Brexit Wars 3



Public support is 6% ahead for remain?

Only in your little echo chamber.


I understand that, I don’t understand this:

its drivel, surely?


Thanks for the spelling test.

A raw nerve?
Not at all. Why a raw nerve?
You talk of anti-Semitic.
I asked for details.
You provide nothing but headlines and accuse anyone who opposes the leftie loon view as anti-semitic, or until another favourable categorisation arrives to discredit.


I guess that you have problems in understanding data. Here is a meta-analysis (look it up) of 119 polls showing a 6% lead for Remain.




Interwoven economies?
Nah mate. Just businesses working with each other while you are told they are interwoven by the Eu gravy train riders. Supply lines change daily depending on costs ; not because of political alignment.


No withdrawal Agreement (aka New Uk/Eu Treaty) is necessary. No one voted for that.
Managed deals on transport, visas, etc. already sorted. We just leave.


“How will it damage the economy?
Because your globalists heroes like Blair says so?

You forgot to answer this.


I wonder when it became “Left wing” just by wanting the UK to have successful financial and manufacturing sectors within a free trade area?

And when did it become “Unpatriotic” to want to be an equal partner in a mutually beneficial bloc rather than a slave state of the USA and have British industry and agriculture destroyed?

And how come so many see a 4th rate hack commentator who said “F Business” as the champion of a future “Global Britain”?

Its all very odd.




No withdrawal Agreement (aka New Uk/Eu Treaty) is necessary. No one voted for that.Managed deals on transport, visas, etc. already sorted.
We just leave…and crash the economy.

Interestingly, listening to the leadership candidates, most of them including Johnson, are talking about getting an improved agreement.

All the talk about leaving on a no deal basis is there to impress the duffers that make up the membership of the Conservative Party.

The EU will regard it as an empty threat along with withholding the divorce payment.

Frog in a tree






Benefits of leaving.
Retain an element of democracy as ordained by my the people in a democratic vote.

BUT if democracy is a benefit. ?

Farage nutty MEPS just been elected.
we vote on all EU laws via ministers and elected MEPS .

our Democracy has billionaire tax dodgers and newspaper magnates funding the Tories and the Tories bribing DUP to vote with them


How does the economy crash?
Can you get that crystal.ball out again for some facts to back up your assertions?


You dont have to vote Tories?
You are happy for the media to promote Remain lies all the time.
Tax Dodgers?
You mean like Branson and Co. …or is he just an alleged drug dealer?


does that not mean following wto rules not really unilateral is it.
loss of trade to EU would be massive and many manufactured exports here are assembled with hi tech parts coming from EU …
Cant this of what UK products will be competitive global sellers …


BUT if democracy is a benefit. ?”

If you prefer a Soviet style existence whereby you cannot get rid of anyone then so be it.
How old are you?


“The EU will regard it as an empty threat along with withholding the divorce payment”

What divorce payment?
International Law states we owe nothing.
This has already been discussed in the House of Lords. Try and keep up … or are you being silly to suit your narrative?

Now as far as the EIB is concerned we are owed circa £10 bn. Not to mention a share of Eu assets.
How would that go down in an International court?
Time to start growing up.


There is no doubt that the balance of political and economic opinion is that a crash out hard Brexit will harm our economy.

You side has Prof Minford who is rather lonely in his views.

Of course, it is a matter of speculation but I believe that the Bank of England have much greater expertis in this matter than you. There is absolutely no evidence at all that the UK economy will improve as a result of Brexit. We have seen Brexiters asked about this many times but they have no answers.

Frog in a tree


No worries about getting a better deal that does not tie us into the ECJ , CU and SM beyond October 31.
We need to start moving away from this Eu protection racket and rejig our economy to a more techno driven productive economy that is not reliant on cheap foreign labour.


…that is one view. Given the record number of vacancies in the tech industries it looks like we will be reliant on expensive foreign labour for the foreseeable future



Oh dear.
I was talking about a non-productive economy driven by cheap labour.
I said we have to realign a more technically driven economy. We do not have mass unemployment in this area. We are world leaders in this area.
Areas of the economy need to adjust away from cheap foreign labour as it is not economically productive today with other competitors elsewhere in the world.
If we need bright foreign workers Then so be it. UK workers come first. If they cannot meet the requirements you go elsewhere.
That is what Germany and France currently do with UK workers . Nothing wrong with that.