Brexit Wars 3



Well this is the UK… not the US… and we are in the midst of an election campaign. Yet all that we see (again) is the Brexit Party, Labour and Tories.
UKIP? Green Party? Lib Dems?
Seems the mainstream Media have already made there minds up what people want to see.

It’s a self-fulfilling prophesy that people talk about Farage… because they shove him on the Media all the time.


Hopefully they’ll put you away too @fynne… for whatever you’re hiding away from back in the UK.


what kind of politician come up with a term.
“they are attacking our Judah Cristian religion”
Its the kind of term a terrorist would come up with to inflame and incite… Not just a term thats rolls off the tongue but planned.

Similar to
Migrant swarms Hoards rapists and we didn’t fight the war for… in Brexit.

Just planned buzzwords to scare and incite…


That seems about right.
L-C/COBO flooded the board with posts, mostly troll type posts. More than a hundred in a day.
Attempting to disrupt rather than add to discussion.
Strange poster. Claimed to be a successful trader, who knows ?

Most traders would concentrate on their trading and only post now and again.

Shame LKH is absent, great wit and also had a very good understanding of fundamentals, probably in the top 5 % tier.

He did mention that he was selling most of his shares due to IHT planning, last post of his I noticed I think he had got down to just 7 holdings.
Hope he is OK, was an asset to ii.

Markets are volatile, tricky day.




Hello Soi,

There are the occasional reports about LKH on other threads. There was recently a post that said he was active on another (non-ii) message board.




And the polls show the Brexit party further ahead!


He keeps his head down despite funding the undemocratic ‘Remain’ movement.


And where did the funding for Leave come from? All shrouded in secrets and off-shore sources.

There is nothing undemocratic about confirmatory referendums



fynne - hi,
Great news I agree! After he has done his ‘bird’ here, we can ship him to Sweden to more time there and then they can ship his a*se to the USA for his extended all-inclusive holiday.


Looks like you are in good company Froglet.


Well Madame Westlette, I was a bit surprised to see JAR dobbing in a right-wing, Groper supporting, idiot like Assange. If he is charged with sexual assault in Sweden then off he goes to face justice and to provide it for the women concerned.




Did you watch this any comment.
I know many that many Brexit voters hate to be called racist but might not be easy following this loon…

4:16 PM - 8 May 2019


Liverpool came a very creditable runner up in the premier league. A winner in any other year. Hopefully glory awaits in Champions’ League final. My money is on Liverpool.




Just hard to believe Brexit has not forced this decision, these companies can manufacture anywhere and a country with a GOV fighting over brexit for 2+ years and still no idea gives them no security.

Honda is one of a number of car manufacturers to cut back its presence in the UK this year. Nissan said in January that it would build its new X-Trail model in Japan instead of Sunderland, despite earlier reassurances.
Ford is planning to offer redundancy to more than 500 staff at its Essex office, while Jaguar Land Rover confirmed in January that it would cut 4,500 jobs from its 40,000-strong UK workforce as it attempts to deal with a sharp drop in demand in China.


Come on JW, you know how the media works surely?

If you or I were selling a newspaper, we’d have Farage in it regardless of what side of the Media spectrum we were looking to sell to. He’s in the Guardian as a hate figure and people revel in their hatred of him. They love to hate him; while in the Sun/Mail as some sort of hero. Regardless, he’s a controversial figure that drives a readership, sells advertising etc.

Does anyone really want to read about Caroline Lucas, or Vince Cable or whoever is running UKIP these days? They’re dull.

Makes no difference how decent they are, how strong their politics, people don’t vote for dull candidates less read about them.


Spurs haven’t a hope in hell.

But a winner in any other year, isn’t much use in the year you come second.


I hope you are right but not counting chickens…


Nigel is in another UKIP… He doesn’t realise when he stands in front of posters of 1000,s of black migrant’s He is attracting Racists…

The Brexit Party’s Most Senior Election Official Says Tommy Robinson Has Been “Persecuted” And Islamophobia Is “Made Up”
Nigel Farage distanced himself from his party’s national election agent after BuzzFeed News uncovered the posts.


so lieing racists get in the media and ppl dont vote for dull candidates with strong politics and I assume honest. Sad reflection on the UK and I hope wrong.


“He doesn’t realise when he stands in front of posters of 1000,s of black migrant’s He is attracting Racists…”


Frog in a tree