Brexit Wars 3



… and allow you to waffle on uninterrupted


It will have been as I said before a Breixit/Johnson/ Farage supporter. It will not have been the Russians or any other power - because the FO (GCHQ) has already confirmed that they haven’t been hacked. So it must have been an inside job.

My GUESS is that it was a politician rather than a Civil Servant who was in the loop.




Ignorant fellow.




Who has access to secret memos … cmon buns?


In this case the media say only about a score of politicians and top Civil Servants.




Ah they were hacked !!! Explains it all then …
buns your an idiot who likes the sound of his own voice (albeit in written form )
You waffle on and think it’s being recognized as clever … let me tell you (not that you should care)
… it isn’t



I said they were NOT hacked! You really can’t read can you?

SEE again chappie:

“It will have been as I said before a Breixit/Johnson/ Farage supporter. It will not have been the Russians or any other power - because the FO (GCHQ) has already confirmed that they haven’t been hacked. So it must have been an inside job.”





Err as they were secret memos I think we got that …
and yes apologies I misinterpreted the word “hacked” you used


All of which is totally both subjective and irrelevant.
Darroch wrote (in whatever form) unflattering memos about Trump.
These memos were (hopefully) controlled by the UK and so it would seem leaked by someone (in the UK) … with access.
The guy is toast … regardless


But Darroch only told the truth about Trump and his chaotic White House in polite terms.

Whereas Johnson laid in to him as being “Stupifyingly ignorant” and “Not fit for office”.

And Darroch is only a Civil Servant whereas Johnson is a top politician and supposedly the next Prime Minister of the UK. Car crash waiting to happen all around.

"These memos were (hopefully) controlled by the UK and so it would seem leaked by someone (in the UK) … with access. "

Which is what I said about 3 blooming times!




and this guy.


You live in some utopian bubble where everyone thinks like you. You cannot accept the point that these proportions are significantly higher in other countries.

Worst of all you hate your own. I’d love to see a poll of people who despise their own countries. I’m certain Britain would top that league. As I’ve said before, one good thing about Brexit is that it’s helped identify all the miserable ba*****s.


Good to see David around again though. If he were leading the Labour party it would all be up with the Tories/brexit party in the general election and he might even steer a second referendum to the right result.


Pretty much everybody’s opinion with a sober judgement.

Trump now isolated himself from any sensible people. He sometimes still listens to his daughter, Jared Kushner and the fellow billionaires that he talks to on the telephone while watching Fox news and eating burgers.

Anybody who wants to submit a tiny piece of information to his rudimentary brain tries to do that via these people. The regular mechanisms of briefing a president don’t work with him. He doesn’t read memos, doesn’t listen to people and doesn’t comprehend anything more complex than a headline.

It’s shocking what a dumb person they put in that place. The USA was always a country on the brink of ridiculousness, but now they really made it perfect.

I only hope it passes without major catastrophes like war against Iran or even a nuclear strike.

…and let’s hope americans come back to their senses and make someone or something else president. Could be a gum tree or a zebra.


Such a stupid, glib, pathetic answer. You’re talking about the whole civil service relationship with politicians breaking down and you clearly have no idea of the importance of that.

I know you aren’t in the Uk but try listening to radio 4. There are people coming on from ex-Prime Ministers to ex-foreign secretaries to ex-permanent secretaries that are so furious they can hardly speak. Even then they are blaming the leaker when in reality it is Trump who is to blame, not being able to let a perfectly reasonable report go, no doubt because it was spot on and he knows it.

Talk about not being allowed to have opinions. Yet he still doesn’t know what the UK government thinks as you said above. He only knows the one report from one person - it doesn’t stop him attacking our sovereignty though.

I haven’t heard a single member of parliament or the civil service say Johnson was right to throw our top ambassador under the bus. What many of them have said is that this cannot be the actions of our next P.M. - though how they think they’re going to stop it when the votes are already done before he made this gaff I don’t know. They should kick him out the party right now and invalidate the leadership contest.


Putin is happy. Trump and Brexiteers working for him weakening the western democratic hemisphere.


Why are you being insulting as though we should know who leaked these e-mails? Have you got any idea yet? Just asking …


You’re making a real idiot of yourself, @fynne, more so than usual. i suggest you stop drinking Ouzo and go to bed.


He did the job he was paid for and wrote the truth about Trump and his administration and you think he should lose his career for that because you are a Trump-groupie. Its pathetic. If Trump was such a great figure as you make out this would have been water off a duck’s back and gone and forgotten about. Now its a major international incident and Trump has weakened one of his staunchest allies.


I haven’t accepted that point as the article you posted a link to didn’t demonstrate that.
It might be true that it’s worse in some other countries but it is also irrelevant to the point that I made.

Incorrect. I don’t hate everyone in the UK (if that’s what you actually meant).
I do however despise those who have deliberately architected the UK being significantly worse off for generations to come… I refer to the likes of Farage, Johnson, Gove, Leadsom, Carswell etc
The mugs who voted for it are just that… mugs… taken in by the lies of a campaign that deliberately played upon their deep fears of black people, multiculturalism, immigration, Muslims, overpopulation and even a global elite.
Almost as bad are those… like you… with your own agenda who still want to deny the ill effects of Brexit (now and in the future) and instead talk about how bad Europe is, how the Euro will collapse, how Italy will crumble… clinging to every crumb of bad news you can find. For you, the sky is falling in on Europe… but it never does.

You are actually quite pathetic and far worse than the low intelligence mob of Brexiteers that hang around here who know no better.