Brexit Wars 3



Of course we have the same rules. It is whether you use them or not.
From past experience in Germany, France and Holland they look after their workers first, regardless of ability. No issues with that whatsoever. They have bills to pay and families to look after. I am a guest helping out. I can get a job back home in the UK.


It is ok, I take it as an anthropological exercise.


Of course you are an expert. Remind which country you live in now …
Or are you still here when it suits your argument.

The vast majority of nurses come on single status… They are the bulk of the NHS immigration with many coming on contract status
… another NHS drain. I do wonder who runs the employment agencies : anybody out there any info?


Not my notion. Tory policy signed up to by every single one of those who are aiming to be next P.M. and supposedly what Brexit is all about according to many.

How many would that be?
You seem to have your finger on the pulse. Lol
Try looking up what the vast majority want instead of trying your usual indirect racism garbage. It appears you are running out of things to discredit with, cupcake.

Sorry I’m back in your echo chamber. I know it really inflamed you but…hey…take a chill pill.


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Hey Arsanias still waiting to hear about your JIT bollox. Can we now put it to rest there will be no issues with JIT as exemplified by Operation Stack in 2015 ?

Or is it another case of Cue the Silence


“Europe’s nations should be guided towards the superstate without their people understanding what is happening. This can be accomplished by successive steps, each disguised as having an economic purpose, but which will eventually and irreversibly lead to federation.”
Jean Monnet founder member of the EU.

Says it all really.


What is “pro-globalist”? Globalization is the natural way of doing business. Foreign trade is known since the neolithic. Is a physicist a pro-gravitist?


You also don*t get a vote for the British prime minister.


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So, you believe the statements you like and disregard the others?

What Faury said: “we want to stay in the UK”

I’m sure Enders would always have answered the same if asked about Airbus’ future in the UK.

What puzzles me a bit that I cannot find a good source for his quotation, but this is what Airbus UK said on Twitter:

“We’re aware that an online article has suggested Airbus’ stance on Brexit may have changed. It hasn’t. We are still seeking clarity, while preparing for a no deal Brexit.”

Who is the wimp?


The only thing he got done was the corporate tax cut. All other projects failed, are deadlocked or on hold.


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That’s a lie. Not the first time though. The problems with Italy, Greece, the Euro or whatever are known and discussed.

…and that’s the difference. You can discuss these things with pro-europeans. When I ask a Brexiteer why the UK will be better off, they immediately shut up. It works. You will provide another proof.

Nobody claims they will… and it was never written on a red bus.


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vtecgrin - good evening

Brave of you m8 - you looking to get banned? The EU groupies don’t want that kind of talk on their BB.
JAR :innocent:


When we leave the EU, the uncertainty that follows will give the EC the excuse it needs to push for an EU army and an EU bank ,chipping away at sovereign status again. Maybe remainers should be thanking Brexiters for helping to speedup the creation of the United States of the EU ?


What do you want to hear? This?

MEP seeks to resolve ferry strike

The leader of Kent County Council, Paul Carter, has also complained to the French President about the ongoing dispute.

In a letter to Mr Sarkozy, he said the action was causing “severe damage to our business economy and unacceptable inconvenience for residents”.

He added that for every day Operation Stack was in place on the M20, “the cost to the Kent economy runs into several millions of pounds”.


I do get a vote for the policy of the proposed PM. Not so with the Eu president.
Try again.


What does the vast majority have to do with anything, small man?

Why don’t you answer the questions put to you? I’ll answer for you because you wont address the question.

It is because you’re spouting complete rubbish as usual with zero to back up anything you say except previously discredited sources.

Tell us about the BBC and their allies bombing the world trade centre again, why don’t you.