Brexit Wars 3



The British Empire business was donkeys years ago. We are talking about the last 50 years and how business has expanded with the aid of unions to promote fairness in the workplace.
Stop.prattling on about the British Empire from 120 years ago. It is irrelevant.


It comes from their way of USA doing business where the shareholder comes first ; stuff the workers.

That’s where far right and far left ideology meet.
It has nothing to do with far right or far left. Why do you bring in bollox like that?
Stuff you political titles.
It is about greed at the top. Nothing to do with politics.


Its important because saying that…
We are world leaders in this area. technology to make a point for leaving the EU is just lies and needs to be challenged and I would expect some names of companies that could survive in a NO DEAL scenario.

Most investment money coming in will be because we have access to the EU


Why am I not surprise that you are also a fan of russian propaganda?

oh my god, do you really believe every conspiracy theory that you come across? You are probably one of the most remarkable examples I ever met.

…look at your habit of making wild claims without providing sources.

Please stop distributing junk… youtube, RT and dogy web sites are your most favourites sources?


Please I am worried, where is frog? I hope he has just gone out for a meal, French, Italian, or Greek I suppose, but there again he could have gone to the fish shop, just to get used to it again.


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That’s why Vestager stopped the Siemens-Alsthom merger and the reason why the EU repeatedly fined big companies for creating illegal cartels?

Was that the most recent one? EU fines car safety equipment makers 368 million euros for cartel

Probably your dodgy conspiracy blogs don’t report such things.


Most investment money coming in will be because we have access to the EU

Oh really?
Incoming Spanish train manufacturers and Siemens 3d may disagree with that statement.
Record £1.3 trillion FID (second only to.China) last year based on the fact we were leaving the Eu would disagree with your statement.


The Eu are fining everyone at the moment as it is the only way they can survive. They need to.fill their coffers.


Haven’y you figured out yet dawnobber that Geddon doesn’t even believe a word he is saying?

He just came here to be a nuisance and argue about things he knows nothing about for the sake of it. Just an attention seeker.




Because the phantom limb pains from the lost empire is an important factor. Ask yourself why Brexit is an old peoples disease.


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The Siemens-Alstom merger was stopped because the monopoly of the two German Franco giants would have killed off all other train manufacturers.
I used to work for Alstom.


[quote=“arsanias, post:15532, topic:1145436”]SBK -

I feel that I must apologize on behalf of the people of Great Britain that someone as erudite as yourself should be assailed by such a numbnut who unfortunately resides amongst us.

It is ok, I take it as an anthropological exercise.

Wasting your time - they are not human.




Old people’s disease?
Wow. You are incredulous.
Seriously. How old are You?

Have you ever heard the phrase “with age comes wisdom”
One day when you grow up you’ll remember this moment, I hope.


Far right and far left are united in their anti-globalization attitude. Both are also to some degree anti-market economy and both believe in dark powers that control and dictate their will to the politicians that only pretend to be in charge. It’s a common topic since the faked “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion”. Sometimes it comes without blaming jews. Then it’s the Bilderberg Meetings or whatever.

I’m sure you are well informed as that stuff is popular amongst conspiracy believers.


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Fantastic! I want it here and now! Just like the USA without civilians being armed to the teeth.




Ah, ok, that means you were wrong when you said: “It over regulates to kill competition from financially inferior companies who don’t have the capacity with added bureaucracy.”

Well done. I always enjoy if people contradict themselves.


After reading that bollox, for the first time I am lost for words.
You need to get out more.

Blaming Jews or Zionists?
Why have Bilderberg meetings if nothing comes of them?