Brexit Wars 3



I see that Rolfe Harris was warned off from visiting a local school recently too Froglet… so it aint just you.



Like some others here, I’ve always believed any extension probably needs to be much longer. End of 2020 at least. But I can see why some want no later than end of May, if only to avoid legal obligations for UK having to partake in EU elections to be held same month. So no great surprise there.

Also, some recent reports on BBC that DUP’s Arlene Foster & ERG will consider finally supporting May’s Deal next week as long as Cox’s forthcoming legal clarifications satisfy them. Wouldn’t surprise me if there was also more financial handouts (ie. blatant bribes) from May to help them decide accordingly. Hmmm. - Regards.


Jack, I think you missed Pete’s joke!





No, I appreciate it could be the end of Theresa May, too. :wink: However, the DUP development could be significant & seems in keeping with a shorter extension. Regards.

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DUP looking for a fig leaf…




No doubt you saw Boris Johnson’s appalling remarks about Child abuse inquiries, employing disgustingly crass and obscene language?

This buffoon misses the points that whether successful or not such accusations need to be investigated by law, provide a visible deterrent to those who would engage in these crimes, show that victims can seek redress.

Johnson was the worst Foreign Secretary in British history, going around the world wasting our money just to insult everybody everywhere he went. The only thing memorable about his tenure was that he ensured that a British citizen stayed in an Iranian jail where she remains to this today.

And the sickening thing is this fool is very likely to be the next Prime Minister of the UK!




So for now at least, no chance of a 2nd Referendum. Amendment rejected by 334 to 85. Many abstentions. Presumably, many Labour MPs far more concerned about losing their seats in Brexit-majority constituencies than anything else, or else they doubt that the result would be much different in the current climate of very strong emotions. Still, I’m a bit surprised by the extent of the defeat. - GLA.


Labour MPs were whipped to abstain by the leadership.

Corbyn needs to join May in the dole queue.




JW, no it’s not! Revocation is the end of Brexit…a long extension would be for another purpose (presumably something like a 2nd referendum)

I thought you were being rhetorical…everyone is using the terms ‘Long’ & ‘Short’…I presumed everyone had roughly the same time frames in mind. Your use of 30th June as the pivot point seems OK.

The problems caused by the EU elections for one. This can ‘probably’ be overcome but if the UK doesn’t have a plan for what it wants to do with the extra time then some in the EU may block a long extension (it only takes one country)

JW, I’m not sure the UK can use the revocation process to stop/start/reset Brexit (as I think you were suggesting). Revocation - I would suggest - has to be in good faith.



Just reading comments on The Guardian. Hundreds of them. It seems that after today many of them won’t be voting Labour again as long as Corbyn is leader. Nice one, Jeremy! Should never have got rid of Ed Milband. The best PM we never had.

Another defeat now against Parliament taking control of Brexit proceedings, be it by a mere 2 votes. Still so much up in the air. Just as we thought, this Parliament is an embarrassing shambles & at this rate a No-Deal by default is still possible. No wonder that much of the EU appear to be beyond exasperated with this farce & some may well be looking forward to seeing us just leave, & the sooner the better! - Regards.


You learn something every day…that BoJo is a ‘spaffing’ chap :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Is ‘spaffing’ similar to table tennis…but without the balls?!


No worries. There’s a process gong on. A shite and outdated one… but it’s happening… at last. We are still in the end game of having the Tory negotiated EU Deal defeated. It’s been nailed twice but still they come back for MV3… and MV3 will be closer for sure… but not close enough.

But once that’s downvoted… then we are back into the real game. Today’s efforts were just a side show. They will then have to get into what type of deal can receive a Parliamentary majority… or can’t.
Still weeks on this to run. And an Article 50 extension (or multiple ones) are on the way.


Isn’t his brother the best PM we never had?!

It’s certainly a danger (IMO)…the EU may decide that they have wasted too much time on us and they want to get on with more important stuff (life)


2nd ref laughed out of the commons , just proving again how out of touch the remoaners posting on here are, Completely clueless to how this will play out.
80% triggered article 50…EU will fold and TM will prevail.


Boradmoor, is that you??

Much more likely the ERG & DUP will ‘fold’ and TM’s deal will prevail.



No doubt that he is for many, but far too Blairite/Torylite for those like me. I’d rather vote for Caroline Lucas & Green Party than a Torylite Labour Party. However, Yvette Cooper, Hilary Benn or Kier Starmer would appeal as they’re more to the centre. I’ve also no real issue with John McDonnell to the far left. I just think Corbyn is very poor as Leader & a boon to the Tories, as bad as they are. Whilst Diane Abbott as Shadow Home is just hopeless. I don’t believe the latter is there on merit. - Regards.


Quite frankly, I was incredulous when I read this. I had a high opinion of Steele and now he disgusts me. He wasn’t merely wilfully blind, he put his party’s ambition ahead of those poor little souls who had been abused.


The UK can revoke Article 50 unilaterally 'til end of this month… or revoke it if the Article 50 transition period is agreed to be extended.
So… the Brexit process can be stopped… yes.

But it can also be restarted again… Article 50 allows for that.
There is no legal reason why an EU state cannot change it’s mind or any time-frame set to limit that.

So… in effect we have the ability to create our own Article 50 extension for any length of time we wish.

This issue is such a minor one as to be hardly worth mentioning. The EU are only concerned because of the Administration of the election and to allow for time to be spent with UK in any negotiations/ensuing EU/EC talks… ie. are UK in or out? At the moment, they’ve planned it for the UK to be out. There’s max a couple of weeks to go 'til they will have the answer to that one… and for sure we will still be in the EU at the point the elections happen.
The only issue is whether the UK want to have MEPs thereafter until the next EU elections… or they don’t… and if they do… then the EU will have to Administer for them being there.


They would get my vote too…sensible people. They’ll never last in Politics!

Are you suggesting something inappropriate!! Didn’t they have a ‘fling’ in the distant past.

I still laugh at her LBC interview on Police numbers…Corbyn didn’t employ her for her math’s skills.


He hasn’t been found guilty of any such charges has he? I know that him being dead doesn’t help finding out more.

More interestingly… why do you think he was being protected by “the establishment” and also that the Official Secrets Act has supposedly been used?