Brexit Wars 3



It always was though. They aren’t going to change the way they vote in the H.O.C. and they’ll be gone at the next general election, like all these fly-by-night parties are in our two party system.


China. 3’ 6"


Only so long as No Deal is removed from the default legal position. (Hopefully replaced by revoking article 50). I believe Corbyn has woken up and is about to try and do something about it today.


they can’t. we will revoke and stay. wonderful.


Trump got elected on the back of his TV show and BoJo’s rise to power was down to his appearances on 'Have I Got News For You. Both came across as complete clowns and that seems to translate into votes these days, god help us all.


Far too simplistic… I think people underestimate the strength of resentment towards the same old establishment.
Even calling it a protest vote doesn’t do that resentment justice… people like trump, farage and boris are seen as a change, different if you like, and that’s why they’re popular


Whether that was the case or not doesn’t make it suddenly official Labour Party policy. Their policy is:

Labour respects the result of the referendum, and Britain is leaving the EU. But we will not support any Tory deal that would do lasting damage to jobs, rights and living standards.


You won’t know if what I’ve predicted happens until their Conference in a few months time. Moving individuals from shadow cabinet positions is an irrelevance regarding that.


Labour are a mess, corbyn had his 5mins of fame and since has proven to be “the same old” !!
There will always be steadfast support in a GE but he’s failed to capture the middle ground.
Commitment to a 2nd ref will attract some remain but lose some leave supporters.
I don’t see him winning anything imo


I said ‘on the back of’. How would people know they ‘liked’ them if they hadn’t first seen them on TV? Prior to BoJo’s bungling and hilarious performances on that programme all he was known as was for the politician who kept having to apologise to people he upset - like the whole of Liverpool and Papua New Guinea.

To say my comment is simplistic then reduce the whole argument to people ‘liking’ them as individuals plus resentment of the establishment, of which Johnson is a poster boy, seems bizarre to me. Johnson is the same old same old, no change whatsoever.

How do we know? His first policy announcement is to give a huge tax cut to the richest top 10% in the country at the expense of the other 90%


I never said it did.


Neither do I and never have done. The tragedy is that his far left stance may actually end up in power because of Brexit.

Imagine the Uk with No Deal, no friends and a Corbyn government. It’s entirely possible due to those who voted for Brexit.

The North Korea of the Western hemisphere.


Whirlpool Corporation is an American company. The recall of its dangerous tumble dryers is a reminder that it has done little to contain this scandal.

Best thing is to avoid buying this company’s products effectively boycotting them. Buy European (including British) and say stuff to The Groper’s tariff war.


Frog in a tree


“There is still the very possibility that the shortfall will be smaller, because the UK will have to pay an annual fee as part of any future trade deal just like Norway, Iceland and Switzerland do.”
Apologies for the late reply. I was banned after the lefties on here didn’t like commonsense politics. However the staff at ii, having reviewed ALL my posts, stated I am no longer barred as there was nothing wrong with said posts.
A triumph for common sense over the leftie loons.
So back to your post. Since when and why will we have to annually pay for a trade deal with the Eu? Canada don’t.
Norway Iceland are in EFTA. Quite different.


Whirlpool Corporation is an American company. The recall of its dangerous tumble dryers is a reminder that it has done little to contain this scandal.

Not sure how you contain a scandal other than sorting out the problem
In the meantime Volkswagen are unrepentant about their disgraceful GLOBAL act on emissions. Indeed, the consumer in Europe was spat upon.



I saw it, gave me a chuckle.




Depending on the deal. EFTA states are de facto EU members with full access to the common market and customs union. CETA ist only a trade deal and there are still customs in place, mostly for agricultural products. It is not a customs union. There are still customs checks. A CETA like agreement would not solve the UKs problems regarding a customs border and would still reduce its access to the market.

The UK should really try to secure its access to the common market and customs union and the EU will not grant that for free. Anything else will cause damage to its economy. I know many people don’t care.


And I never said that you did.


@fynne It’s quite funny how people are now saying the same thing as they were in the run up to the last General Election 2 years ago. Labour didn’t win… but they caught up to be on almost an equal footing with the Tories. For the next General Election… the Tories had better hope it’s a long way off… it’s their only chance.


its not that people dont care but so many voted Brexit because of Front page headlines and posters like Turkey IS joining (still waiting) and EU ARMY and if they start realising the deal is a fairy story they will have to admit they have been conned by such obvious lies…




This below says everything about BREXIT and BREXIT PARTY and HOW GULLIBLE they think the voters are…

This BREXIT MEP making the point of how wasteful the EU is with a fleet of Mercs.


Lance Forman MEP elect

No need to take taxis in Brussels if you’re an MEP. Thankfully the British taxpayer has paid for a nice fleet of Mercs and very charming drivers.