Brexit Wars 3



History is a great teacher. I just look back to June 2016. And not underestimate it again. Took me three months to drag back losses of that period . Nothing more real than a temporary hit.

The more telling thing for me, is that both sides in the whole are not in favour of a 2nd referendum.

Remainers fear hard brexit. Leavers fear no brexit. Because they really cant be sure. So i think the winner will be a no referendum soft brexit


It shouldn’t have been too hard to recoup referendum investment losses as the FTSE100 rose on the back of the devaluation of sterling because large internationally trading firms were uprated due to the increased sterling value of overseas earnings.

Frog in a tree


Took me three months. Wasnt hard granted. Been ok since October 16. But what a waste of three months for believing only one outcome could prevail. Il never make that amateur error again.


Watching Farage being interviewed on BBC News while on his march at the north east coast. Maybe there is a cliff edge he could fall over?



It’s the hierarchy of victimhood. For the last two months the media has been full of puse faced arms folded people saying: “we voted to leave the EU, what aspect of that do you not understand”?

We all know plenty of people who see things in very simple, black and white terms. Many of these people have a very inflexible mindset. It could be Investment, politics, religion or anything. The point is, it is a very poor use of one’s emotional capital to even converse with them. A friend of the family, who was an engineer, used to denigrate me for studying economics. His response was always the same “it’s an inexact science” It made me mad. In fact it took me many years to teflon it.

Many of these fixed mindset people have achieved very little in their life. Just looking at this Australian character who executed these poor souls in the Mosque, the first thing that struck me was his appearance: about 3ft tall with a ridiculously pumped up body. If you have hung about gyms over the last 20 years, there are a plethora of these characters with protein shakes, fat burning pills, injecting steroids and self medicating on goodness knows what. My guess is that half of them were bullied at school and the rest of them were underachievers.

I absolutely hate to say this, but, I don’t think Jo Cox’s murder will be the last. Hatred eats you up. It’s not healthy and whilst many of you shun “organised religion”, forgiveness and loving you enemy are very important. In that respect Nelson Mandela set a great example


Absolutely FIAT, I am very friendly with a good few Tory Councillors and a couple of MPs and their fellow travellers. Not all, but most of them are xenophobes. If/when Brexit happens one of the reprisals I shall employ is to bubble the remarks made by those and their family members who supported Brexit. I keep a careful record.




But you would have been considerably better off being invested in a non Sterling denominated index. The FTSE barely benchmarked S&P. The opportunity cost lost in being exposed to Sterling is still huge


Blimey BfD, you’re a brutal ‘commander in chief’…I don’t think ‘decimation’ was designed to be repeated. Wouldn’t it defeat its objective?

Imagine the troops who had got through the first decimation and you pop up and say it’s the first of many ‘decimations’. Seems a bit unfair. And before long you wouldn’t have much of an army…you and 9 other blokes :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


350 signed up for this March now Nigel is ducking out…


A fraction of a god isn’t ‘a’ god. Which part of the god do you want to discard…a leg…the head…leaving the torso. All worship the holy belly button :wink:

Although thinking about it the Catholics their god as 3 entities (Jeremy Corbyn, the holy goat & someone else…presumably Theresa May for balance)…but still not a fractionary god!


As I have said before easy to start a campaign using division but not easy to control…

Obama said “When you win a campaign on dividing people, you won’t be able to govern them”.

applies to TRUMP BREXIT many other countries we all need to speak up…


“…Although thinking about it the Catholics have God as 3 entities” and we have our very own divinity on this board, the one and only one “Broadmoor AKA whatyoutalkingaboutwillis” but in his case only two entities. His worshippers call him “The Master Trader”. He has gone quiet since outed.



Engineering isn’t always an ‘exact’ science…ask Boeing shareholders!!


He committed on TV this morning to walk 100 miles…I expect he misspoke, meaning 100 pubs :wink:


Wetherspoons, I presume!



God’s cause fractions. So let’s forget the physical. Decimated minds. Just as affective. Psychological destruction



What I said was that a rise in reported attacks, compared to previous ages in Britain where many such verbal & physical attacks wouldn’t even be seen as racist (I cited examples), isn’t proof of anything. So-called “lone wolf” attacks are nothing new to this age. It takes extreme mental imbalance & pathological delusion for a biased interpretation to justify almost any act for the assailants. However, I agreed with others that the verbal tone of some debates has changed, with greater anti-immigrant sentiments expressed.

I’d take it further: I may resent certain views, but why should they be banned in any democracy? That’s surely the price of true democracy.

As it stands, bias is bias. It’s no different whether it exudes from more passionate Brexiteers or those directly opposed. Both try to distort reality for their own ends. I generally hate rabble-rousers & the mob whatever side they exude from. Always have done.

What JW alluded to, & why some of us responded, was that any Brexiteer’s silence on the outrage in NZ implied a tacit support for such acts. If you side with that view, then you’re as bad a rabble-rouser as any Brexiteer. - Regards. Edit: superfluous word.


Pink Floyd?


Possibly. Can’t remember where the thought came from lol


You are new on this board so unless you are BM1 maybe you could answer these questions.

One positive benefit for the UK in Brexit (not in 20years OR bull like “take back control” which we are not anyway).

UK need to renegotiate at least 759 treaties and I am sure China India USA will want to give us some kind of deal so they can sell to us but what will the BUY…