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There is a blood test now…I don’t know how accurate it is but it sure is a step forward.


I have a friend who self diagnosed as celiac. She then decided to have the blood test which proved negative. Nonetheless, she continued to declare herself a celiac and avoids gluten in her diet and claims to feel better as a result. What do I know?

She also avoids milk but avoiding cheese is a step too far even for her.




Fiat, I suspect that a doctor doesn’t recognise a self diagnosis of anything…a lot of people avoid gluten, it doesn’t make them celiac.

I suppose the blood test can show a negative even if one is celiac. What your friend could do to confirm her ‘diagnosis’ is to have a biopsy of her stomach lining, not a very pleasant experience ‘apparently’.


I don’t think I will suggest that. She is happy enough on her vegetarian, organic, aubergine-free, milk free and gluten-free diet. She does need to lose a little weight though. Her diet makes it tricky when inviting her to dinner!



I’d just give her a glass of water and a strong mint :wink: Whilst I’m tucking into my pork chops!

If you were a real friend you would offer to do the biopsy for her.


My school pal Professor David Sanders, is, I think the foremost authority on celiac disease in the U.K. and people are doing the research themselves because they have symptoms which could be IBS, Colitis, Crohns, lactose intolerance, temporary lactose intolerance or as many other things. So many of these things are difficult to diagnose, even for gastroenterologists. This is not common sense stuff which you can diagnose yourself.


Maybe she needs a psychiatrist rather than a gastro?


Gluten allergy is all the rage… There is also a new eating disorder called Orthorexia nervosa. It’s an epidemic.


Interesting to read about this newly identified condition. I am not sure that my friend has it. Much more likely is that she is seeking remedies for some of the consequences of being overweight.




Christopher Chope stopped the private members bill on FGM by shouting “object” while it was being heard. Chope is a member of the ERG. He is a prime example of the far right mentality of the ERG membership. If he thinks FGM is a suitable subject on which he can exhibit his prejudices, perhaps he he should try castration himself?

He is a warning of what we can expect if ERG thugs gain ascendency in the Conservative Party.

We have been warned!

Frog in a tree


He did the same thing for the ‘up skirting’ bill…you would have thought he learned his lesson…the old sadistic pervert :face_with_monocle:


Hi critterman.

Indeed so.

Good to see you post, noticed you had been absent a long time.
Miss your jokes mate.

Have you still managed your winter breaks in the US ?
I liked reading about them.

As to Brexit and the online debate, it is a passionate subject for many. So sometimes it gets heated.

Ignore it or brush it off.


Take Care & Best Wishes.



arsa - good morning

Not to be confused with the recently discovered social disorder Brexitia Nervosa. This is caused by excessive contact with such things as The Guardian, BBC, The independent and certain bulletin boards on social media.
Whilst, luckily, most normal people have strong immunity. liberal elites are particularly prone to this disorder,


Morning JAR,

Having come back to this BB this morning after a weekend away the condition you describe is quite striking. It is a particularly virulent form of groupthink that, at its core, can be distilled down to the following:

  1. Every good thing that has happened over the last 60 years (political, economic, medical, scientific, conflict resolution etc) is either directly attributable to the EU or only happened because the EU exists.
  2. Every bad thing that has ever happened is the fault of sovereign states, NATO, the Americans or Chinese or other forces that are nothing to do with the EU.

This weekend’s exchanges are a classic example and follow an all too familiar pattern. Apparently, NATO is an American plaything and Europe would be better off if all American forces left immediately (another absolutely priceless, and, hopelessly naïve intervention from @J_Westlock there). No mention of the Balkans war in any of those exchanges or the inept EU handling of said war.

I accept that people want to remain in the EU and think we may be better off for it. This unquestioning devotion to the EU is extremely unhealthy though.


We are living in sad times if “liberal” has become a pejorative.


HJ - good morning
‘This weekend’s exchanges are a classic example and follow an all too familiar pattern. Apparently, NATO is an American plaything and Europe would be better off if all American forces left immediately (another absolutely priceless, and, hopelessly naïve intervention from @J_Westlock there).’

This anti-American feeling isn’t new and is often at odds with historic reality. It’s prevalent within the left of politics, but not exclusively so. They ignore the cost in american lives (often also British and Commonwealth lives,) lost in freeing France and others from German invaders.

In 1966, President DeGaulle asked that all American soldiers be removed from France. “Does that include the dead Americans in military cemeteries as well?” U.S. Secretary of State Dean Rusk reportedly asked.


What is the logic? Americans fought and died in Europe and that’s why Europe has to be the hub for US troops and planes that fight in Syria and a base for their nuclear weapons? Forever?

Not to talk about secret facilities where they bring captured taliban and terrorists (real or not) for interrogation and torturing. That happened in Poland.

Plus intercepting Internet traffic in facilities that are ex-territorial and so are not under national law of the host countries. So they can promise to respect national law on the host country’s territory - simply because they aren’t.


One of the deadliest diseases around is “Leaveritis”. Individuals who suffer from this who are over the age of 65 are twice as likely to die at any point in time than a Remain voter of a similar age.




Crikey! Does this mean that at some time the defence of the nation was in the hands of RRW?

But maybe he was just a Brycreem boy storeman, or was in the Pioneer Corps commanding a roadsweeper, or maybe was in the Royal Regiment of Latrine Diggers?

Anyway, if such a chump had shown up in my unit the RSM would have had him shot. I wonder if he has figured out yet why the UK pays the EU £600M a year for codgers on the Costas?

And then we have Fynne who seems to get his historical perspective from John Wayne movies.

But more scary is that twerp Williamson the so-called Minister of Defence who is sending a new useless Aircraft carrier to the Pacific to frighten the Chinese and Russians with “Hard Power”!

LOL! The only question would be in a conflict against such an adversary would be how long such a heap of scrap would take to hit the seabed?




Good to see you return. Hang around and post more jokes…