Brexit Wars 3



…a little OTT methinks JW!



A picture that says it all…


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Westy ,Frog, don’t you realise you don’t like him, you hate his politics, but because he scares you,you do his job for him and keep him in the news, the centre of everything you post about.
And that is what he wants, there is nothing bad about publicity, people will not change their mind on subjects, or very rarely, but they can be attracted to something or someone who is constantly in the news.
For every person like yourself who thought Marr did a job on him , there is someone who was attracted to Farage talking over, and dismissing someone who they see as a BBC employee trying to trip him up with old hat news that has done him no harm for three years, and is the reason they were attracted to him in the first place.
Then the put down, when challenged to a debate with Heidi, answer who is she? dismissed at at a stroke, more publicity and win win.


And the Lib Dems will do well, as they always do in a no mark election that really doesn’t matter.

It’s the Mr Clutch/ LDV vans trophy of elections


That reminds me…must get my LibDem vote in the post this afternoon.



JW, I voted Leave but now advocate Remaining…does that make me a liar too?! JackDawson also voted Leave but has also switched opinion…another liar no doubt :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

We have to take some things at face value. I cannot see the point in calling people liars when you have no real proof that they aren’t genuine. Surely it’s better to ask them what made them change their mind & leave it at that.

Calling someone a liar just because you don’t agree with them just reflects badly on you (IMO).

You can call me a jerk all you want (if it helps you)…I have my opinions about you (based on some of your ‘theories’ & behaviour) but I’m too polite to air them and would probably get banned if I did :wink:


You’re a Remainer Oily… that’s good. But you are also of very low intelligence. You always fail to read what is posted and to understand it… which is why you always jump to the wrong conclusion. You are a jerk.

It wasn’t about whether people change their minds or not. Everyone is entitled to change their mind whenever they want.

It is the fact that someone who proclaimed to have voted Remain then does nothing else in his posts but talk up a Party that advocates leaving the EU without a Deal.
It isn’t difficult to spot Oily… not if you have a few brain cells which you clearly lack.


Until the w/e @donnydaws, I hadn’t mentioned him much for many months to be honest. His recent set of interviews have cast him in the light again.
I don’t know what his politics are nowadays… he doesn’t appear to have any policies other than to Leave the EU on WTO terms.
I’m not keeping him in the news by posting occasionally on an internet forum read by about 10 people.


Drop it JW


Froglet, I’ll post whatever I want when I want.


I think you got out of bed on the side this morning.


Frog , he is a dream


At least I could spot the difference between tourists and Russian government assassins :rofl:


The number of days that Parliament is open for business between now & 31st October looks alarmingly few. Perhaps MP’s will decide what to do before they depart on their summer hols on 26th July…but I wouldn’t bet on it!!


Yes they do tell the TRuth abt the BULL put out be LEAVE. You’ve been conned…




Please read follow up from yesterdays story abt FARAGE BREXIT party funding lies.
Shows how the LEAVE supporters have been conned and lied to by this crook again.

On 21 April The Sun ran an interview with Nigel Farage during which he opened up his Brexit Party’s PayPal account to show the journalist *60,000 paid-up supporters in just nine days since its launch”.

The traffic shows that on the Launch day of the Brexit Party only 1,200 visitors – a fraction of the 16,000 £25 supporters Farage claimed had signed up that day. For the nine following days he said 60,000 had signed up, the actual total of visitors looks like less than 10,000.


I remember when JW acussed me of this quite sometime ago, as well @oilovlam

Unfortunately I’m in the position of being pro-remain, but anti a lot of remainers. I’m actually more hard remain than I was at the referendum, but some of the FBPE crowd are so obnoxiously arrogant, ignorant and politically clueless. They literally are Farage’s greatest hidden asset.

Yet, when you point this out, because you don’t want a repeat, should there be a Ref 2 (which I think is what @donnydaws is doing/saying) you get accused of being a rabid Brexiteer/Farage supporter. So many Remainers are SO sure that they’re right and just as sure that they would win another vote . There is barely any acknowledgement on here of why what happened happened just a series of slagging off the Leavers. Because that will work, won’t it?



I think we all need to work together as do Change, Lib dems, greens, SNP, and Labour / Tory Remainers to fight for whats right for the UK and stop this brexit Fraud.


It’s been pointed out many times “why what happened happened” so I’m really not sure why you say that there is barely any acknowledgement.
The Leave Campaign 3-4 years ago ran a campaign that targeted Immigration as being a major threat to the security, finances and general well-being of the UK. The Campaign also ran slogans about “taking back control” from an “EU elite”.
It was all based on lies.

Yes, #BrexitRef2 will be close when it’s held next year but hopefully with a few more deaths in the ranks of the selfish, ignorant dotards it will be a clear margin more like 60-40… which will allow the Government to resist any further referendums for a very long time.


Kind words of reasonable, educated, well meaning person. (Not) !!
Good to see democracy revolves around the death of a few “dotards” …
see also change UK are struggling to make an impact (wonder why :thinking:) whilst the Brexit party enjoy the media attention… all lies anyway so best just to ignore :joy: