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Get a life m8!!
I’ve got better things to do … just had a great day out in the sun playing golf with some really nice people. Rather than exchanging meaningless postings with less nice people.


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Don’t hold your breath … see my previous


Well, let’s take a look at the real and latest figures, shall we, @HuwJarse? As predicted after the Brexit result, the UK’s ranking as the global 2nd place for University education has been smashed. The shock is how quickly that has happened.

Europe has 8 (for truthful clarity, let me repeat that, EIGHT) in the top 50 … and a massive 25 (Twenty-five) in the top 100

UK has 7 ranked in the top 50 and just 11 in the top 100 well down on your 2016 figures, which shows the damage you and Brexiteers have done to one of our few industries in which we could compete at a global level in both numbers and quality.

These are the latest figures, the drop in rankings since the Brexit vote is massive - as predicted. Netherlands was predicted to be the biggest gainer, but Germany has also stepped in in a big way to take advantage too. Switzerland, Sweden, France and even Finland also feature, but surprisingly not Ireland, which hoped to attract many foreign students put off the UK by Brexit, being an English language country. I guess Trinity just doesn’t have the facilities to attract all that European R&D money now being diverted from UK universities (the previous top recipients) into the rest of Europe.

Germany always ranked second for the R&D spend, so I guess that’s why their universities are doing so well. Netherlands can’t quite compete with that, it seems, despite running courses in English.

Its a tragic and wanton act of vandalism which every Brexiteer should be ashamed about. Our two growth industries in which we really could compete at the world level, Tourism and Education, absolutely being wrecked for the sake of … what?

N.B. Oxford at Cambridge remain at the top. Guess where all those Tory Brexiteer M.P.s went? Hunt and Johnson were virtually class-mates. Just so long as the elites are ok, and screw the rest. And you think the Tories are going to walk the next general election?


You are only included if you identify with the attitudes of your fellow Tory party members on race, muslims, climate change, the new Sex and Relationships curriculum, hanging, immigration etc as indicated in the opinion polling I posted earlier on. Otherwise, I would be sure you are a pretty decent fellow mixing with some bad company.

Maybe you will tune in to Dispatches at 8pm this evening?

To be both fair and balanced, I suppose there is some benefit to the reactionary tone of the Tory party which is that it is a real off-putter to most of the enlightened and educated younger generations. That’s why your local constituency association very much resembles an old folks club.

I hope this helps,

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Or put more simply… once again… a Brexiteer with no answers to the simple questions posed on why they voted to Leave the EU.


Depends which rankings you look at Eadwig but as you appear to have chosen the Times Ed lets take a closer look.

1 and 2 in the rankings - British
3 of the top 10 - British 0 (ZERO) European
7 of the top 40 British
Excluding Switzerland (who are not in your precious EU) 2 repeat TWO other European universities.

My point stands. Our education first class. You are talking bull as well.

Buns banging on about school is the true definition of irony. Standards are rising but he says otherwise. The man who wants all old uneducated people to die now appears to believe the young are getting a worse education than they did. You couldn’t make it up.

How can you people loathe your own country so.much?


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I must have missed you at our last Conservative Association constituency AGM in Dartford.
It was actually my first and I was surprised with the age spread of members (approximately 40% less than (I estimate), 40 years old.
Also there were a few (maybe 10) of around 60 attendees of ethnic and gay people.
Once again (like most of the EU groupies), you let your prejudices rule your postings … which is what we have come to expect.


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Hopefully simple enough even for the groupies to understand


Did they announce themselves as gay as they entered the AGM John?


Farage continues to embarrass himself and suck up to his US cronies.
This guy is on a mission to lead the UK into being the 51st state whilst continuing to line his own pockets.

But, am I the right man to try and help forge a better, closer relationship in terms of intelligence, security and trade with an administration that contains friends of mine?
Yes, I could be very useful.



WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump said on Monday he “will no longer deal” with the British ambassador to the United States, after a weekend news report that the UK diplomat had described Trump’s administration as dysfunctional, clumsy and inept.
“I do not know the Ambassador, but he is not liked or well thought of within the U.S. We will no longer deal with him,” Trump said in a Twitter post that also criticized outgoing Prime Minister Theresa May.

another obvious nasty RW play.


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Didn’t need to


Maybe you could tell by the way they walked?

Being Tories… and taking the lead from Johnson… for the “ethnics” they probably worked it out from counting the piccaninnies and watermelon smiles.


Got this as Labours Brexit position. If its true it looks a good solution to the fraud we have now…



I had to look up the “TULO” reference:

“TULO (The Trade Union & Labour Party Liaison Organisation) is the umbrella organisation that coordinates the activities of the 12 trade unions who affiliate to the Labour Party.”





yes I know its not official labour policy but to me looks like a move in the right direction.
becoming obvious that any Vote = Remain they cant tell the same pack of lies twice…


Did you watch Dispatches. Some seriously worrying characters on there along with regular Tory dopes.


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So its actually YOUR precious EU that you have brought up.


Well, compare to the 2016 figures and see how we’ve dropped in the rankings. Stuff your precious Brexiteer Oxbridge elites, of course they’re better off for now, they always are, aren’t they?

The rest are dropping down the rankings or even exited the top 100 completely. The universities the rest of us use.

Our university system was first class, but its getting progressively worse since the Brexit vote and will continue to do so if we leave.

I just don’t know why Brexiteers loathe Britain so much that they want to destroy it and then leave, like Farage. Where does your hate for Britain come from, @HuwJarse?