Brexit Wars 3



argumentum ad hominem is your last resort.


Correct. After all, we provide the brains behind it.


You mentioned London school of economics. I said they have an agenda.
I told you lawyers in the House of Lords said we owe nothing. You came back with a research disagreeing with my statement. A research fellow that knows nothing about law.
Kinda makes your statement look extremely weak.
Is that the reason for your “Latin” retort ?



I feel that I must apologize on behalf of the people of Great Britain that someone as erudite as yourself should be assailed by such a numbnut who unfortunately resides amongst us.




conspiracy theories… always the same nonsense.


Hum, his credentials are that he is a Professor and a Research Fellow…





Oh dear. Show us the facts where we are world leaders in technology, please.

…and that is what we do with foreign workers and have done for at least 30 years. Do try and keep up.

The far right Brexiteers want to place a cap on immigration that will destroy our tech industry and much of the R&D/Academic foundation that allows a tech industry - if they manage to pull it off. You can’t have the ‘best and the brightest’ and their families while still manning the NHS AND maintain an immigration cap under 100k p.a.

Project Paradox in full fantasy flow once again.


I agree.
Arsanias, Sir Burns self-confession is such a breath of fresh air.
Perhaps you will now agree his arguments are more leftie loon hot air.
I suggest you ignore the loon


[quote=“macca45, post:15472, topic:1145436”] Arsanias:

I’m sure it will help that the UK will be kicked out from Galileo in case of a “no deal”. The UK can make its own GPS version and become a leader in satellite and rocket technology.

Correct. After all, we provide the brains behind it.

Who is this “we”? I can’t see you providing any brains towards the project.




Whereas you have a crystal ball that says staying in the EU will be a disaster. You arguments are puerile.


“Indeed, if the UK leaves both the customs union and the single market it is very difficult to see how such cross-border JIT systems can survive in their current form. Customs processes, however short, are simply incompatible with these systems because of the uncertainty associated with delivery time variations. If seamless cross-border JIT systems cannot be ensured, many European producers will cut many of their supply links with the UK.”

Oh dear. In 2015 Operation Stack ran for 23 days due to French strikes at ports. Lorries backing up towards the M25.
There were no shortages of food or medicines and certainly no issues with JIT supply chains, except for Rolls Royce who changed their supply strategies in case of future French strikes.

Do you always read Remain echo chamber bullcaca. Your naivety is embarrassing.


Certainly JIT will not be needed post Brexit as a massive amount of British industry will move to the Continent. Motor manufacturing is already driving there with Finance worker passengers and soon to be followed by the steel industry and all things technological.




He is not a lawyer. End of argument. Sorry Burnsie-boy.


Only real benefit is IF we get the NO DEAL these nuts want we will be able to ignore / not enforce EU laws. so major benefit for these they can keep paying tax offshore… The BRANSON WHATBOUT will come next but it only proves that some billionaires are patriotic and want wants best for the UK


You crystal ball users do make me laugh.
Not one ounce of fact. Pure supposition.


Branson ?
Patriotic enough that that he pays zero tax on the UK.but expects to pop over in his 90 days allowable to tell us all we are foolish to leave his pro-globalist Eu protection racket.
What a prat.


Going or gone … Honda, JLR, Nissan, Ford, British Steel, hordes of finance firms…

Also big slabs of capital from Barclays, UBS, Eleva, Mogg, etc.




You’ve had a good go at the EU and Globalists today, so how about telling us your sage opinions on race and homosexuality for something new?




Do all the soviet states have elected Gov who put forward nominations and then Vote…??
Info attached in case you want the facts…

“Each European political party put forward a candidate for Commission president”


Plenty of lawyers agree with him. When all lawyers agree on any issue that will be the day a singing donkey is elected President of the USA. Mind you that could happen the way things are going.