Brexit Wars 3



They are all at it. God knows how low Britain has sunk in terms of international esteem? From the outside looking in it appears that in this country if children aren’t being abused they are stabbing each other unless they are too obese to go outside.

And then there are the adults who have elected the lunatics in Parliament and were stupid enough to vote for Brexit!

Desperate times.




Well personally I’m completely OK with people voting for Parties with policies that match their own values.
For far too long, traditional 2-Party politics and the adversarial nature of UK Parliament has masked and smoothed over important issues. It matters little which you vote for… and that had been precisely the intention.

More people should be voting for smaller Parties and not be afraid of coalition Governments.

There is a place for UKIP. They won’t get many, maybe any seats but at least people can elect MPs that will allow them a say… rather than what has happened for decades where they vote Tory as that’s the only way they feel they get any form of representation.

Equally, people often don’t vote for the Green Party because they feel compelled to vote for one of the 2-main Parties to have a “meaningful vote”… yet they have the best animal welfare agenda.

The more Parties, the better and the more people voting for things that matter to them rather than the stale, pointless, boring, mediocre, waste of time Party politics the better.


Sure. The UK isn’t alone in having cases of child abuse, the US has the worst record on child abuse and homicide in the industrialised world.
Aside of that… South Africa, India and Zimbabwe are particularly horrific. The stats are alarming.



And what will be the situation if you Remainers stop Brexit? Will we be a willing partner in all things EU?
Perhaps the Tory and Brexit Party MEP’s will ally themselves to the populist parties in France, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Hungary and Italy (all expected to do very well in the May elections), and help disrupt the EU significantly from within. That will give them a bit more on their plate!

‘’ it’ll take a long time to reunite the nation’’ - I agree and certainly a lot longer than JW thinks.
PS Still a few twists and turns yet before the final whistle.


There’s nothing to reunite. We were never united.
We’re just a group of individuals with a 2-Party political system.


Hello Broadmoor. Still breaking your suspension I see.





Not without more than a little help from our dominant right-wing media who sowed the seeds of this folly long ago by propagating many falsehoods & outright lies about the EU for years. All without ever being seriously challenged, outside of The Guardian & The Independent.

By the by, I wish I could offer you a double tick-up just for your new avatar. :wink: Despite decades of punitive US sanctions against Cuba, he still managed to preside over developing one of the most enviable health care & education systems in the world. Reportedly, despite the harsh economic challenges, Cuba spent 10% of its GDP on health care alone & education wasn’t far behind. Speaks volumes for the man’s priorities. - Regards.

Catch all later as early start tomorrow.


Won’t make any difference as it’s already the case.

For instance, Tory MEPs formed an EU Parliamentary alliance with a Party with roots as a Swedish white supremacist, neo-Nazi movement.
Farage and UKIP did just the same and joined forces with members of the same Sweden Democrats plus former members of the French National Front.


Wetherspoons profits fall by 19%. Couldn’t happen to a nicer man!




Times move on m8.
As my old mate Prost said ‘recherche du temps perdu’ (remembrance of things past).
The prediction is that after May’s European elections there will be an increased number of ‘awkward squad’ MEPs than there is at at present. Given the fractious nature of modern politics (as in the UK) in Europe it ain’t going to be business as usual in the EU any more!


See they’re lining Merkel up to replace juncker… get another German to replace Draghi and it’ll be business as usual


JD - good morning

I agree, that’s what I saw when I went there.
Problem was that the transport system was rubbish, the people were poor and the shops had almost nothing in them.
A quintessential workers paradise.


The vote to delay is good and a nice slap in the face of the idiots in the ERG, but we should really just stop Brexit. Remainers clearly have the upper hand now. What people are maybe forgetting is that May’s deal and the 3rd meaningless vote next week is the easy part. This is just the withdrawal bill. The future trade deal (etc.) will take many years to agree and the negotiations will be a lot tougher. You think we have chaos now? Just wait for the next bit. I would ask the EU for a very long extension or better still stop Brexit altogether. It’s clear the public didn’t vote for this shambles we’re in and Brexiteers were deceived into thinking it would be easy. The first referendum was based on massive lies on buses (and the rest) and therefore not democracy. The public know this now and deserve their say. Labour need to kick Corbyn out and get someone in who supports the People’s Vote and go for the jugular. Join the People’s Vote march on 23rd March and lets get back democracy for the people.


Ahh, halcyon days. It’s what got us in this mess in the first place.

“In Search of Lost Time (French: À la recherche du temps perdu)—previously also translated as Remembrance of Things Past”

According to Google translate:
Remembrance of Things Past = Souvenir du passé


Things past? Like last year?

There are various EU Parliamentary groupings full of “anti-EU” MEPs… eg. Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy and European Conservatives and Reformists… are probably main two.
They already exist.


The candidate is Manfred Weber and the Germans will have only one of the two positions, where I think head of the ECB would be the more important one as that one can act without approval of the member states - theoretically.


Indeed, Doug, crunch time is coming with the third vote on May’s deal. We have now effectively eliminated a “no deal” exit which was without doubt the preferred Brexit of the ERG. Markets seem to be relieved and this is reflected in the value of my portfolio.

With the third vote, the Brextremists may well decide to back May deal for fear of losing Brexit altogether. Let’s just hope that some stick to their principles and continue to reject the May deal.

If May’s deal is accepted then that will set the course for the next few years and no doubt we will see a continuation of the fractiousness in our internal debate as the government negotiates the longer term repationship.

If May’s deal is rejected then the only ways forward are for the govenrment to negotiate an even softer Brexit which should then be ratified by a Peoples’ Vote.

Whatever Brexit we end up with, the big danger will remain that the Brexit Brigade will keep chipping away until they achieve their objective.

Frog in a tree


‘Obviously’ nothing to do with Brexit :face_with_monocle:


If TM’s deal is voted through then she may step down (having achieved her goal), then a real Brexiteer would take over the helm and start the difficult negotiations…more fun is ahead.


JW - hi

I know - but the ‘awkward squad’ will be bigger after the May European elections (and IMO won’t go away), so (if by some mischance) we stay in the EU we will only make the group more awkward for Brussels!
Whilst you Remainers think it will be the same as before in the EU - it won’t.