Brexit Wars 3



Give it a rest JAR


Does “Take back control” means we really want to be governed by this lot of squabbling loonies forever. I would rather have the EU…


They all knew what they were doing Pete… now they will try and wash their hands of it… “No not me sir”… the armchair racists are out there… taking back control.


FIAT - hi

You were one of the posters who took exception to the use of the word ‘Remaniac’
However, it seems, OK for Remainers to use similar language with impunity.
I’ll certainly ‘give it a rest’ after I’ve commented that it’s pure hypocrisy.


Just to make my point again, Self serving politicians using division for their own ends, but cant control the after effects…

The Right Wing terrorist who massacred the worshippers in Christchurch claims Candace Owen as his key influencer. @Jacob_Rees_Mogg seen here with Candace Owens. I hope they had honey for tea to mask the bitter taste of hate.


Candace Owens supports The Groper, is a climate change denier, attacks the black lives matter and me too movements. A certifiable fruitcake.


Frog in a tree


She might as well have said “Brexit means potato salad”!

Similar to “No deal is better than a bad deal”

or “The easiest deal in history”

or “Nothing is agreed until everything is agreed”

I could go on…some real gems that will be a testament to the absurdity of Brexit. Raab…“Where’s Dover?”


You cannot control what mad men think or do.


I noted lots of comments about antisemitism the other week when people were trying to diss Labour … not so many now about the cold blooded murders of Muslims.

Why would that be?

It’s pretty clear what’s going on, why people voted for Brexit and what they are.


Yes I agree but politicians reinforcing their prejudice’s for their own gain is dangerous makes them feel justified and is sick…Posting this again…



Amongst other pieces of absolute Alice in Wonderland moments this week were:

Mrs May whipping her own MPs to vote against her own “No deal” motion.

And dunce Barclay closing the debate and arguing for the Government’s own “Extension” motion and “Commending it to the House”. And then…walking through the “No” lobby to vote against it!!!

These were “Beam me up Scottie” moments for me.

I see today the DUP’s sneaky Nigel Dodds has been meeting Hammond and other Ministers to blackmail the Government for another £Billion in exchange for Brexit votes. This is the most corrupt period in British politics since Lloyd George openly sold Knighthoods and Peerages for cash.

What I would like to see now is Bercow vetoing May’s 3rd Meaningless vote attempt and Macron vetoing the UK’s short extension plea. The outcome would then be (as there can be a “No deal” outcome now) that Britain would either have to go for a long extension or a revocation of A 50.

In the event of either of the latter two outcomes I have a bottle of Champagne ready.




Since when can you be a vigilante in someone else’s country? Stupid Mukker.

I must admit that I’ve never warmed to Australian emigration to Britain since I once lived in Kilburn. I mean we sent them to OZ to get rid of them in the first place.




Why break the habit … :joy:


Bit like Doncaster then? Not to mention dozens of other British towns such as Bury, Stoke, Northampton, Grimsby, Middlesbrough, Swansea, Margate, etc.

At least they are good at ballet in Cuba.

I mentioned Doncaster because unfortunately I have to go up there next week for a business meeting. Years since I have been there but I’m sure it hasn’t improved. The last time I was there I was amazed when I walked in a a little shop to buy fags and everything for sale was behind not one but two barriers of mesh barriers and the shop assistant passed my purchase to me on the end of a long ladle! And that was in the posh part of town near the Museum. For a minute I thought that I had been transported to Johannesburg or south side Chicago.

I’m hoping that Eadwig can give me advice on what sort of weapons I should take with me for self defence as that is his part of the world? Maybe I ought to write my will?



P.S. Doncaster is a hard Brexit town. Boy, won’t they be disappointed if it happens and they find that its still a s/hole 3, 5, 10 and 20 years later?


JW, hang on a minute…you were the first person to mention the NZ terrorist attack this morning (#7718) and you started by attacking Brexiteers:

“I’m sure that many Brexiteers must be feeling happy after the events of today.”

Now you’re trying to say that their silence on the subject indicates that they somehow support such behaviour…that’s the logic of someone who is drunk (again!?). Nobody was even talking about the tragedy in NZ - it isn’t really relevant to Brexit IMO - until you started throwing stones.

You’re just looking for a fight and using beer logic to support your argument.


Use your brain Oily. I’ve shown the linkage between the increase in racist attacks in UK following the 2016 Referendum campaign and subsequently (an increase of 123% in 5 years). It isn’t difficult to see how the atmosphere created of hostility to immigrants by the Leave Campaign spreads even to NZ… especially when the attacker even references Europe.

There’s a very clear linkage between those who promote an environment of hate and distrust towards others (as Farage did with his comments and posters but there were many others) and then how “mad men” as you called them are inspired to attack those same groups.


Careful Sir Buns, you might be labelled as an intolerant bigot, with views like that.

Personally I’m just surprised he didn’t manage to shoehorn a racist slur against aboriginals in to that statement.


So Brexit somehow caused the travesty in NZ?!..I guess everything in the world is connected in someways but I think you’re using your beer logic again.

But he’s mad man. The writings of a mad man cannot be used to support an argument…unless you’re a UKIP supporter and quoting Farage.


Yeah right. St Ledger, you mean?



You’re a good poster, but likewise some of Oilovlam’s points on this aren’t without merit. Maybe we’ve seen an increase in racist attacks issuing directly from Brexit? Or maybe it’s also a case that such crimes are simply being reported more often & properly logged, as should’ve happened long ago in UK & elsewhere.

For example, when Sweden took a stand against rape & other sex crimes, their stats for crimes of a sexual nature soared. But not because rape had necessarily increased. More so because Sweden finally took it seriously. Even unwanted digital penetration from a husband or partner was classed as rape. If it happened more than once from the same offender, in Sweden each offence was logged separately.

No question that Brexit has empowered xenophobes & Nationalists. That’s apparent from the underlying ugly tones of some recent debates across our media. But there’s little proof that there are more racist attacks now because of Brexit, rather than more of them being reported & taken seriously.

As for the terrible events in NZ & sad loss of life: though I’ve been out most of the day, bar posting a couple of closed trades, why should I express my outrage about that particular event on here? It occurred in a distant land. Have I ever expressed opinions about Christians being gunned down in Churches in Pakistan? No.

Now whether the victims of such attacks are Christian or Muslim or of any other faith, isn’t significant. Neither is the fact that I have no time for organised religion or their adherents. My point is, not commenting on every such outrage shouldn’t, IMO, be seen as proof of it being indicative of anything in particular. - Regards. Edit: typo.