Brexit Wars 3



Now they are talking about ref 2 of course, but a lot of time has passed.
It was the same with sturgeon, when she was asked just after the Scottish referendum she said not right away maybe 5 years down the road.
In other words it will be the same result so not yet.
They have had 2 years of one sided media every day banging the remain drum and now the call for second ref is getting louder, that’s because they feel more confident that it would go their way.
But I feel second ref calls will quieten down if the EU elections go Brexit party way.


“They have had 2 years of one sided media every day banging the remain drum…”

I think the media is far from one-sided in favour of Remain. The BBC is fairly balanced but they are plastering Farage all over our TV screens, QT on Thursday and Marr this morning. Other than the Guardian, the press is pretty much the mouthpiece of the Brexit right.

Unless Brexit Party secures something approaching 50% of the vote, the EU election it will make no difference to the pressure for a second referendum. The opinion polls will be much more influential.

The Tory party is being shredded by the Brexit debate and the threat posed by the Brexit party may yet scare them so much that they may yet fall into line behind a Corbyn May stitch up. They need this issue off the table. Their best bet is a second referendum. Who knows, the people may well vote for a Brexit option?




Very unlikely (IMO)…with what is likely to be a low turnout (as per EU elections historically) it won’t change the Brexit mess one iota. There will still be people demanding a ‘People’s vote’ and Parliament will still resist leaving on ‘No’ deal terms.

What could happen is that Labour & Tories realise that they are going to be severely damaged electorally for the long term by Brexit chaos…but it seems unlikely that they can escape from our neverending Brexithog day

34% Brexit Party vote of 40% turnout works out as 13.6% of the electorate btw…not exactly a massive endorsement for a hard Brexit (No deal/WTO deal). But i suppose the Leave spin doctors on here will see it another way. :face_with_monocle:


“34% Brexit Party vote of 40% turnout works out as 13.6% of the electorate btw…not exactly a massive endorsement for a hard Brexit (No deal/WTO deal). But i suppose the Leave spin doctors on here will see it another way.”
At least you’ve done your research and already got your excuses in beforehand :wink:
Anyway I have other things to do now, and I also know Brexit supporters are only aloud 4 posts on here before they get reported :kissing_heart:


Watching Farage on Marr. Marr is challenging Farage with his past quotations and Farage clearly is not prepared to engage and so his strategy is to try talk over Marr in order to prevent Marr getting the points over. There is lots of material that Farage can be challenged on including immigration, privatising the health services, loosening controls on hand guns and his various contradictions on trading deals, a Norway style Brexit and the issue of a second referendum.




Two Parties that attract (or will attract) hardly any votes… which is entirely my point.



So why did he say 3 years ago almost to the day:

Nigel Farage warns today he would fight for a second referendum on Britain in Europe if the remain campaign won by a narrow margin next month.

The Ukip leader said a small defeat for his leave camp would be “unfinished business” and predicted pressure would grow for a re-run of the 23 June ballot.

Farage told the Mirror: “In a 52-48 referendum this would be unfinished business by a long way. If the remain campaign win two-thirds to one-third that ends it.”



And why will it make any difference from every other set of EU Elections we’ve ever had?

UKIP also did well in EU Elections a few years back. In 2014 they had 24 MEPs.
Big Deal… that equated to 1 MP at the time of the next General Election… and today 3 MEPs.

To see some of the things posted here and then compare/contrast to what the same people were saying on the old BP Board in 2015-2017… really is funny.

So like I said… if Brexit Party don’t get at least 20 MEPs in a few weeks… then it’s a disaster for them.

"... I also know Brexit supporters are only aloud 4 posts on here before they get reported"

You Brexit guys are really paranoid.

Almost all of the flagging on this message board has been done by Brexiters. BW1 and BW2 were closed as a result of Brexiter flagging, including BW2 because of Grumpy Grandad’s extremely racist posts. A lot of the malicious flagging was done by Broadmoor1 and his aliases which is why he is currently suspended for 1,000 years (according to Oili). As a result of his last flagathon around the discussions on NI politics, among a number of posts that were flagged, a very good post by SBUK was twice deleted pissing him off so much that he has abandoned the board.

The problem with inappropriate behaviour is that it has twice resulted in ii deleting entire threads (BW and BW2, specifically). How is that for censoring the debate? In my view it is far better that ii moderators deal with individuals behaving inappropriately rather than taking down whole threads.

