Brexit Wars 3



What’s the difference between Theresa May and a Rottweiler?..eventually a Rottweiler will give up :face_with_monocle:


A typical lie trotted out by destructive morons like yourself time and again.

The fact is, I never once heard a single Remain leader or voter call Europe perfect or not acknowledging that various areas could or should be reformed. Not a single one. Why don’t you just give half a dozen quotes and show where they have said that they can see nothing wrong with the EU as you pretend that you have heard or seen? Just half a dozen out of 15 million?

You can’t and you know it, because you’re spouting blinkered lies quite deliberately, that’s why.

As for saying that most people will be worse off if they vote for Brexit, well that is absolutely true and the facts and figures are right here and undeniable.

Not to mention that any vote for Brexit was always going to be a vote for the hard right and give that slant on politics a new lease of life.

The only real question left at this point is are you really as stupid as you present yourself or are you one of the few that will gain from Brexit and voted for that with no regard whatsoever for the future of the country?


James Crisp? You mean the former Daily Sport journalist who previously worked for the Macclesfield Express? At least Stiglitz had a Nobel prize.


Anti-freedom Americans have come to use the word liberal as an insult. They have come to hate all forms of liberty in the neo-con movement that holds up Thatcher and Reagan as their gods.

A movement manipulated by just a handful of ultra-rich elite media owners and broadcasters who take lies to the level of Orwellian Newspeak in their fanaticism.

They have been shown as criminals time and again when it comes to the privacy of individuals, the sexual exploitation of women just as a couple of examples of the type of people they are.

They also have actively sought to curb free speech and have criminally taken action to bring down democratic governments that don’t share their own political agenda.

This is the movement that has led on to the sort of results we have seen with Brexit and the election of Trump. john.a.reeves strikes me as the type that will support them to the hilt. You can often identify such people simply by the fact that they use the word liberal as an insult as well as the term ‘elite’ - yet those uttering it are multi-millionaires and billionaires, which just goes to show the idiocy of those who swallow their creed and especially the blue-collar audience that they particularly seek to swing in enough numbers to help them seize and/or keep power to further line their own pockets and inflate their own egos.


Frog, you cannot be both a “little Englander” and nostalgiac for an imperial past. The 2 things are contradictory. Little Englanders were people opposed to the extension of empire, not hankering after it.

What complete and utter rubbish of the highest order. We do more business with the rest of the world than we do with the EU. We can still continue to trade with the EU. We will be free of their regulatory burden. Interesting piece I read today stating that Carney takes the view that our best bet is to be completely free of the EU from a regulatory perspective as opposed to attempting some half a**ed equivalence compromise. He thinks there is more to gain that way.

In the stages of grief, you are still standing by the coffin at the funeral. You need to move on and break out of this never ending negative thinking cycle.


And there, in a nutshell, is the entire pro EU proposition. That’s it folks…“it’s just that without it it’s even worse”.

No wonder you lost.


Utter rubbish. Little Englanders are happy to have an empire, they just don’t want their own backyard to change.

52% with the EU, you’re talking rubbish man and can’t seem to stop yourself.

You’ve been duped by those figures Leavers come out with that “96% of British companies don’t export to the EU”. Very True. But also 96% of UK companies don’t export at all.

You see how you are taken in and deluded by the lies?


You’d have to be a complete cretin to vote to Leave once you understood that, wouldn’t you?



Wrong on both counts:

“Little Englander” was a phrase applied to a wing of the Liberal Party opposed to expansion of the British Empire in the 19th century, who wanted “England” to extend no farther than the borders of the United Kingdom.

As for trade, I think you’ll find we export more to the rest of the world than we do to the EU. A cursory check on the ONS site will prove that.

More Remainer bull.


Only if you believed it. Not many did.


Interesting insight into your mindset. “Its too hard, I’m taking my ball home”.

You should find out what Little Englander NOW means, although I really do believe you when you say you are living in the 19th century.

As for 52% of exports to the EU, it is what the Chancellor said a week or two ago, with, I believe it was, 9% of EU exports come to Britain.

How’s that for leverage to make those EU mandarin’s do what we want, eh? “They want to sell us their cars, we’ll get any deal we want from them” blah blah blah


Huw, I know that you live in the 19th century but it is now in fact the 21st century. Brexit is a Little England fantasy given that its basis is a form of English nationalism based on a romanticised view of our history. In contemporary thinking Little Englandism is a frame of mind that is very inward looking and suspicious of foreigners.

You also said "We can still continue to trade with the EU. We will be free of their regulatory burden. ". You are having a laugh of course. How will we trade with the EU if our goods and services fail to meet their regulatory requirements? Stupid!

Frog in a tree


asked Red rose this still waiting for a reply.

Have you a single tangible benefit for leaving the EU that isn’t in 10yrs + from now and isn’t just slogan like “take back control” … I would like to tell my Kids and Grandkids…


Our goods and services have always been tailored to meet the regulatory requirements of our customers. There wont be any changes there, in or out of the EU, USA or China or Japan or Indonesia or India.

We just wont have any say over any of the regulatory requirements except those in the UK - which generally exceed all those of our customers anyway - check out our domestic electrical system compared to any other country in the world, for example.


Nothing hard about it. The only bull on here is yours.

I gave you the definition of Little Englander. That was and always has been the definition of Little Englander.


asked Red rose this still waiting for a reply.

Have you a single tangible benefit for leaving the EU that isn’t in 10yrs + from now and isn’t just slogan like “take back control” … I would like to tell my Kids and Grandkids…


Ok Frog, let me ask you a very, very simple question. What is this “romanticised” view of our history you think that Brexiters are hankering after? What specific things do you think they get all misty eyed about and wish for? I can tell you I haven’t met a single Leaver, ever, who has cited a return to the past as a reason to vote Leave. Obviously you’ve met loads so please do share.

You keep mentioning empire, you mention imperial past. How is a fantasy of empire REMOTELY compatible with your definition of Little Englander??


Have you a single tangible benefit for leaving the EU that isn’t in 10yrs + from now and isn’t just slogan like “take back control” … I would like to tell my Kids and Grandkids…


Its gone for “Easiest deal in history” “they need us” now we must hold our Nerve…

Been conned and wont admit it… another vote needed …


Eadwig, there are potential extra obstacles involved in selling stuff to the EU once we leave. At the moment we can get regulatory approval (CE mark) in the UK and sell that product to EU countries. Post Brexit we may have to get approval in the UK and also the EU…an extra cost to UK exporters. Some foreign investors may see that as an extra obstacle to trading with the EU and it could influence their investment decisions (we will have to wait & see what happens).

After ‘No’ deal Brexit products would ‘probably’ be marked: “UK Conformity Assessed (UKCA)” []