Brexit Wars 3




Times move on m8.
As my old mate Prost said ‘recherche du temps perdu’ (remembrance of things past).
The prediction is that after May’s European elections there will be an increased number of ‘awkward squad’ MEPs than there is at at present. Given the fractious nature of modern politics (as in the UK) in Europe it ain’t going to be business as usual in the EU any more!


See they’re lining Merkel up to replace juncker… get another German to replace Draghi and it’ll be business as usual


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I agree, that’s what I saw when I went there.
Problem was that the transport system was rubbish, the people were poor and the shops had almost nothing in them.
A quintessential workers paradise.


The vote to delay is good and a nice slap in the face of the idiots in the ERG, but we should really just stop Brexit. Remainers clearly have the upper hand now. What people are maybe forgetting is that May’s deal and the 3rd meaningless vote next week is the easy part. This is just the withdrawal bill. The future trade deal (etc.) will take many years to agree and the negotiations will be a lot tougher. You think we have chaos now? Just wait for the next bit. I would ask the EU for a very long extension or better still stop Brexit altogether. It’s clear the public didn’t vote for this shambles we’re in and Brexiteers were deceived into thinking it would be easy. The first referendum was based on massive lies on buses (and the rest) and therefore not democracy. The public know this now and deserve their say. Labour need to kick Corbyn out and get someone in who supports the People’s Vote and go for the jugular. Join the People’s Vote march on 23rd March and lets get back democracy for the people.


Ahh, halcyon days. It’s what got us in this mess in the first place.

“In Search of Lost Time (French: À la recherche du temps perdu)—previously also translated as Remembrance of Things Past”

According to Google translate:
Remembrance of Things Past = Souvenir du passé


Things past? Like last year?

There are various EU Parliamentary groupings full of “anti-EU” MEPs… eg. Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy and European Conservatives and Reformists… are probably main two.
They already exist.


The candidate is Manfred Weber and the Germans will have only one of the two positions, where I think head of the ECB would be the more important one as that one can act without approval of the member states - theoretically.


Indeed, Doug, crunch time is coming with the third vote on May’s deal. We have now effectively eliminated a “no deal” exit which was without doubt the preferred Brexit of the ERG. Markets seem to be relieved and this is reflected in the value of my portfolio.

With the third vote, the Brextremists may well decide to back May deal for fear of losing Brexit altogether. Let’s just hope that some stick to their principles and continue to reject the May deal.

If May’s deal is accepted then that will set the course for the next few years and no doubt we will see a continuation of the fractiousness in our internal debate as the government negotiates the longer term repationship.

If May’s deal is rejected then the only ways forward are for the govenrment to negotiate an even softer Brexit which should then be ratified by a Peoples’ Vote.

Whatever Brexit we end up with, the big danger will remain that the Brexit Brigade will keep chipping away until they achieve their objective.

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‘Obviously’ nothing to do with Brexit :face_with_monocle:


If TM’s deal is voted through then she may step down (having achieved her goal), then a real Brexiteer would take over the helm and start the difficult negotiations…more fun is ahead.


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I know - but the ‘awkward squad’ will be bigger after the May European elections (and IMO won’t go away), so (if by some mischance) we stay in the EU we will only make the group more awkward for Brussels!
Whilst you Remainers think it will be the same as before in the EU - it won’t.


JAR, who said that Remainers want the EU to stay the same…we ‘probably’ all know that the EU isn’t perfect and can be improved…we also believe that despite some negatives the EU is a far better place to be a part of…the pros outweigh the cons.


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She won’t ‘step down’ she will be forced out by the Tories (it’s been proved what many of us knew from years ago - she’s useless). I sum her up in 9 words:
No vision, no plan, no leadership and no future.
Then, perhaps, we get somebody who can negotiate properly.



You are exhibiting symptoms of Brexiter delusion. You Brexiters have never appreciated the weakness of our hand as compared with a more powerful group which is determined to protect the integrity of the European Union. Thinking like your’s got us into this mess in the first place.

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As oppose to the Remain Rabble keep on chipping away until they achieve their objective. Do you have any self awareness?

Only 1,269,501 more people voted to Leave than to Remain. No serious mathematician would ever consider that any kind of “majority” or that democracy was in play then


That’s politics Trisco!



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As you’ve started using the above pejorative word to describe Brexiteers, I assume it’s now OK to resume calling anyone wishing to remain in the EU as ‘Remainiacs’


The last few days has been like one of those mazes and every avenue you go down leads to a dead end. Everyone has been looking at the various option and you find some are saying the problem is the leadership, some saying we need a General Election, some an extension of A50, some saying put it back to the people, some saying lets crash out without a deal. Whatever scenario, you hit a problem with every issue.

The other thing is people see absolutely everything through the tinted spectacles of what they voted for. So Remainers will say “Oh, the only way out of this is a second referendum” and the Leavers say “the only way out of this is to leave without a deal. Sod the EU”

And that’s the problem. No one wants to compromise. And those in the middle can’t agree on anything anyway!



I don’t disagree with what you say. The fundamental problem we face is that “the will of the people” was not strongly expressed after the multiply flawed referendum process. The majority, such as it was, was very narrow and the basis on which it was gained was on very confused and contradictory arguments. In all likliehood the majority has now passed away as indicated by polling data. “Leave” was only defined by that single word and even those leading the Leave campaign had only the fuzziest notions of what Leave would look like and whether it meant crashing out on WTO terms or some kind of unicorn deal with the EU. The consequence is that Brexitears have tried to grab the wheel to steer Brexit in a direction which suits their libertarian inclinations. So, not surprising that the political centerists would resist.

Plenty more debate to come methinks.

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There is still the real danger of a no deal, simply as this is the default route if nothing else is agreed. I think some Brexiters would like that to happen. They have that vision of destroying everything and rebuilding on the ashes.

And then there are those flag waving dumbasses. I watched BBC live yesterday. There was that Tory guy who was interviewed in the lobby. He said the UK has a seat in the security council, nuclear weapons and the Commonwealth. That is why it is a world power and will be much better off without the EU. Leaving the EU will only cause a small bump and there are billions to be saved.

Every country has such idiots in the parliament, but usually sent by some negligible far right comedy troop.