Brexit Wars 3



You’ve completely lost me buddie…But hey ho i’ll take the title of master trader(I only have investments and a few funds with others but i’ll gladly lap up the title)

Good to see Nigel keeping TM honest this week leading the march for Democracy …Default into WTO once the ever so helpful EU block an extension, Cheers


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I truly expect the uk to be fine whichever way it goes. Once the focus switches to what is fact and the fighting stops, UK will thrive. In or out. So im not too concerned about that


It’s because god (the Catholic version) is actually 3 entities. There is a ‘theory’ that you and Boradmoor (BM1) are one and the same. I suppose it’s because when Boradmoor was suspended (1st or 2nd time??) you popped up within a few nanoseconds. You also have quite a similar writing style. It doesn’t make you him…it’s only a ‘theory’.

Someone once described Boradmoor as a ‘master trader’…and I believe they were serious…although ‘probably’ not sober.

Can we default into a ‘No’ deal…because Parliament have voted against it (the one thing that has got a majority). So if democracy is the will of Parliament then a ‘No’ deal crash out would be against that decision (IMO).


Can somebody explain to me, how the UK can take no deal off the table without the EU doing the same?

Is it a method to go into a default no leave if no deal struck ?


I don’t count any Brexiteer’s silence on the NZ atrocity as tacit support for it. There will be plenty though that are willing to condone it openly. I can guarantee that if we looked on the ADVFN UKIP thread or the Yahoo board, for example, there will be comments such as “They have had a taste of their own medicine” or “Its fake news, its a cover up, it was a fall out between Jhadis”, etc. I could easily find real people like the 3 I mentioned above who will think that the carnage was no loss.

But I too am firmly against censorship of views unless they develop into inciting others to violence, especially when uttered by people who have influence.

There has to be some limits, an extreme example being the power of words employed by Hitler in the the 1930s. The Australian Governor apologist for the NZ murders or the anti immigrant front pages of the Brexit Express are no so far removed from the tropes of that period.




The UK cannot take “No deal” off the table without the agreement of the 27 EU states - unless it REVOKES Article 50. That it can do unilaterally.

I wish it would but what we are likely to see on Tuesday is the newly bribed DUP turncoat and back May’s deal, followed by the ERG and a clutch of self-serving Labour rebels.

Then we shall have to start a long campaign for another Referendum against the tyranny of the dead and nearly dead with our waves of new young and young minded voters. We will achieve this by the end of the “Transition period”.




And then there was another Conservative member, who photographed himself with Boris Johnson in 2015, who once wrote that he was “going through a few magazines the other day down at the local mosque … then the rifle jammed”. (As reported in the Guardian). No action was taken on this by the party Chairman.

The “joke” looks especially sick now I guess. I hope he is thoroughly ashamed of himself.

Frog in a tree


Good to see these 350 (collective IQ 300) getting soaked today. There will be a Million out for the “Peoples March” in London on the 23rd.




Ah thanks , Still none the wiser , I struggle if i’m honest with the whole layout of this site, Never know which part i’m replying too or what story ! It will get better i’m sure.

Its written in Law that we default to No Deal , Parliaments votes last week where meaningless, and infact help to edge us closer to our desired default exit.



Broadmoor is creating his next masterpiece…


SBUK - good afternoon

You missed out the bit about ‘we shall fight on the beaches …’



You are confused. As that is WW2 nostalgia, that’s a line from the Brexitears’ script…



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wrong, wrong and wrong - must try harder


I called him a “master trader”. I hardly think I worship him. He had some great calls on Lloyds last year. As regards his politics, I couldn’t give a damn.


The Daily Express begs to difffer…



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Obviously you are an avid Express reader … I prefer the more intellectual Daily Telegraph. I suggest you trade up!


As you well know JAR, I read the Guardian. For True intellectuals unlike the execrable DT.




I dont know why leavers worry or why remainers care. EU will fall apart anyway. Making the brexit decision a bit void.

As soon as one major economy within it (bar uk) , decide they are better off doing a brexit, it’s all over. Whatever year or decade that is.


…more wishful thinking. We have had loads of these predictions this last three years and no collapse of the EU or the ECB has happened.