Brexit Wars 3



The House of Commons is a representative democracy, whereas the EU Commission and Council are appointees, so not accountable. Can it be any clearer. The EU was designed to give all meaningful power to unelected bureaucrats and that’s why the PM and the vast majority of the HOC refused to follow the will of their voters, with one eye on the chance of a cushy appointment in the EU apparatus or the status-quo loving corporations.


The House of Lords do NOT make laws. They advise on the propositions for law. They cannot remove the proposition at all.
And they certainly can’t change the vote like the Eu Commission who OVERTURNED an Eu Parliament vote on the banning of EFP by Jan 2019 after consulting with big business. They changed the date to mid 2021. What happens when that date arrives? Ah yes, the extension comes into use.


Correct. Landmass. Your point?

Ps It wasn’t solidly. Stop telling lies/ spinning.


Thicca, I noted that despite your verbal diarrhoea here you have neglected to respond to the above. That is probably because you do not know anything about anything and just churn out bullshit to try and ruin proper debate.

Anyway its seems that there are enough ignorant planks like you here now to build a very long boardwalk so I’m off. Goodbye.




It also very telling that Junckers predecessor left half way through his Prime Minsterial job in Portugal to take over as President of the Eu thus increasing his salary five fold.
Nah, these guys are not in it for the money…lol

And then we have Tusk… another exact same situation. I think his went up by about seven times his previous salary.
Why do you think they are the best paid public servants along with their 320 euro per day extras jsut for turning up to work, on top of their 55k per year receiptless expenses and massive salaries.
No wonder they all turn a blind eye to fraud when they gain immensely from renumeration.

ps 2009. The Eu Council suggested Eu do not take their 3.8% salary increase due to the devastation of the financial crisis. It went to court … the ECJ. They passed the right o a pay increase … after all they were getting the pay rise as well.
You couldn’t make it up.


Absolutely agree. United were rank in the two legged play off against St Midden. Rangers I think could win it next season.

Just off topic, I noticed one Rory Stewart has put himself forward for the Conservative leadership. I suspect he may be the next PM. CV: Eton, Oxford, Blackwatch Regiment, Deputy Governor in Iraq, Foreign office in Balkan and predictably family B-listed castle in Crieff.

He has written a best seller book about his 32 day solo trek across Iraq. Brad Pitt has bought the rights to his life story and is proposing to make a film. Here’s what I find unacceptable - who do you think he wants to play this muppet? Orlando Bloom.

The guy makes Bonnie Price Charlie seem masculine


Renumeration. Are you for real?


Oh dear. You deal with money, don’tcha. Before the US got involved with the war who financed the allies. Yes of course. Old Blighty. So by the end of the war they were completely cleaned out. You know this but your figures hide the true extent of the poverty in the UK.
Germany were aided by huge US private investors and industry building up the industries that had prevailed during the war while the UK set about re-building themselves. The Marshal Plan provided an undercoat to set us on our way.

Do grow up with your factless one liners to suit your agenda.



One point: kindly do not attribute comments to me that I didn’t make. For eg. I didn’t say the HoL made laws.

Re your above comment: they don’t pass “anything & everything”. As I said, they can’t even ban bull-fighting in Spain, let alone force UK into Schengen or anything else that’s valid. Most of what they’ve passed has only seen greater benefits to nations like UK.

The rest of your barrage is again selective & ignorant of the many advantages of EU membership, such as UK growing its economy to 5th most powerful globally, improved workers rights & safer working conditions, etc.

I’ll not waste my time being sucked into any anti-EU, hate-filled vendetta. You seem quite impervious to all alternative points of view, if not consumed by some irrational hatred towards the EU & for that alone I feel rather sorry for you. - GL.


See ya toozer.
Next !


Apologies Jack.



The book is called “The Places in Between”. I have it on my bookshelf. In fact it is about his trek across Afghanistan in 2002. He had previously spent 16 months walking across Iran, Pakistan, India and Nepal.

He is a very able and ambitious man. It is a pity that he has accepted the “need” for Brexit. In recent times he has been a political gadfly hopping from one ministerial job to another and sort of ending up as a bag carrier for the ex Mrs May.

Anyway, I can’t sit here all day correcting the errors of other peoples’ homework.




Apologies Jack. you did not say the HoL make laws.
What you did say is this ;

“Compare that with UK. An unelected House of Lords can either stop or drastically amend any legislation being passed by our elected government & regardless of Parliament’s will.”

This is incorrect. They cannot stop legislation or drastically amend legislation. They advise.


My mistake, but, I do think he is in with a shout for being next PM.


Brexit has been producing the strangest alliances. Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn worked together – for some weeks, at least – not so much in the spirit of desirable national cooperation but to hammer out a compromise that might have pleased Remainers sufficiently to help ram it through Parliament. All the while, Leftist Remainers championing workers’ rights and consumer protection have been joining forces with big business to try and turn around the referendum result.


For different reasons, they all see the EU as the guarantor of, on the one hand, “progressive causes”, and on the other hand, the highest profits. Talk about the lamb and the lion. Scottish and Northern Irish Remainers insist that their nations voted to Remain and accuse Leavers of trampling on their sovereignty, which they would gladly entrust to the anti-nation state, empire-building EU. They all profess to be acting in the name of democracy by saving the democratically voting citizenry from itself.


The demagogy is mind-boggling. For many Remainers, the European “Project” has become what MP Mark Francois so aptly called “an act of faith”. Those associating Brexit with economic Armageddon dismiss any alternative economic scenario. They even ignore arch-Remainer FT journalist Wolfgang Münchau’s description of the single market as “a macroeconomic non-event” and “a cosy corporate club”.


They choose to ignore that the euro, a political project without economic foundation, created the gravest ever avoidable peacetime economic disaster for Europe. Preaching solidarity and humanity, they pretend not to see that the EU’s masters destroyed Southern Europe and especially Greece. Clamouring for economic justice and, rightly or wrongly, vilifying the Tory Government for public spending cuts, they turn a blind eye to the fact that austerity has been a staunch EU policy driven primarily by German interests.


So keen on more democracy via a second referendum, they do not care about the EU’s 2011 coup d’état replacing the democratically-elected prime ministers of Greece and Italy with its own candidates to carry out said austerity policies. Dreading American influence in post-Brexit Britain, they fail to notice that the EU, restarting trade negotiations with the US, could very well get rid of the consumer-protective precautionary principle for the sake of more innovation-friendly policies championed by big multinationals on both sides of the Atlantic. Corporate lobbying has been so effective that the “innovation principle” has successfully made its way into EU texts.


Firm believers in “peace and prosperity” that only the EU can provide, they do not worry about Germany’s call for a European army. They refuse to understand that the gilets jaunes movement is driven by a large segment of French society who simply cannot make ends meet any longer. They are wringing their hands over poverty in the UK without acknowledging that this situation has developed while the country has been an EU member state.