Brexit Wars 3



Not our biggest customer - that would be the EU.

A quiet word about a personality clash is one thing, tweeting insults about the Queen’s representative and slagging off our P.M. is quite another. It wasn’t a personality clash anyway, it was a confidential document advising the government.

Our worst enemies don’t hound out our ambassadors. They’ll be thinking about it now though. If you can’t see what is happening you never will. Brexit will make us weak and this is the result.


Furthermore, Johnson has just shown the entire civil service just how much support they can expect from his government, so I’m sure they’ll be more than willing to drop him in it at the earliest opportunity.


He certainly won’t be offered any Ferrero Rochers at the next dinner with civil service heads.


Farage attended Dinner with Far Right and associated loons:

Nigel Farage enjoyed a lavish dinner with fringe right-wing figures who have previously spread racist and conspiracist material online.

The Brexit Party leader attended a £180-a-head fundraiser on June 20 for Turning Point U.K., the British branch of the pro-Donald Trump youth group, a video uploaded to YouTube shows.

Farage was at a table with millionaire hotelier John Mappin — who has shared anti-vaccine conspiracy theories and false information about Jewish financier George Soros — and artist Amanda Eliasch — who said Enoch Powell had been “sadly proven right” in his “Rivers of Blood” speech by the 2017 Manchester Arena bombing and has made anti-Islam comments.

Turning Point U.K., which is an offshoot of American group Turning Point U.S.A., was launched in Britain earlier this year by Breitbart contributor Charlie Kirk. The movement describes itself as “a grassroots organisation dedicated to educating students and other young people on the values of free markets, limited government and personal responsibility.”

Mappin, a Scientologist who helped launch the group, can be seen sitting opposite Farage at the fundraiser last week in a YouTube video uploaded by Turning Point U.K.



Wrong Eadwig. The UK is weak already because of the Referendum and ensuing lash up.

Britain has virtually no sway now in the world with the major blocs and countries: the EU, China, Russia, Japan and now the USA. Though we are still a big noise in the Faroes.




sure, not knowing what to answer…


Indeed, between all of our Brexiter friends they are unable to say precisely how the UK will benefit. If I was a cynic I might say that its because they don’t know of any benefits or, more likely, because they know there will be severe damage to our economy. On the other hand it may simply be that they believe that there will be benefits but dare not speak their names.

Frog in a tree

p.s their non-answers remind me very much of Johnson using the same tactic in debates and interviews!


I just got around to reading your link @HuwJarse
Looking at the source polling stats… it does nothing but show that a minority of English are either racist or xenophobic… which are the same characteristics we see in most Brexiteers.

To quote some of the stats:

  • 27% of respondents identified themselves as ‘More English than British’
  • 12% of people in England see being white as important
  • 16% of over-65s today think whiteness is an important part of being English
  • 48% thought it was important for your parents to have been born in England

Just as I expected to see.

And that explains why about 1/2 the English electorate voted to Leave the EU three years ago… because you can guarantee that all the above who thought being white was important to be English, that your parents should have been born in England to be English and that identified more with England than Britain or UK… all voted to Leave.

Thanks for the article… shows the real makeup of England.


Economist Prof Danny Blachflower is reported as saying that we are already in a recession, we are just waiting for the data to confirm it.

This is an interesting scenario for Johnson as he assumes the role of PM. He is even talking up the prospect of a rush to the door marked “no deal” while making tax cuts and spending promises. At some point reality will smash him in the face. His choice is likely to go for an election asap or take the risk. I always thought the Tories promoted themselves as the party of fiscal prudence and of business. Johnson is heading for failure on all counts aided and abetted by Tory party loyalists.


Frog in a tree


I count Brexit from the time of the referendum being announced and as a still on-going process.

So, yes, it has already made us much weaker but we will be weaker still if it is carried through.

Trump, as might be expected, sees the weakness already and can’t wait to start tearing at the corpse. Johnson and Brexiteers generally seem to think Trump is some sort of White Knight that is going to ride in to save us. I wonder which part of ‘America First’ they don’t understand.

Or possibly they think Johnson is enough of a maverick to act out like Trump … not realising that the only way Trump can get away with it is by having the most powerful economy and military in the world behind him.

