Brexit Wars 3



Boradmoor, so your ears have been burning & you couldn’t stay away?!

I won’t say that it’s good to have you back, but it’s predictable!! A bad penny gathers no moss…and all that!! :face_with_monocle:


thats nonsense and you know it he Farage was livid and looked ridiculous.
No doubt REMAIN and BREXIT parties will do well in the EU elections they at least have a side even IF BREXIT is headed by a liar and crook.
Result will mean little as no one will know IF votes for labour are either but I know some are talking about tactically voting for labour even Adonis…
I have voted LIB DEMS already…

IF they really want a vote to see what the UK wants NOW and IF Farage wants his NO DEAL best way is to call for another referendum but we all knw why they wont do that dont we…

Broadmoor what happened to names like football thug… David Smith yuk


JW, you’re at it again (must be ‘happy hour’!!), making unsubstantiated claims that antagonise other posters. Just because you don’t like what other people write it doesn’t allow you to insult them.

DonnyD has made some strong comments but he has every right to be heard (IMO)…almost as much as Vegans!!


Errr!!.. Isn’t Adonis Labour?? why would he be voting ‘tactically’ for his own party?

For my sins I have voted ChangeUK (postal).


“At it again”? You really are a jerk Oily.
Read what I posted. I didn’t insult him at all, it was @donnydaws who resorted to childish insults as soon as he was questioned on his post.

Reminder of what I posted:
That’s a refrain that many old people have @donnydaws
Given that he died in 2014 (and sorry to hear that by the way) then he could equally have been referring to UKIP and their Leader (a certain Farage) as that is when they were at their height and had 24 MEPs.

I’m not convinced at all that you voted for Remain @donnydaws.
Was the only reason you voted Remain because you knew that they would mess up trying to Leave the EU as you indicated?
Your reason doesn’t make much sense really does it?

I suspect you voted to Leave, probably voted for UKIP or Tory in the past and will vote for any Party that Farage leads.


To call someone a liar is a pretty big insult in my book…without any proof (as far as I can see).

“When you’re caught out lying…” [J_Westlock to DD]


I have to say I think that makes plenty of sense. Its not a very positive reason to argue, but voting to avoid an unachievable set of fantasies that will paralyse governance of the country for years is a good enough reason to vote Remain as opposed to an over-simplistic Leave and forget vote.


I suspect a lot of people voted Remain for no other reason than to keep the status quo.

I suspect some people remain Married for no other reason than they cannot face a messy divorce, they don’t like the prospect of being financially worse off…and they can tolerate the status quo (the good bits just about outweigh the negatives). Would they be better off getting a divorce?? Nobody knows…much like Brexit. Some sweet talking charlatan can come along or some sweet smelling young fancy can turn heads (change minds) but it doesn’t change the basic fact…nobody knows what the future holds. We do know that there are huge risks involved (but ‘possibly’ huge opportunities).

Although the sweet talking could get a bit tiring and the perfume become sickeningly sweet after a while…but it’s too late…unless… perhaps, they’ll have me back!! :face_with_monocle:


PTN - good morning.
Sorry if I made it difficult for you to understand my position. I will attempt to make it clearer.
Just like you EU groupies don’t care how you get the referendum result overturned and we remain in the EU, I’m happy to support Brexit in any way necessary.
PS any thought that anything said (by either side) in the referendum swayed my view is nonsense.
I’ve hated the EU for years.!


I don’t want to be obtuse, but, how can a person be a commodity? A commodity is an undifferentiated asset, like sugar or gold.

Is there a mine where you can extract Farage’s? Can you harvest them? Surely he is Sui generis?


I’m not sure what you are referring to but I suspect my wording including the fact that Farage used to be a commodity trader has confused you somewhere. I’m sure the fault is entirely mine as you have no desire to be obtuse!


Oh I see it. Yes, he is using many commodity (and other) sales techniques to sell himself, was my meaning. I didn’t think there was a need to point out that Farage is not a tradeable commodity on Global markets.


If you hit your icon it will take you to the post to which he is replying?


Thank you.

After you said he was a commodity trader, did you not say he is selling another commodity…himself?

I get a bit anal about certain things like the pronunciation of “patent” when referring to IP rights.


It doesn’t actually, it says something like “x replies Brexit Wars 3”, which then just takes you to the earliest that is currently unread.


Yes. See my later post.


Oh yes it does (actually) go to macs post and in the top right corner you’ll see the “reply arrow and your icon … touch your icon there


Ah. THAT icon. Yes, you are correct. Although mac could take your wording as ‘it does go to mac’s post’ which it doesn’t, it goes to mine. As you correctly point out.


latest numbers: +0.4% in Q1/19 compared to Q4/18. No recession. Schadenfreude was premature.


RRW and other Brexiters must be gutted. Their dearest wish is for the EU to collapse. Meanwhile they can claim a success for Brexit in that companies protecting their businesses have been stockpiling and as a result boosted UK GDP.