Brexit Wars 3



The BRANSON WHATBOUT yes they all will pay tax and registers business in our many Tax havens IF the gov allows them and with the £mills they give the Tories each year thats a no brainier.
However the EU would really enforce the ATAD law and this lot decided to pump £mills into a fraudulent campaign and Front page lies to stop it…
Its why they hate the Customs Union and want NO DEAL.


I doubt that. You probably just got the 2 week suspension to cool off and consider the foolishness of your behaviour.

I’m an expert in these matters.




YES Macca
as a former owner of a UK manufacturing business that sold to EU countries and the UK. I would be really interested in a list technically driven companies particularly IF they are doing more than assembling a product from components from the EU and Far east…


Remember this Poster…


Like… The Monarchy?
Or… the House of Lords: 800 members… most life peers… complete with 26 C of E Bishops (all with funny hats).
Vote for any of them? Can you get rid of any of them?

I don’t think the USSR is around now by the way.



Toyota in the UK is on dodgy ground too. As is BMW.

BMW said in March it could consider moving production of its Mini from the UK in a no-deal scenario.
BMW board member Peter Schwarzenbauer said if a “worst case” no-deal scenario happened, “we would need to consider what it exactly means for us in the long run… for Mini, this is really a danger”

Johan van Zy, Head of Toyota’s European operations said a negative outcome could put future investment at its UK factory near Derby at risk:
“if the Brexit “hurdles” are too high it would undermine Toyota’s competitiveness.”

No doubt Brexiteers will be saying that it’s nothing to do with Brexit and the Heads of those companies are lying… we can’t trust experts or those in senior positions in affected companies… but we can trust dodgy comments and videos found on the YouTube from David Icke and Co.


I agree but when you see this interview it show how little BOJO actually knows about any of this and the last line from Peston "its not funny its worrying " says it all


[quote=“Eadwig, post:15477, topic:1145436”]
and that is what we do with foreign workers and have done for at least 30 years. Do try and keep up.

The far right Brexiteers want to place a cap on immigration that will destroy our tech industry and much of the R&D/Academic foundation that allows a tech industry - if they manage to pull it off. You can’t have the ‘best and the brightest’ and their families while still manning the NHS AND maintain an immigration cap under 100k p.a.

Project Paradox in full fantasy flow once again"

As I said nothing wrong with immigration as and qhen. Glad you are now keeping up with reality.

Nothing to do with right or left but as lo g as it keeps you leftie loons happy.

Read my post again and Calm down. No caps on Immigration at all. I stated if we need outside help then so be it ; but not at the expense of UK workers. Just like in Germany and France.
Do you have trouble understanding basic English or are you too busy frothing at the mouth that you forget what I have posted. Again, calm down cupcake.

We are world leaders in tech. and it will continue.

As far as your notion about 100k immigration ; you do know that that many people commute from overseas to work in the UK, travelling home at weekends …and vice versa.
Many people come over and send money back to families.
Vast majority in the NHS come here on single status.
Your naivety is quite embarrassing.


New Airbus CEO only last week said Airbus is going nowhere. More project fear … and you idiots believe it.


What about Commissioners?
With regard to Presidents why don’t I get a vote?


Airbus Tom Enders found lying
New CEO of Airbus stated last week Airbus will stay in the UK deal or no deal.
You wimps do make me laugh.


House of Lords does not make legislation. They advise on legislation. You know this. Why do you keep bringing this up?
Is it because you have nothing else to support your agenda.
Grow up.


“I don’t think the USSR is around now by the way”

congratulations for pointing that out.
Was this an attempt to discredit on the back of your pointless House of Lords comment.

Clutching at straws as per usual.


It was you who said: “If you prefer a Soviet style existence…”


I think we can put to bed any JIT issues.


MPs have rejected an attempt to remove the risk of a No Deal Brexit, Looks like the Majority of MPs now favour moving forward with WTO terms


Correct … but I didn’t say it was still around.


Even Eadwig would not be that daft to take No Deal off the table.
After all he did say he was a businessman and thus knows about negotiating, doesn’t he?


I assume youll stop persisting with your ridiculous House of Lords comments about being unelected as they have no final decision on legislation.
Do you agree Westlock?


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