Either way they are in for a rude awakening. Jonson’s premiership days are already numbered after alienating the greater part of the civil service.

I’d like to see Theresa May and GCHQ leak some facts to damage Trump before she leaves office. Too responsible though, I’m guessing.


More Brexit news bad



This is one of the many reasons why the thicko Brexiteers will be disappointed to find that No Deal will not happen.

The only real risk to us staying in the EU… is a negotiated deal… and it has always been thus… just that some seem to lose their heads and get caught up in “victories” over Brexit Party MEPs (who gives a f@ck?).

When all is said and done… we will still have our two main Parties split in terms of MPs support for Brexit… and they will have no option no matter who wins the November GE when time for the latest Article 50 extension is running short to reach agreement with the EU but to have another extension… and this time for… #BrexitRef2… and on a particular type of Deal vs Remain.


Who knows the veracity of these expense claim fiddles? Or if Carrie is on the run? Has she gone to the Costa del Crime or even Thailand where lots of British miscreants hang out?

Whatever, I do think that Inspector Knacker of the Yard should be called in. We wouldn’t want the good name of our next PM to be besmirched by association, would we?




David Milliband: “Johnson - utterly spineless”.

No news there>




If a new patio appears at the back of No. 10 in a few weeks… you’ll know why.


As usual your one eyed bias is all too evident. The point is about judging these stats against:

  1. Past results and;
  2. Other countries

Both of which put them in a very positive light.

Furthermore it is not racist to see yourself as more English than British. What do you think the numbers would be for Scots? Far higher no doubt.

You are completely blind to reality.


Ah, Jarse is back. Must have been away boning up on his specialist subject: child kidnappings?
Everybody needs interests and hobbies I suppose.

Anyway, those figures are wild underestimates according to my experience. I doubt that the pollsters went to the roughest areas in the roughest towns. And what some old codgers would have said to nice young people in suits would be at variance with what they say to their friends.




No… that is your point… which is irrelevant in terms of Brexit. My point is that the poll and stats mirror what I’ve always said about the proportions of English who are racist or xenophobic… and in particular the older folk.

Note the % who though being white was important to be English and the % that thought your parents should have been born in England to be English… the core of the Army of the Thick that form the Brexiteers.


I’ve been agonizing all afternoon about just how stupid the above fynne comment is.

Its even more stupid than Carpet’s insinuation that Darroch leaked the messages himself!

I’ll tell you who cares about this calamity:

  1. Trump. He now now knows what the British diplomats and Government really think about him and no doubt all other “friendly” Embassies and Governments. And he doesn’t like it. After all he’s got a big list of countries who would like to see him dead ASAP already: China, North Korea, India, Syria, Iran, Mexico, Turkey, etc., etc.

  2. The UK Government: the so called “Special Relationship” is in tatters right now. And they are under attack from unknown moles who could strike again anytime.

  3. The US State Department and all other friendly governments: can they trust the UK Government with sensitive information without it being leaked?

  4. Putin cares because he’s laughing his socks off at the mess Britain is in diplomatically with the USA and the EU.

  5. The British Diplomatic Service who have been crushed by this debacle. Some overseas diplomats could even be in fear of their lives if their unflattering reports got into the hands of tyrants in the countries they are serving in.

  6. The entire British Civil Service who will think twice about telling any uncomfortable truths to politicians for fear of putting their careers on the line if leaked.

  7. Hordes of MPs are outraged at the attack on Darrock and the PM by Trump and now by the way Johnson has betrayed the interests of Britain by refusing to back our top diplomat. They’ll make him pay for that.

  8. The British Establishment which sees itself as patriotic. They care because of the humiliation Trump has heaped on the “sovereign” UK. Not forgetting the way this has embarrassed the Monarchy so soon after they were forced to perform a Circus act for the Groper. What a waste of money that charade was.

I could go on and on. So fynne, lots of important people care about this treasonous leak and the disgusting way Trump has responded. Its certainly damaged Britain in the eyes of the world. But I also am sure that it’ll rebound on Trump and his puppet Johnson in due course.




Oh fffs …