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If Johnson is chosen then he will most likely eventually lose a vote of confidence.

All good!

Frog in a tree


Breaking news…
Labour have tabled a cross-party vote to stop no deal in a bid to hamstring Tory leadership hopefuls.
Support for crashing out of the EU without a deal on 31 October has become a key pledge for the candidates vying to become the next PM.

The opposition are spearheading a plan which would hand control of the Commons agenda to MPs.
They believe it would prevent a future Prime Minister suspending Parliament to force through a no deal Brexit against the wishes of MPs.

The motion is being backed by the SNP , the Liberal Democrats, the Green Party and a number of Tories led by Oliver Letwin.


No chance . Majority will forge now to save own careers in politics


You obviously know little about the UK Parliament and its dynamics.

It will only take 6 Tory MPs to back the Labour motion. There are dozens of Conservative members who oppose No Deal including a few who will not be standing at the next General Election and others who are brave. Only a couple of Labour cranks would support the fanatical Brexit side.

We will see.




True. I probably dont understand the system same as you.

But i understand human nature. It’s usually what happens within the system.

Be interesting


quote=“john.a.reeves, post:15370, topic:1145436”]
He’s also seen as part of a wider Trump world and no one wants that.”
I’ll assume that’s “no one in the eu wants that”
They don’t like trump because he’s not following their rules… hopefully neither will Boris.

They had their chance with May and watched it crumble … some small minor concessions would have been enough.
Clearly it’s a deal on their terms or leave no deal.
I hope they kick us out :wink:


I understand the system perfectly and human nature far too well.

I routinely visit Westminster and know some of the denizens within it. That is why I am a cynic.

Amongst many other things, I am a minor public figure. Recently a hard hitting report I wrote was presented to a Commons committee. Conceivably my proposals could save a great many lives in the future. Obviously I shall not expand on this here out of modesty. Suffice it to say that if you knew the content of my powerful submission all here would be proud to know me. But of course that is already the case.




… it being crap


What would you change? Realistically. In that system. Not about remain or leave. Whats the biggest flaw


Ignorant idiot. Think what you like plank. Its just too tiring to engage with someone who is clearly a waste of good oxygen. A fantasist trader who is so rich he lives in Newcastle and spends countless hours on here babbling mindlessly, unable to put a coherent sentence together.

I only respond to your comments directed to me, the rest I skip. You are just wasting peoples’ scrolling time.

Over to you.




The electorate. That’s my last word.




Can you provide my addresses here , Or…

The usual blarney ? Suffice to say…

I’m happy for you to put my addresses here. Full permission.

And if it was Newcastle, better breed obviously by far , than where you were dragged up.


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BoJo was a remainer. He knows that remaining would be technically the better thing. He only switched to Leave, because that causes more scandal and attention and that is all he cares about. In that he really is like Trump. The “horror scenario” is not about having a leaver s as PM. The horror is to have a self-serving, erratic jerk that is not a trustable.


May was a remainer too. Tried to secure a brexit . They are all the same arsanias


They are not the same. She tried to find a solution for what she thought she has a mandate. She should have tried to confirm that mandate in a second referendum, but at least she was serious. BoJo will do whatever gives him more media coverage. It has to be spectacular and entertaining, but not the tedious search for a practicable compromise that nobody really likes.


Can’t argue that against point. Is valid.


Much respect to Rory Stewart who was interviewed on Newsnight. He is the only candidate who is prepared to tell the Tory party that “no deal” is a very bad deal indeed. He has put his head on the line and is clear that he is prepared to side with Remainers to prevent a hard Brexit. I saw that Ken Clarke was sat in the front row at his conference…a good sign.

Having said that, I still go for Johnson who is the candidate who is most likely to bring Brexit house of cards come crashing down.


Frog in a tree


Apparently in the Peterborough by-election a second referendum was being promised on the doorstep.

If that were so it seems unlikely M.P.s would be losing their jobs for talking about it now.


In terms of offensiveness it was carry-on level. I can’t believe someone reported it. Must have been a prudish conservative who doesn’t understand traditional British humour.