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If memory serves me right, Last-Call (subsequently reregistered as COBO) caused concern because of his incessant posting last autumn. I don’t know about him being a nuisance flagger. The fact remains that BM1 was suspended and then reregistered several times under various names, some of which were live simultaneously. There is no getting away from it that after I had raised the recent malicious flagging of innocuous posts on BW3 through my secure account that the flagging nuisance ceased and BM1 etc etc etc was re-banned.

I am pretty sure it was him and regards your final comment…bang on!




Too true that Corbyn would have been hammered for a Soros reference.

Soros is a rich liberal philanthropist and has become something of a bogeyman for the extreme right both here, in Europe and in the US. I believe that he was accused of funding the migrant caravan at the US southern border a couple of months back seemingly without any evidence at all.

This article may be of interest:


Frog in a tree


Yes, by just one person.


Just out of interest, who was it that flagged LK Hyman.


I don’t know who flagged him or what for. He was certainly one of the very best on these boards and is greatly missed for his wit and wisdom.




Liverpool only left with Champions league now… Never mind…

Farage walks away from another car crash, this time an interview.
He rants and rages to avoid answering questions about his own views.
When he is questioned he is hopeless. When he did answer he lied.

Maybe he should tell The BBC what questions to ask and what not to…eg
Things he stated in the past…


Don’t think we can ever know who flagged someone. Sometimes you can guess by the replied comments but that’s all it is.
Personally, I think it’s best to leave any posts there for all to see.

I do remember some of the comments that I’m guessing led to LK leaving though… whether by his own volition after being reprimanded by ii (as I suspect) or by ii banning him.
He made a series of one line posts that he probably thought were jokes when there was some posts going around about LGBT on the old BP board.
I can’t repeat the ones I seen… but they were pretty blatant and I’m sure many would have found them amusing 40+ years ago… or maybe still do if you are of a certain age.


Always next year @petethenovice
At least you don’t have to watch your team implode over the close season as is about to happen at Man U. Ha Ha.

I think you rode your luck a few times this season … the Mahrez penalty against Man City springs to mind.


just a point about Flagging…
I have flagged a post long time ago but I would not flag the person who posts its the content that should be flagged…

Farage,s Latest Rant

I didnt stand in front of a poster of Syrians who were not even coming here…
How dare you ask me that …



yes I agree had some luck over the season but it evens out and
Salah top scorer and Mane joint 2nd says something…


I’d be surprised if anyone flagged LK Hyman…when did that happen & for what?

I expect everyone has been flagged at some point (even me!! :wink:). Not sure I ever knew who ‘did’ me…but I have my suspects. :wink::wink:

LKH was an amiable sort if I remember correctly…a while since I’ve seen any of his posts.


Dont know IF ppl can see this but it should worry all of us no matter what side of Brexit we are on…


@petethenovice I too am amazed that more isn’t made of these comments (and there’s plenty more) from Farage.
You can get away with it when you are a radio host or a guest… but not when you are supposed to be a Leader of a Party.

Like I said earlier… I can’t imagine how any other Party Leader in the UK would be able to get away without being forced to resign if they made such stupid remarks.

I guess the Brexiteers are all cool with what he said and don’t find it an issue. You then have to ask yourself why that would be…


LK Hyman was a legend on this board. Used to love reading his views on Diageo. A brilliant contributor.

A lot of good ones have left, since the change in board. Which is a shame.


Farage is no fool. He offers people (some people) what they are desperate to hear…simple solutions to the worlds problems. When in America he tells his audience what they want to hear, when in the UK he tells his audience something else tailored to their fears & prejudices. But it’s always a fantasy what he says…there’s never any substance. It’s always to blame some ‘other’ person, to demonise organisations & cultures, trying to feed the fear of the bigots.

He has no policies (other than ideas that he now denies). He only tries to say that he’s fighting for ‘democracy’…in order to get the Brexit that he wants…and the Brexit that his paymasters want (whoever they are!?). IT is simple…it is simplistic…it is ‘obviously’ a fantasy…but it is also very dangerous…very addictive to certain people…Brexit crack!!


Yes exactly. I guess the difference is… he has no intention of being PM, he knows his new Party is temporary and he knows they have no chance in a GE of getting more than a handful of seats… so he can afford to say whatever… as he doesn’t need to act responsibly.

I find it quite astonishing how much air time and Media coverage he (and his new Party) gets over other Parties that are far more established. Once again, the Media outlets run by a set of rich, Brexit-backing moguls are in full swing providing him all the publicity he needs.


Deep down Farage doesn’t want a role beyond where he is now. He loves being the outsider fighting the establishment; he’d hate to be part of the establishment. You know, where he’d have to get his hands truly dirty.

Really? There’s money in it for them. When he’s on QT viewing figures are significantly higher than the weeks either side. When he’s on Andrew Marr, Farage will be splattered all over social media with people queuing up to hate or back him. He generates attention and while you say the Brexit-backing moguls provide him all the publicity he needs, he gives it back to them in equal measure. He helps line their pockets too. And all this just plays into his hands.



He has no policies (other than ideas that he now denies). He only tries to say that he’s fighting for ‘democracy’…in order to get the Brexit that he wants…and the Brexit that his paymasters want (whoever they are!?).

I would really have liked to hear replies from Brexit supporters about the video of farage on the US chat show. surely the Maj of reasonable people would recoil from this its just NOT us…


Sweden is to re-open Assange case. Good news!



Excellent news, once he’s done his time here we can kick him out and let someone else deal with him … :blush: