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…perhaps he will say sorry for spending EU expenses on UKIP administration for which he had his pay docked?

No one has had their snout deeper in the EU expenses trough than Farage.

Do your research.



Isn’t there a saying?!..Send a thief to catch a thief! :thinking:


If I was lucky enough to be voted in as an MEP I’d be looking to gain as much out of it as possible too. Wouldn’t you?

The whole expenses scandal (Which is still going on) tells you exactly how poorly paid these MPs are. They are reduced, nay forced, to get as much money in their sweaty palms as possible to help pay for their fifth house and Edwards private schooling.


Speak for yourself Pam. Many of us just want to serve the community not to rip it off.

Frog in a tree


Funny you should say that @paulsspambox

Nigel Farage, the former leader of Ukip, has bemoaned being “53, separated and skint” in an interview, adding “there’s no money in politics”.

In an interview in the Daily Mail, Farage discusses his personal life and his 24-year political career, while claiming his “contempt for career politicians knows no bounds”.

“There’s no money in politics, particularly doing it the way I’ve done it – 20 years of spending more than you earn,” he told the newspaper.

Farage has faced criticism on social media for his claims that he is “skint”, with many pointing out he lives in a £4m townhouse in Chelsea and has been taking a salary as an MEP for south-east England since 1999. He recently said he would not give up his annual pension from the EU, understood to be worth £73,000 a year.

The monthly pre-tax salary of MEPs under the single statute is €8,484.05 (£7,500) a month, according to the European parliament website, the equivalent of about £90,000 a year. Recent official statistics revealed the average weekly pay in the UK, excluding bonuses, is £478, equal to about £25,000 a year.



Its noticable how quiet our Tory Brexiters have been for weeks now. Hardly a peep from Johnson…maybe he wants to make sure that the party survives so he can become its leader? Also not a peep from that intellectual giant Marc François.




It really is a sad state of affairs that we live in a country where a racist oaf like Farage can disappear from the debate for 3 years then come back and form a new party which within 2 weeks is heading the opinion polls. The anti EU party is leading in polls for an election to parliament of the EU. Is this country really so full of fools that believe Farage’s crap? C’est incroyable.


Really Frog? You’d be quite happy living in a tiny town house in the roughest end of town so long as you can serve the community?


That’s exactly my point about all of them J_W


Nice to hear from you Uncle Doug.

I guess that the Brexit Party is a wonderful recepticle for the protest voter whether they are bugged by politicians, “the elite”, migrants and foreigners generally, austerity, poor public services, cuts to benefits, May, Corbyn, Greta Thunberg or Polish being spoken on the bus etc etc etc


Frog in a tree


Sure. At least I haven’t heard Boris and Mogg saying they were “skint” yet though… not even they would (could) lie about that.


Some of us are not as cynical as you. I have never felt the need to rob the public purse and I believe that most politicians are motivated by to desire to serve irrespective of whether or not I agree with their politics. I would say that about Theresa May too.

I refer you to my previous post to this one. You seem to fit the mould.



If I was an MP or MEP I would be very happy on the salary and ecstatic over the huge wage rises, would take advantage of other attendance bonuses and claim proper valid and reasonable expenses the same as every other working person can. However, my morals would not allow me to extract through immoral interpretation of the rules ridiculous expenses.


Would you then start pretending (lying) that you were “skint” though?


So what you are saying Frog is you would be very happy on their remuneration package and it would be a major influence on your decision to become an MP or MEP.
Suddenly serving the public has been relegated?


No I wouldn’t J_W. I would find that morally distasteful.


I haven’t said that at all. I am simply saying that most politicians are not the thieving toads that you seem to imply.



So you’re not going to answer the question Frog?


I have answered very clearly. Maybe you could try to make your points in an intelligent fashion? It seems that you have chosen an appropriate username.



Well agreed there.

Becoming an MEP is like winning the lottery; it’s not quite as good as being an MP or Member of the House of Lords… they usually never have to do a serious day’s work ever again if they play their cards right come the end of their political career.

There’ll be a lucky 20 or Brexit Party MEPs in a few weeks who’ll be having the life of Riley for many years… well good luck to them.