Brexit Wars 3



I don’t pass comments on all such events either.
I too couldn’t give a sh@t about any religion; they are all fairy tales.
Doesn’t stop me pointing things out that are connected however.

Here’s another connection:



Thats true.

But he didn’t suggest the gains that came thereafter either. Both him and Osborne were very negative on the short to medium term outlook from 2016 if leave won.

So what we can ascertain prior to the actual date is that they got the medium term outlook wrong. Which makes his 820,000 number a less credible headline.

But the bottom line is this. Whether he turns out to be right or wrong will only be coincidental. Central banks can hardly get a month right. Never mind predict three years down the road.

Pretty much the same as us in stocks. You might buy based on a fundamental today…

But if still growing in three years years time? It’s not the fundamentals that got us in, that gets us there.


JW, so when someone gives you a reason for something you ignore it and create your own hypothesis…based on your own prejudices…that makes perfect sense.

Perhaps they are worried about the ‘united states of Europe’, and the creeping control of the EU on domestic life (that working time directive was a bummer) or perhaps it was a myriad of issues…including - just to make you happy- including immigration (albeit a tiny consideration). Who gives a flying Bojo?? Perhaps we just have to realise that some people aren’t happy with the state of the UK…full stop. Perhaps we cannot pigeon hole all Leave voters into an anti-migration, anti foreigner slot. Perhaps we are the narrow minded people who want to cast all Leavers as ‘bad’ people.

Perhaps they are just decent folk who have been misled by slick advertising into selecting that shiny new vacuum cleaner (from Singapore)…that promises the earth but sucks (or doesn’t as the case may be)

Do you know JW, I think I know your ‘problem’. You are confused between the people who created all the ‘nasty’ advertising (the ad agencies , VoteLeave, BeLeave,…& the Russkies) and the innocent recipients of those adverts. You need to be condemning Steve ‘scum’ Bannon and Cambridge Analytica instead of their ‘innocent’ victims


It’s like the market rocked when terrorism was fairly fresh of the jihad type. Markets rocked each time. But then became immune. Hardly notices a bad moment these days.

Brexit same. It will drag on so long, the markets will immune itself and probably not even care the day it happens, if it does.

2008 was a far bigger disaster than the uk leaving the EU imo. And look at the markets soon after that.

In fact surely since the 1900’s, many things far worse occurred than brexit. It’s just a drama to create volatility for now. Not much more. And any recession coming will be down to a 2008 payback for a BS paper bull, not brexit.

‘The reason we had a record bull run, is simply because nobody can afford a recession’


Damned right…at last you talk some sense…I don’t want to eat only vegetables for the rest of my life…after all you are ‘probably’ an example of ‘you are what you eat’ :wink:


Mae West??

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”


Haha. Very good.


I don’t know what that actually tells us.

Isn’t it mostly about risk…we have a system that is working fairly well…you’re doing Ok, a lot of companies are doing ‘OK’…but some ‘politician’ (sorry about the swearword) has ‘promised’ that things will be even better if we tear up the rule book and take a ‘risk’…are you a gambler, do you like to live on the edge, can you make a quick buck in a volatile market…if yes, then vote for Brexit…although I’m not sure what Brexit actually means…potatoe salad I think.


I think we have entered the new norm. Funds love this volatility and wont let it go.

But volatility only occurs between some larger A-B anyway… just makes it harder to judge the hold or let go



Indeed. Nor should it stop you pointing such things out. But also no less, it shouldn’t discourage those who note that certain people have a highly selective bias, no less than others, in what they choose to point out with particular focus.

For example, what about the sharp rise in attacks on ordinary Jewish citizens in many parts of Europe, reportedly mostly perpetrated by assailants with strong Islamist views & backgrounds. That’s been rife for years! What ideology is feeding that warped behaviour? Have you ever once considered pointing out that connection? I don’t believe so.

Harking back to my comments to Trisco, many aspects of life, & not least darker elements, are often far more complex than how they’re initially portrayed. - Regards.



I read a post from another on another board

‘learning to pick up pennies in front of the steam roller’

Was a fair summary of the last year or so anyway.


Maybe it’s true to say, a sign of no direction in life, is religion. If one can’t find meaning in one’s own mortality, religion dodges the question of the meaning of life somewhat.

Where there is no meaning, find solace in a fantasy… Walter mitty goes to church. .


Religion or Brexit?

Although to some people Brexit is a religion. :face_with_monocle:…and to others it’s a fantasy!


Brexit is a strange religion. Many gods being praised where the gods are at war to become one by decimation .


Decimation wouldn’t produce one god :face_with_monocle:

“The word decimation is derived from Latin meaning “removal of a tenth”” []


That’s really not true, though. We corrected 20% (S&P 2940 - 2315) From Feb 2018 to 27th December 2018, pretty much to the tick. Sure the bull market has been going for a decade, but, it is highly questionable if we can hit a new highs


The meaning of decimate has been updated in common usage, but it seems that only in very extreme application would it result in only one remaining at the end.


Decimation can be a same process repeated.

‘There can only be one’ in the minds of the many


Much like investor accounts. If decimation is a loss of a tenth, many tend to do this decimation repeatedly until actually nothing left. Hence making decimation an obliteration lol


Now for the maths question.

If you can only lose a tenth at a time of a reducing balance, how can you ever reach zero? You can. But on the face of it you can’t