As far as I know, Huw, Jar, Trisco and yourself have not been flagged at all?

All the best,

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That always has been Farage’s tactic. He browbeats most presenters and gets to say what he wants to say… else it gets confrontational and he gets angry.

So last time out it was immigration and concerns over Turkey joining the EU, Romanians living next door and Muslims for existing in this country… and the EU “elite” controlling us.
This time, it’s about… democracy. Which means one thing… the fact that he doesn’t want to support either the Tory Deal to Leave… or the proposed Labour Deal to Leave… so it ain’t about Leaving at all.

He clearly talked about leaving with a Deal before the last referendum… just as almost the whole Leave Campaign did. Notable people in Leave Campaign like Carswell said:
“Lets be absolutely clear, we can have unrestricted access to the single market without being in the single market.”

All lies.


A very Trumpian approach to handling the press. If they ask awkward questions then he goes on the attack. Marr was left floundering somewhat…

Farage didn’t want debate or to discuss how to get out of this mess, he only wanted to showboat…his followers will lap it up. The cult of Farage is upon us!! :face_with_monocle:


Farage is a liability for Brexit.
seen bits of Marr interview.

marr " you said in 20xx that “*********”
Farage " I dont know what’s wrong with BBC rant "

marr " do you still agree that “*********”
Farage " what kind of question is that " rant.

only real trumpets would not see right through that. it’s an anxious conn just more Brexit fraud n lies .


Interesting that JAR referenced “Soros Central” out of nowhere. Curious, as George Soros plays little part in the Brexit debate. Perhaps JAR has a downer on Soros for some reason?




Can you imagine what would happen if a Leader of another UK political Party said the same thing as Farage? Say Corbyn?

Farage gets away with it as the people who support him don’t care if their politocians have racist views.
He has said to several journalists that they are “… funded by George Soros”.
And what the words “funded by Soros” really means is: “funded by Jews”… It means antisemitism pure and simple.


Yes, I was puzzled by that. What was he talking about?


Doesn’t it mean to get funds from George Soros?!..anything else would be your interpretation of what he meant!

Isn’t there some question on where the ‘Farage Party’ gets its funds? Apparently Farage is the only person who knows the identity of the big backer…I don’t believe Marr asked about that…but I expect he would just have got a rant!!


Just BM, for which we have to take your word for. We’ve no idea who flagged SBUKs post. So why you feel it necessary to tar anyone is beyond me.

Your obsession for BM is tiresome. He’s no longer here, can’t you move on?



As I stated openly I raised the issue of the flagging with admin. BM1 got banned immediately so it is fairly obvious that admin tracked the flagging down to him and his aliases. It wasn’t the first time. He did get banned previously for misbehaviour. Funnily enough, when he gets banned the flagging stops until he emerges again under a new alias. I have said previously, I would have no concerns about BM1 joining the discussion board again if he behaved reasonably. I think he behaves in the way he does because, unlike other, he is unable to mount a reasonable argument. If ii deletes the whole thread then we all lose our discussion forum.

I have in the past had multiple posts flagged by BM1 and he has openly egged others on to do the same. The flagging stops when he is suspended. Says it all really.

Trisco, as I said earlier, I don’t think you have been flagged. It seems to happen only or mainly to Remainers.

The reason for my reply to Shareordie was to reassure that Brexiters are not targets for flagging as he seemed a bit paranoid about it.

Have a great afternoon.

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Fiat, I’m not sure that Boradmoor caused the flagging abuse issue necessarily. The first time it was Lastcall…who went on a flagfest & purposefully got threads blocked (temporarily) that he didn’t like by multiple flagging.

The same thing happened again recently and I’m not sure if Boradmoor (or one of his aliases) was involved in that either…he would have been stupid to have multi-flagged because he knew the consequences (or perhaps he really isn’t that bright!!).


It isn’t difficult to go with the same old stereotypes of rich Jews influencing and funding things he doesn’t like.
It’s been used like that for decades.
Sometimes Oily you have to look deeper than face value.
Marr was trying to drill down to see what sort of person Farage was as a Leader of a new Party and potential PM… well we found out.

I guarantee that if Corbyn as a Party Leader had said the same thing that the Media would have been all over it.