Brexit Wars 3



Your not meant to take it as a ‘what if’. Or ‘sell what’. Your supposed to take it as a compliment. I believe in the English to achieve, regardless of outcome.

Adapt and overcome. Good auld bull dog spirit that got you here in the first place


It leaves the revoking of article 50 as the only option left in the UK’s power. The EU have played us like a fine fiddle. Thats what happens when your leaders are weak and ineffective.


Very true. If I was an ancestor looking down… I’d ask myself, is this what we fought and died for? A muppet show in the commons.


Son, that’s utter tosh. If you can’t specify which year this will occur, you have no credibility. In trading, your self worth is simply - How much money have I made this year. Nothing more nothing less. It’s measurable within a defined timeframe.

People who need to be right but cannot define parameters, are losers.


I dont even know what your referring to.

But if your asking me to specify a year that anything may occur? Central banks can hardly get the next quarter right, despite all resources. Funds dont like to look beyond 1-3 months. While they may hope their analysis is correct , they are ready to adapt pretty fast. Because they cant be sure. Specifying a year is total folly.


If I ask a question any you come back with "what if " or vague hopes for the future I am right to take it you have NO answer same as our polticians.

You said you believe in English to achieve what about Scots Welsh and North Irish ??


They already have confidence in themselves. I’m trying to ease the remain English vote back into a less fragile mindset. Remind them they can achieve regardless


How many posts have you made today?

Maybe you should remember that empty cans make the most noise.

Your credibility comes from calling trades in real time.


you should reply to posts so we can keep of the thread…

Scots and NI want to Remain Welsh want a 2nd Vote.


I’m not seeking credibility. But I’m happy to do a few calls when the week starts. Entertainment if nothing else


Yes they voted that way. Not disputing it. I’m just concerned about the fragile mindset in England. Have belief. Nothing can cause carnage apart from implosion


That would be an affront do democracy (god forbid), So a last minute revoking of article 50 is favourite over no deal.

It should be noted that the ‘desired default No Deal exit’ is desired by someone short in LLOY (last we heard).


It’s fair to say, the UK is the most democratic country in the world. Far more so than America. EU a simple dictatorship.

My dislike for the EU started when Brussels were all bleeding hearts and charity for many non EU countries. Yet essentially told the Greek people before their vote, vote yes or starve. This is the EU with many citizens.

Ireland and the Lisbon treaty… .vote again or suffer severe consequences

If this was Ireland doing a brexit rather than England, they would have bullied it into submission long ago. At least the UK have something of value. They did still try to bully. Thankfully failed so far. However maybe not failed in the long run.


‘No’ deal is obviously a risk in any negotiation…it cannot be taken off the table…even if the UK Brexit bill were altered to remove the reference to ‘No’ deal.

But we had ‘Brexit means Brexit’… a meaningless statement (kept some people happy…the silly people). This has been modified last week to ‘Brexit doesn’t mean ‘No’ deal’…which is MP’s showing that the risk of ‘No’ deal needs to be avoided at almost any cost.

IMO ‘No’ deal can be avoided by 2 methods:

  1. Revoke A50
  2. Secure a deal

Revocation seems very unlikely IMO…I cannot see a Tory government (or even a Labour one) revoking A50.

So that only leaves ‘Secure a deal’…which to me means that the UK has to do everything in its power to get a deal…even if that means removing or modifying red lines.

TM’s deal is still on the table and she will be doing everything to get it over the line…lots of money heading to Northern Ireland I suspect and sham changes by Cox (attorney general) to his legal advice.


So what is the EU? It has little regard for rhe small to medium sized nations. Historically proven.

The EU is putin/Russia in disguise. A land grab.


Lots of gobbledegook in that last (of very many) posts Beans. The UK is the most democratic country? Does the non-elected House of Lords formed of appointed and hereditary peers not trouble you? Or the under-representation of smaller parties due to the lack of proportional representation? Or perhaps the doubt about the electorate being able to vote to affirm or reject the eventual Brexit deal?

We may not be as imperfect as Turkey or China but we are far from perfect.


Frog in a tree


Far from perfect but much better than the rest imo


And when do we get to vote for the next Monarch?


Well we could always vote in a trump to sort that out.


Just a silly sweeping statement I’m afraid. Someone has to call you on it.