Brexit Wars 3



Westminster politics has shown itself to be unfit for purpose and incapable of making important decisions…about the extent of their capability is to come up with laws on circus animals. Even the way MP’s vote is an archaic joke. Unfortunately the chance of any meaningful changes in Westminster is zero (too many vested interests). Even PR seems wishful thinking.


Pete, you have got me wrong, I am not for Farage, I did vote to remain, not because I was a big believer, but I knew what a balls up we would make of it.
But I do like to observe, and he is running rings around the old style politicians,and you and them will have to change your approach to get him down.
He wears personal insults like a badge of honour, yes I watched Marr on Sunday, and quoting old hat election statements mean nothing, he dismissed them by saying talk about now, changed the subject to democracy, and for all you and frogs ra ra go and get him there was a not so deep thinker saying he was right and Marr is a pillock for bringing old hat statements up again.
When giving him an opportunity to say " you don’t get it talk about now" he wins, everyone already knows about his past, he is not after his old followers most of them are already on board, he is after the people who voted like you for the two main parties, but are not as committed as you, and want change, are not that fixated on one party , and have been left behind, they don’t want fancy talk by fancy dans, and their vote counts as much as anyone else and there are more of them.
He is telling them you did it once but they don’t think you count, you are not clever enough to vote on this subject.
They have very little time to save themselves from a kicking and take notice of the people they don’t want to listen to.


DD, I have some sympathy with points that you make. Nonetheless, what I saw on Marr was that Farage was very uncomfortable with being faced by his past statements. They are not irrelevant to the kind of person he is. Yes, you are right that Farage said why don’t you talk about now. It was one of several attempts of his to sieze control and change the subject. Mainly he tried just to talk over Marr. He came over badly.

What all the parties are failing to do, and that includes the Brexit Party as much as Labour or Tory, is that they are failing to tackle the causes of the vote for Brexit which in the area where you live is very much about de-industrialisation and the effects of austerity. This is one of my concerns about the Brexit Party’s failure to present a manifesto. Its all very well to say just leave but then what?


Frog in a tree


I think he got a very easy ride on that one Froglet.
Farage said that we would leave without a Deal and use WTO rules.
He also said that the EU would be running to do a Deal with the UK as soon as we did that.

There was no further questioning on that or the impact of it on the UK.
No mention of what happens to the Services industry (80% of UK GDP) which isn’t covered by WTO at all.


That’s a refrain that many old people have @donnydaws
Given that he died in 2014 (and sorry to hear that by the way) then he could equally have been referring to UKIP and their Leader (a certain Farage) as that is when they were at their height and had 24 MEPs.

I’m not convinced at all that you voted for Remain @donnydaws.
Was the only reason you voted Remain because you knew that they would mess up trying to Leave the EU as you indicated?
Your reason doesn’t make much sense really does it?

I suspect you voted to Leave, probably voted for UKIP or Tory in the past and will vote for any Party that Farage leads.


Further to our discussions today on right-wing populism and the decline of the centre left some might find this “Long Read” article from today’s Guardian a worthwhile read:

I can’t promise this it is quick or light reading…but some thing aren’t.

BTW, I didn’t see a single reference to the “B” word in it!


Frog in a tree


PTN - good evening m8.
Thanks for your (long) response, but bottom line is I don’t care!
My mate Nigel will get my support - whatever you and the other EU ‘groupies’ think … or post


And mine @john.a.reeves. Nigel has the political elite on the run, completely destroyed Marr when quizzed on historical quotes that mean nothing to the majority.
Look forward to the EU elections as a benchmark of his popularity.


David, you have to be joking! The Marr interview was a car crash for Farage. Completely exposed him.

By the “majority” I suppose you mean the rather underwhelming majority of less than 4% achieved in the referendum. Sadly (not really!) that majority is no more since current opinion polling has for months and months put Remain in the lead by 10% more or less.

David, where do you place yourself on the political spectrum?




Westy, why am I not surprised you think I lied, what for, it would not make any difference to someone like you with your head so far up your own backside,


Didn’t take long to show your true colours did it @donnydaws ?


I guess asking Farage about what the policies are of his Party is going a bit far.


I used to have a friend who used to keep banging on about the “majority”. Did you?



Yes It was long winded because it was evidence of Farage using made up facts to bring racist muppets on his side, you not caring is the same reason you dont care about Brexit lies eg

You have no positive benefits FOR brexit or any points to prove Farage is anything other than a Fraud and liar. Basically you’ve been conned and dont want to face it…


Westy, you are not worth bothering with


When you’re caught out lying… best to just take it on the chin @donnydaws


He was completely flummoxed and resorted to attacking the BBC for asking question about lies he spread in the past.
Leaves him stuck now because he cant have any other interviews OR debates because more and more of his lies will come up…

Change UK leader Heidi Allen says Brexit Party’s Nigel Farage is “arrogant” for refusing her challenge to a live TV debate ahead of European elections



I think we are talking about a different appearance ? I was referring to the Andrew Marr show which was a blatant attempt to discredit Farage, it completely back fired imho, Mr Farage has this game sussed, lets see how well he does in the up and coming EU elections, By your reckoning he will fail miserably right ? Let’s chat the morning after.


Westy, sex and travel I hope it has not fallen on fallow ground.