrian, Afghan etc) can just come through the UK border if they come via an EU state like France… which is why they refer to “freedom of movement“ too.

It’s a ridiculously stupid belief that still persists today since UKIP first started saying it several years ago.

Reality is that most people from EU states are citizens there and come to work in jobs they already have secured and often for relatively short periods before they go back, especially young people.



I know you value the taste of murdered pig but you might want to revise that given processed meat is a sure fire cause of cancer…


There is, as I understand, a way of minimising the cancer risk by reducing or eliminating the use of nitrites in the curing processes. Otherwise it is recommended that consumption is limited to two sausages a day!




Many years ago when the link between smoking and cancer was proven… they also recommended that people cut down a little on the number of cigarettes.

Meantime, people continued to die in their thousands prematurely.


Good morning Westlet,

Indeed that is true but it is also very likely that the 20 a day smoker is more at risk than the 5 a day smoker. My daughter is vegi who eats dairy products and is very well on it after many years. My granddaughter has gone vegan and her skin colour has gone almost translucent which doesn’t look at all healthy. Life is not without risk, a bit like investing.



Well, I’m getting to think that #BrexitRef2 will be next year now… and although I anticipate a clear 15-20% margin to Remain in EU, it’s prudent to get every vote… so if Oily can hang on in for just another few months then that would be best for the cause.

Translucent isn’t good but then bowel cancer isn’t great either.

Well, dairy products are particularly difficult to wean from… ‘wean’ being the important word. Drinking the milk of another species and well beyond their natural age of weaning in the large quantity that many do is another potential cause of cancer as well as something that rather than being good for bones is actually bad for them.
I predict the Dairy industry in particular a few decades from now will go the same way as the tobacco industry… the lies & deceit will be exposed and the complacency of Governments. Things don’t change quickly in human societies… the evidence and the deaths need to stack up high before action is taken.


Of course, some of us may calculate that there is a balance to be struck between longevity and the pleasure of wine and cheese and for some the odd cigar. We all have to die sometime…

Meanwhile, on the matter of living clean, I am considering an investment in TRIG…




Yes… always a balance in everything… and red lines… I too enjoy beer, wine and food. Strangely, not eating meat or dairy foods doesn’t stop you enjoying life.
Good luck with TRIG… not one for me.


The story of my life :wink:


BBC Question Time has said it is “investigating” after the same man got into the audience multiple times.
SNP backers were outraged after the man - named online as an ex-UKIP council candidate, Billy Mitchell - launched a tirade against the party on the show in Motherwell last night.

Leave found guilty of election cheating
Arron Banks dodgy money
Tories Bribe the DUP
Tories Bribing labour councilors
BBC in cahoots


In fairness the knowledge on this is changing fast. You know you can’t change policy based on research. It has to be verified as conclusive. Things like IBS, Crohn’s, colitis and celiac disease are pretty hard to diagnose, but, many more people are being diagnosed now. I remember a friend of mine, who is now a prof at Sheffield told me that there was a huge problem with people going on gluten free diets who didn’t actually suffer from celiac disease.

The genetic component is a big part of it. If you are have any Irish genes you are of a heightened risk of bowel cancer. Fortunately people are now being screened much earlier