Brexit Wars 3



You just don’t get it, @HuwJarse (except I think you do, really).

Without Brexit, how much would the economy have grown? That is the question you should be asking yourself. We certainly wouldn’t have had the -0.4% the month before (when you disappeared for a while) and YoY manufacturing wouldn’t be flat-lining - because we aren’t hit by China like Germany and Japan are with their slowdown and Trump’s intervention on top.

While we are messing about with Brexit, the rest of the world isn’t standing still, you know?

Like the guy said in one of the links I posted above, which I though absolutely nailed the point

“Paul Smith, executive vice president of Salesforce UK, said Brexit was adding to business uncertainty at the same time as companies were grappling with unprecedented levels of technological change.”

All predicted and dismissed as project fear - when in fact we’re losing ground on our competitors that we are highly unlikely to ever make up. Opportunities missed, investment missed, maybe whole industries of the future missed. Industries we badly need for the future.



Absolutely! Just what I said. Its incredible that anyone should challenge such an obvious fact.

From the Russia point of view the are being hemmed in by Western Military expansion and economic sanctions. Any disharmony within the Western ranks is grist to the Putin mill.





This is such an excellent summation of the situation that it deserves repeating. Though I doubt it will be met with universal acclaim?

Anyway, I note that Tory Grandee, MP and grandson of Winston Churchill has called the loss of our man in Washington at the behest of the Groper and backstabber Boris a moment of “National humiliation”. He also recently called Johnson a liar. He’s been around a long time so knows what he’s talking about.




What I actually searched on was only where TRILLIONS in assets had left the country and backed it up from different sources otherwise a single source just gets shot down as a ‘pro-Remain rag’. I also purposely picked out news wires or international sources. The jobs number was therefore incidental to the point. However …

513k in ‘the city’ is interesting, @J_Westlock had 1.1 million the other day and I definitely remember the figure of 2.2 million employed in the UK finance sector around the time of the referendum (not associated with it, it was a prediction about 90% of those jobs being replaced by A.I.).

I have a feeling probably all those numbers are correct, but it depends on how you slice up the sector, both by sub-sectors (E.g. banking/insurance/asset management etc) and also by geography,


2.2m feels more like London as a whole (zone 1). Not sure you’d get 2.2m or even 1m within The City. Given the number of cyclists, and the latest craze with electric scooters, they’d be chaos!


We now have an avalanche of warnings about the consequences of a damaging Brexit from business, bankers and economists. Brexiters called it Project Fear when these warnings were being directed by Osborne but it is no longer the Treasury that is the main voice in this, we are now being warned by those who actually create the wealth. And still our Brexiter friends are deaf to these warnings and like our Brexit Biddy friends Huw, JAR and Fynne (Carpet has nothing of interest to say), they pretend to know better.

John Maynard Keynes said, “when the facts change, I change my mind”. Come on you Biddies, you can face the facts and admit that you were wrong.




The UK is so weak and politically inept now that even little Iran thinks they can intercept one of our oil tankers. I’m afraid that Brexit has made us internationally weak. Trump will save us though - he always says nice things about the UK. No doubt a war might help his re-election chances.


That 2.2m figure was for the whole finance sector throughout the country (‘and related services’) - and for the sake of clarity I think @J_Westlock was referring to banking only - in the whole country, not just The City.

Interesting to note that the report from a year earlier also relies on the 2.2m figure …


Australia 6 for 1 after 2 overs.

I think I might call it a day and settle down to the cricket.


10 for 2. See y’all later!


Firstly, you can’t possibly know that. Secondly, I could argue that if a deal had been struck we’d be booming but then you’d say “you can’t possibly know that”. Furthermore, you’ve been banging on for months about how we can’t escape the economic consequences of what hapoens elsewhere but now suddenly we’re not affected by what’s going on in China and with Trump. That is just plain nonsense. You couldn’t make it up.

As for Paul Smith, his job is to grapple with technological change because his company provides cloud computing CRM solutions. We aren’t losing ground with our competitors at all.
“Whole industries of the future missed”
** dramatic wail **
You really do talk melodramatic s***e. We are the leading tech economy in Europe. What planet are you on?


Well you have made it up, because I didn’t say that. I said we aren’t affected as much as Japan and Germany. The reason for that is because they are the world’s leading machine tool manufacturers.

The one that says we’re tiny compared to USA and we’re going to miss the billions that the EU have been pumping into our R&D for years.

I know exactly what do, I’ve been invested in and out of them for years. It doesn’t make him wrong - except in your eyes that is.


My figures were for financial services as a whole in the UK. “The City” is a large part of that but not the whole. I got them from UK Government papers but also here:

Across the UK, there are 1.07 million people employed in financial services and insurance (2016) - 3.1% of UK jobs - with two thirds (66%) of these located outside London. There are 89 thousand UK financial and insurance businesses (2016) - 1.6% of the UK total - of which 21 thousand employ at least one person.



There were 1.1 million financial services jobs in the UK, 3.2% of all jobs.


Unlike Huw and a few others (usually Brexiteers) I only work with facts and reputable sources that I usually quote, I’ve no reason to speculate or make things up.


More utter drivel…
“Little Iran” put mines on American bound tankers (allegedly)
“Little Iran” is supporting wars in Syria, Yemen and against Israel.
“Internationally weak Britain” is the country who boarded and detained an Iranian tanker in Gibraltar and also has warships shadowing tankers in the Gulf. … anybody else doing that??

I don’t understand why British people find pleasure in running down their own country


… but let’s blame it on Brexit !!


Huw - you aren’t qualified to make forecasts on the economy. There are teams of skilled professionals who are.
Your forecasts aren’t worth a penny and have never been published.
Independent forecasts from relevant Economists and companies all show that the UK will be worse off outside the EU.


I don’t understand why so many British people voted to decimate their own economy and prosperity.


Hopefully not the same ones who missed the crash in 2009?


…and you probably never will :blush:


Try explaining then … 16 thousand posts in and we still haven’t had a coherent explanation.