Brexit Wars 3



I couldn’t disagree more actually.
Farage is simply a boring old fart. We know what he’s going to say; he never says anything new.
His recent w/e interview with Marr wasn’t exciting or interesting… it was just plain embarrassing that a grown man can behave that way.

If we don’t have other Party leaders also provided the same amount of coverage then you’ll never know whether they have interesting things to say or not.


It’s hard to understand what you hope to achieve by saying that Farage is boring, when it’s quite obvious that he isn’t. Quite the opposite (IMO), that’s the problem. He puts his message across with style & passion…the problem is that the message is based on lies & simplistic themes which are very attractive to his target audience (much like Trump feeds his base voters the message they want to hear…no matter how illogical that is!).

To say that Farage is boring is wishful thinking…a hope that people will get bored with his rhetoric…unlikely IMO.


Well I couldn’t disagree more, and nor could the editors of nearly every national newspaper and news outlet.

The Media focus on people/stories that drive sales. It’s as simple as that.

You say he’s boring, yet talk about him reasonably frequently and rarely mention Caroline Lucas - the leader of the party you support. You’re just as bad.


Well, I read the Metro this morning and there was a page about Farage and his lies. His lies get called out very frequently in some newspapers. I reckon half of what is reported about Farage is of a negative tone. Not all his coverage is positive.


The media are gunning for him at the moment, yes he may get invited on shows, but they only ask him negative questions and try and trip him up the whole time.
Remain have given just as many lies or more. Many remainers are getting pay from the EU or massive EU pensions, some have taken money from the open foundation etc.


Massive pay and pensions from the EU? You mean like Farage and the UKIP MEPs???




He IS boring - he just looks interesting alongside the issues and the other politicians involved right now.

I see him speaking and I think typical, public school, stock-broker who is now selling another commodity I.e. himself and his views to anyone who will listen and to the media, all while holding a pint of bitter to show he’s really just another bloke.

I’d say good luck to him if he wasn’t doing so much damage to the country he intends to leave once he has milked it for all that he can.


Well yeah, there is that incredibly low bar.


No … ALL eu mp’s !!! Regardless of the their political stance …
And the reason farage is getting so much attention is because the leaders of both political main parties are (as Sir Tony Robinson would put it) … shit !!
As for the other parties… does anyone care?


That’s the point. We talk about what we see on the mainstream news. I talk about Farage not because he’s in any way interesting… I merely responded to what others are talking about having watched his latest interview. Few others get a look in.

As for “leader of the party you support”… I vote for them but I don’t give them any support.
And yes, I would like to see Green Party Interviewed… as well as others… for longer than a few seconds and not just on odd occasions when climate change is in the news.


Fynne, I rather think you missed my point…



Many people work for companies and organisations that they don’t like or even despise, yet still take the pension they have built up by working there.
Teachers for instance have a massive pension pot especially the older ones, subsidised by tax payers who work in jobs with much lower pensions yet still take the pension when the time comes.


I don’ have a problem with people having pensions, not even Farage. But the point you were making was a bit silly about Remainers on big EU salaries and pensions. I was just pointing out that there are also Brexiters receiving the same.




Hi Eadwig,

Agreed. Farage seems a classic example of a charlatan. He has sufficient rhetorical skill to appeal to less questioning masses on issues like Brexit, but he’s also clever enough to deflect away from his total lack of substance about anything else. That makes him potentially dangerous if he’s allowed to influence any political agenda, which appears to be happening due to the general lack of real talent throughout Parliament & a weak government.

However, other than reiterating populist slogans related to Brexit, he’s very average indeed. Any interviewer pushing him on wider party policy soon discovers his lack of substance & Farage usually ends up visibly rattled. Outside of his impact on passionate pro-Brexiteers, I’d rank him in the same bracket of utter political mediocrity as non-entities like Leadsom, Williamson, Fox, Abbott & co.

FWIW, I’ve sent off my postal vote for the Green Party yesterday. Will probably vote Green Party in next GE, though I’ll also be hoping that Labour & LibDems also do well. My vote alone won’t make any difference at the end of the day, but all such votes collectively may do so over time. - Regards.


I think its obvious what Farage is… as I posted imagine any British politician on extreme American RW show saying …
“The Left are attacking our JUDAH CHRSTIAN FAITH”

He is dangerous and divisive and poor people are being conned.
Politicians dividing people with US VRS THEM is not new and very dangerous…

old article but relevant to today…


Those PPL dont lie and cheat to get elected to work for those companies
THEN when hired dont bother to go to work to fight /help/vote for people who voted for you. Thats basically a Fraud


Sweeping generalisation. Teachers are paid poorly (especially in Primary school) with annual salary increases well below inflation in recent years. Their pension contributions come out of their already low pay. They should all go on strike for better conditions IMO … but then they’d get paid nothing.


Bearing in mind we are still in the EU trading freely any lies from REMAIN you could list…below a few LEAVE lies…


Fortunately for them, teachers have remained strongly unionised and so their pensions have been defended. Where unionisation has declined that is where you see very poor pension provision. I agree with Doug, most teachers are not highly paid compared with similarly qualified people in other professions. There is already a serious problem with retention without reducing theit terms and conditions further.

Frog in a tree


Companies leaving or making plans this debacle is costing more and more…