Brexit Wars 3



totalitarian regimes are usually centralized and not federalist. You have to make up your mind about what you mean: totalitarian or federalist, but it cannot be both.

Yes, many topics have to be negotiated between the member countries and the UK is one of them and has its influence and could achieve a number of things. Cameron negotiated a number of changes prior to the referendum. I’m sure you don’t know as Brexiteers are usually badly informed (they wouldn’t be Brexiteers if they weren’t).


I’m sorry, but you have no clue. Custom borders cut supply chains.


I have very little incentive explaining thing to you. You have presented yourself as someone who believes in wild conspiracy theories and that makes you a lost case for intellectual exchange. I’d rather talk to a wall.


Can you show the text passage? Sure you cannot, because it’s a nonsense statement. What counts is what both sides agree and the UK already admitted to owe a divorce fee.


I’m sure it will help that the UK will be kicked out from Galileo in case of a “no deal”. The UK can make its own GPS version and become a leader in satellite and rocket technology.


Look up the word “emanating”. Jeez.


"Compromise on conflicting interests including that of the UK??? Please explain…lol

Yes, many topics have to be negotiated between the member countries and the UK is one of them and has its influence and could achieve a number of things. Cameron negotiated a number of changes prior to the referendum. I’m sure you don’t know as Brexiteers are usually badly informed (they wouldn’t be Brexiteers if they weren’t)."
I asked you to explain ; not provide more gobbledeegook.
What is “compromising on conflicting interest including that of the UK”
What has that statement got to do with anything that Cameron got?
Can you tell us what benefits Cameron came back with?


You have no answers yet again.


I’m simply tired. Brexiteers never explain their views or support them with arguments and facts. The easiest way to silence them is to ask them why leaving the EU will improve the UKs economy. They don’t know and they shut up.

Now comes a Brexiteer that is also a conspiracy believer, which is not surprising, I think there are many, but it is a doubled nuisance to find two intelligence inhibiting traits in one person.


Wrong again. House of Lords already stated we owe the Eu nothing. There are many esteemed internationa lawyers in that House. Do keep up.


Yes, I could tell you and I posted some here in this topic, but I will not do that again for you. If you are not able to inform yourself, do your homework. It’s tedious to collect the facts for Brexiteers just to see them disappear or say “I never read your links”. There is a general lack of media competence and in the end people watch weird Youtube films and believe all sorts of nonsense.


Customs borders do not cut supply chains.
Customs are done online whether it be Eu or non-Eu. They are done online so that the border controls already have the paperwork when the cargo leaves the place of origin.
Why do you make up so much shite?


I’ve come up with a second one now. I’ll get properly priced duty free cigs and booze when visiting the continent. Just another cost on the UK tax payer to the tune of about a million a year - and that’s just from me!

First one is the UK will be able to remove 5% VAT from energy supplies to consumers and all VAT from industry to make it more competitive. More likely though VAT will be pushed up to help pay for the tax cuts for the rich if Johnson gets in. You read it here first.


I’ve never heard of Branson being accused of being a drug dealer. But I certainly know of some drug takers who have sat around the Cabinet table in Number 10 and half a dozen of those are aspiring to be the next Prime Minister of the UK.




Professor Iain Begg, Research Fellow at the London School of Economics, describes the House of Lords report as “contentious”. He told FactCheck that the conclusion “was based on an opinion, but when you read the report it’s a lot more nuanced.”

“The logic goes that when you leave an entity you no longer have a financial commitment” he says. But “the contrary view is that we signed a regulation in 2013 that sets the Medium-Term Budgetary Framework that ends in 2020.”

Hang on, “Medium-Term Budgetary Framework”? EU member states commit to fund projects (like infrastructure investment) in seven-year cycles. We are trying to leave the EU before the end of the current one.

The £39 billion divorce bill is the figure Westminster and Brussels have arrived at to cover the outstanding budget contributions we committed to paying in 2013, and which we would have been paying in 2019 and 2020 were we not leaving the EU. There are also some commitments (like pension contributions) that go beyond 2020, which will be settled in the divorce bill.

Professor Begg says that because the UK signed the 2014-2020 Framework, “you could argue we’re bound to that.”


Firstly, I have never said leaving the Eu will improve the UK economy.
I have stated with facts and details of origin of facts, that remaining inside the Eu protection is a downward spiral to economic disaster.
You on the other hand have a crystal ball to say leaving the Eu will be a disaster.


As for your attempts to discredit. Forget it. It says more about your factless arguments than it says about mine.


Inform yourself. It’s a new experience, but it’s fun, I promise:

Could Brexit spell the end for “just-in-time” production?


Indeed, if the UK leaves both the customs union and the single market it is very difficult to see how such cross-border JIT systems can survive in their current form. Customs processes, however short, are simply incompatible with these systems because of the uncertainty associated with delivery time variations. If seamless cross-border JIT systems cannot be ensured, many European producers will cut many of their supply links with the UK.


London School of Economics? …lol. Grayling residence
Sponsored by the Eu

but you now put up a professor , a research fellow up against people who know the law.
What credentials does he hold?


Your are not the first Brexiteer to suddenly say that.

It’s a nonsense. If there is a downward spiral and an economic disaster, it will catch the UK in or out. It does’t matter. Simply because the UK is so interconnected. Yes, perhaps you can cut all those ties in advance and bring that crash forward for the UK.