Brexit Wars 3



I’m pretty sure he would know “Darroch’s” opinions… not necessarily the UK’s government opinion


Utter drivel


As above


Seriously :flushed:


Ah yes, you’re “experience” the ultimate bellweather. Maybe they inadvertently surveyed the crowd at Stormzy’s Glastonbury gig.


Do you even read what you write sometimes?


Well so they should… any idea who leaked these memos yet ?


Wonder what TRUMP will think of this then…


More bollocks, they won’t make anyone pay … Boris isn’t the PM (yet) it’s just posturing…


We recognize the president of the USA… as we should… it isn’t our choice who get selected but regardless we need to work with them … or would you disagree.


Typically ignorant reply by Mr Boring Know Nothing who can’t even attempt a paragraph.

Everything I said in my above post is obvious fact. If you cannot fathom that then there is no hope for you.




Eight paragraphs of utter waffle buns and I can answer each with ease.
Utter waffle … blah blah


:joy: I doubt Putin gives a shit


Can you even read? British diplomats are present all over the world as the third largest of such services globally. Some live under constant threat. Have you no knowledge past of attacks on Western embassies in Lebanon, Kenya, Libya and Iran?

Today, the Head of the Foreign Office said that this was the biggest calamity he had experienced in a 36 year career.




Remember this guy… Rats and sinking ship comes to mind

Sir Jim Ratcliffe is becoming resident in Monaco). Nothing spells “patriot” like moving to a tax haven
Ashcroft full time resident in Belixe Tax haven.
Arron banks in Belize

James Dyson, the British inventor and prominent Brexit supporter, has bought a luxury flat in Singapore that is said to be the country’s most expensive penthouse, months after controversially relocating his company’s headquarters to the city-state.
Sir James and his wife have reportedly become Singapore permanent residents, according to the Business Times,

When they told the BREXITERS “take back control”
it was about them taking control of Tax dodging activities


So bums … any idea who leaked these memo’s yet … just asking …


As they were internal “secret” UK memos …


Go on … blame the Russians … I dare you :see_no_evil:


If all you can do fynne is swear rubbish, I think you should find another website to defecate over. Because you won’t swamp me out with your drunken ignorance.

In fact all this division between the USA/UK/ EU is exactly what Putin naturally wants. Its grist to his mill. Everybody on the planet knows this except you.




You are so arrogant it’s hardly believable
I thought us “Brexit” supporters were the conspiracy theorists