Brexit Wars 3



No let up in the insults. Still working hard to build bridges, win over hearts and minds and unite the country then? You sre a bitter and twisted old man which makes your constant attacks on the elderly even more ironic.

Your grasp of economics is non-existent as demonstrated time and again by your failure to both recognise the intrinsic flaws in the Euro or the devastating effects of the ECB monetary policy that has propped it up. Like the idiots eho bang on about our supposed problem with youth unemployment but seem unable to grasp the simple fact its a far bigger problem in Europe.

Your analysis of Brexit rests solely on money and (in your mistaken view) the so called impact on our medium term prospects. Any attempt to get you to apply a similar lens to Europe or the Eurozone results in an immediate volte face and switch back to the remainer comfort blanket ie the racism xenophobia card and some good old self-loathing.

In your view standards matter more than the economically stifling impact of regulating yourself to a protectionist standstill. Sovereignty and democracy should be sacrificed on the altar of short term economic consequences. The stupid British are unfit to fully govern themselves. That is my definition of pathetic, spineless and lacking in ambition.

I believe there is a lot of soul searching going on in Brussels because they’ve royally f****d Brexit. Even May’s deal is a far worse outcome for them than giving in to the mild requests Cameton made pre-referendum. It was a stratrgic error of biblical proportions by s hubristtic political elite and people are beginning to acknowledge it. I can’t, as yet though, see any political ladder for them (and definitely not for our government) to climb down.

The reason you hate me is because I tell you unpleasant truths.


LONDON (Reuters) 11 July 2019 - Just over half of Britain’s businesses believe the country is at risk of a brain drain after Brexit, with many worried in particular about a shortage of tech skills, according to research by cloud-based software company

Paul Smith, executive vice president of Salesforce UK, said Brexit was adding to business uncertainty at the same time as companies were grappling with unprecedented levels of technological change.

“There’s no doubt the economy is changing as new technologies emerge,” he said on Thursday.

“As business leaders, it’s clear that we need to do more to show people how reskilling and gaining new tech qualifications, often with free courses and accessible tools, is easier than many think.”



" Sales at British retailers rose at their slowest average pace on record over the past year as worries about Brexit weighed on consumers, a survey showed on Tuesday."



Project fear. Note the AFTER ie it is NOT happening now.


“LONDON (Reuters) - British employers and shoppers are turning increasingly cautious, indicators showed on Friday, suggesting two of the drivers of the economy during the Brexit crisis are losing momentum.”


Your failure to grasp basic economics and commerce is stunning.


In case you hadn’t noticed there is a slowdown going on in Europe as well at the moment.


Your ability to not read the article and apparent inability to understand the difference between what is happening now and what might happen in the future is stunning.


If you think those people aren’t holding back on investment then you are probably the sort of person that thinks we could leave the EU and dodge any fall out from the Euro failing. Oh, you are.

A stunning ability to turn a blind eye to reality.


I know from previous conversations you aren’t aware that commodities are priced in US dollars, but you really should look it up some time, especially when accusing people of no understanding of economics. I can see you’re blinded by the Eurozone and your worries about it, but we aren’t a part of it you know?

“A no-deal Brexit would cause the pound to plummet and be worth the same as the dollar, Virgin boss Sir Richard Branson has said. This would be “devastating” for Virgin, and force the group to shift investment out of the UK, he said.”

““The pound was at $1.53 when the referendum took place. The pound today it is at $1.22, $1.23, and the pound will collapse to parity [one for one] with the dollar if there is a hard Brexit,” he said.”

““It obviously is going to result in us spending a lot less money in Britain, and just putting all our energies into other countries” he added.”

"“All our costs are in dollars. Maintenance, plane costs, pretty well every cost is in dollars. And therefore, the bottom line hit of that was £100m a year, say,” he said.

A hard Brexit would mean airfreight from Europe to the US would just disappear, “so that would be another £100m just down the drain.”"


Darroch, a well-known figure in Washington, resigned on Wednesday amid an uproar over the candid cables, saying “the current situation is making it impossible for me to carry out my role as I would like.” The resignation followed President Donald Trump’s furious caustic response to the leaked cables in which Darroch offered candid negative views of his administration.

In the cables, Darroch called the administration’s policy toward Iran “incoherent,” said the president might be indebted to “dodgy Russians” and raised doubts about whether the White House “will ever look competent.”

Trump’s lambasting of Darroch on Twitter — he called the ambassador “a pompous fool” and “a very stupid guy” and criticized outgoing British Prime Minister Theresa May — drew condemnation from both sides of the Atlantic.

British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt, who is in the running to replace May, replied: “Allies need to treat each other with respect.”

Others suggested that Trump’s reaction proved Darroch’s point.

“Trump’s petty and vindictive overreaction not only reinforces the accuracy of Darroch’s portrait of him in his leaked cables, but further erodes an already complicated bilateral relationship,” said William Burns, a highly respected retired career diplomat who served as deputy secretary of state during the Obama administration and is president of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

The State Department downplayed the fracas, saying: “The United States and the United Kingdom share a bond that is bigger than any individual, and we look forward to continuing that partnership. We remain committed to the U.S.-UK Special Relationship and our shared global agenda.”

But Rep. Adam Schiff, the California Democrat who chairs the House intelligence committee, said Trump’s comments make the work of American diplomats abroad harder than they already are.

“Diplomats the world over, including ours, are expected to provide candid assessments and advice to their home governments,” he said. “If a foreign leader treated an American ambassador as President Trump treated the British ambassador, we would be up in arms, and justifiably so. ”

In fact, U.S. diplomats have already felt the consequences of leaked cables that laid out unvarnished and often unflattering impressions of foreign leaders and governments.

The 2010 publication by WikiLeaks of tens of thousands of classified and sensitive documents had a direct impact on at least three U.S. ambassadors, including one, Carlos Pascual, who resigned as envoy to Mexico over fallout from cables critical of then-Mexican President Felipe Calderon. Pascual was traveling Wednesday and not immediately available to comment on any similarities between his resignation and Darroch’s.

Carnegie’s Burns, who was serving as the third-ranking U.S. diplomat at the time, recalled that the leaks had “negative practical implications” for the day-to-day conduct of embassies.

“The immediate impact was to make U.S. diplomatic missions more careful, so there is, at least initially, a dampening effect,” he said. “But, we got over it in time.”




JW - good morning

The result is certain, the timing is variable


Makes Hunt’s comments sound a bit hollow don’t you think :thinking:


Any news on who actually leaked these “secret” memos yet?
Would have thought that was far more important than all this political posturing.
but then they were leaked for a reason and probably by someone in the British Government.


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Is this that nice Mr. Corbyn who is leader of the Anti-Semitic Party.
Formerly known as The Momentum Party, formerly as New Labour and before that the Labour Party?
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"Boris Johnson isn’t even PM yet and he is already responsible for a grievous blow to the UK’s international reputation,” tweeted Nick Boles, an independent lawmaker and onetime Johnson adviser, adding, “The British people can now see that Boris Johnson will be Donald Trump’s poodle, that his response to any command from the White House will be: ‘How high, Mr President?’ ”


Trump escalated the political crisis, lest we forget.