Brexit Wars 3



Everyone making lots of lolly today? It’s like Xmas morning out there. And 55 Santas


Boris Johnson’s promise to take Britain out of the EU with or without a deal on the scheduled Brexit date of October 31 has been undermined by a confidential cabinet note warning that the country is still far from prepared for the disruption of a disorderly exit.The note, seen by the Financial Times, says the government needs six to eight months of engagement with the pharmaceutical industry “to ensure adequate arrangements are in place to build stockpiles of medicines by October 31”.It also says that it would take “at least 4-5 months” to improve trader readiness for the new border checks that might be required, including the provision of financial incentives to encourage exporters and importers to register for new schemes.


Johnson’s tax break for the 80K + earners.

“The basic annual salary for an MP from 1 April 2019 is £79,468. MPs also receive expenses to cover the costs of running an office, employing staff, having somewhere to live in London or their constituency, and travelling between Parliament and their constituency.”

How coincidental. No wonder a lot of Tory MPs are switching to supporting him.

The thing with Westminster is that it reeks with entitlement. The politicos and their hangers on do anything to avoid paying for anything: food, drink, travel, even newspapers whether in London or back in their constituencies. Appalling indeed.

This is why I am currently angling for a place as “an expert” on a Whitehall Committee. Ideally, I would like to attend one every three months with free travel, hotel and dinners. Preferably I’ll be travelling from France (like Brexiteer Lord Lawson) but I need the pound to go up to 120+ Euro really to buy another house there.




Maybe Stewart (and Ken Clarke) turned up at the wrong venue!!
I hear the Lib Dems are replacing their useless leader and both would fit well within that party as they aren’t Conservatives.
The LD’s can elect Stewart - the Tories won’t (certainly if he is linked to Clarke!!)
JAR :roll_eyes:


I see that McVey has been caught out lying about her TV “career”.

So she joins the list which includes Johnson, Raab and Loathsome.

And yesterday the virtually unknown Harper fibbed that he had been a good immigration Minister. Sadly Rory Stewart also slipped up yesterday when he falsely claimed that Britain was a “Great country full of wonderful people.”

But then peeps like being lied to. Its a disease. Maybe we should call it Trumpitis?




This is great watch LIZ TRUSS doing everything she can to change the subject even bringing up the Olympics


Perhaps the support she provides simply isn’t up to the amount Johnson needs. HoHo.

She was squirming on the radio this morning as well. Once again, Johnson appears to be making choices to guarantee he doesn’t have to preside over the ultimate failure of Brexit.


Why do we need to tie ourselves to the Eu market?
Do you not care about the totalitarian regime that emanate from this pro-federalist regime?
Can you not visualise what is happening?

How will it damage the economy?
Because your globalists heroes like Blair says so?


@fynne i can’t believe you ticked that up. What does it mean?


I see Brussels differently to you lot … I want them to have less control but believe they’re pushing for wider control. where that is leading is wrong imo




You must be one of the few people surprised politician’ lie!
Still after the first round of voting she (plus Harper, Stewart and Leadsom), should all be toast.


I watched the Johnson show this morning. No surprises. A polished performance within which he glossed over his letterbox and F Business comments and pumped up his rather poor performance as Mayor of London.

He is doing a Corbyn by saying one minute that he would take us out of the EU with no deal and the next minute saying he would get an improved deal. Let him negotiate a deal and then put it to a Peoples’ Vote.

Given his record, the issue really is whether his EU negotiating partners could trust him. Trust is the issue.

All going to plan!

Frog in a tree


Because ripping economies apart that are so interwoven is painful and damaging.

You win the monthly price for putting the maximum amount of bullshit in the smallest number of words. A federalist totalitarian regime? That’s so hilarious. The EU is all about compromise between conflicting interests, including that of the UK. And it is successful in doing that.


totalitarian regime have you seen whats going on in the UK bribing the DUP and not even hiding it…

Why risk this growth after so many years and for what…

Name 1 real benefit for leaving?? been asked many time but no answer that makes sense…


Well, Fynne, yours is a minority view now that public support for Remain is at least 6% ahead of Leave so we don’t need to worry too much about your rather hysterical populist view.

The chart above shows how we have prospered throughout our membership of the EU. How do you interpret the chart data?

All the best,

Frog in a tree


Globalist an anti semetic slur?

I keep hearing of Anti-Semetic slurs but don’t read any. It seems that to silence anyone you accuse them of being anti semantic… and leftie loon attack dogs are released to destroy.

It seems from just pists garbage without realising what he posts. An archetypal headline grabber.


Seems that my “globalist” link touched a raw nerve. The last person on these boards who was obsessed with “globalism” was Lolabe who used to quote from far-right and anti-semitic websites like Alex Jones. Lolabe got himself banned for holocaust denial. It all fits with the article I posted above.


p.s. The correct spelling is anti-semitic"


Again you don’t read the post correctly, novice.
Once again totalitarian regime EMANATING from federalist regime. Does the upper case wording help you understand better?

Benefits of leaving.
Retain an element of democracy as ordained by my the people in a democratic vote.
To align ourselves with a global market whereby we have the freedom to create unilateral trade deals to suit UK requirements.
Do you want more Benefits?


“That’s so hilarious. The EU is all about compromise between conflicting interests, including that of the UK. And it is successful in doing that.”

Can we have less of the gobbledeegook and more of plain English. Can you expand on what you mean as I doubt you have a clue on what you have posted.
Compromise on conflicting interests including that of the UK??? Please explain…lol