Brexit Wars 3



Ok, thanks for clearing that up, @Old_Eyes.

Most of us automatically assume financial services when we hear about ‘City’ workers…

In fact if I worked in a sandwich shop and went round telling people I worked ‘in The City’ I’m sure the majority would assume I worked in a bank.


I didn’t even include the legal profession! “The City” is much more diverse than just a bunch of bankers…


Don’t forget all the people that clean all the floors in those big buildings as well.


I worked in The City some years back… at one of the worlds largest Oilers… it was their HQ and they still have some buildings around there.
And also on contract for an IT Consultancy… so yes there are plenty of jobs in The City that aren’t our financial services.


I tell you what though, when I had an office in Southwark in the early-mid nineties I always routed through The City (from north London) for Sunday meetings because it truly was dead compared to any other part of London. There really wasn’t a lot going on there outside of office hours and definitely no one living there back then. I’m sure its all changed since then, though.


Who was it by … mystic meg !

15 years my arse !


Hello Fynne

It looks the new Greek PM is no eurosceptic.




Yes, you are spot on.
The other EU state centres are not as nice to work at as City… or even much improved Canary Wharf.

No one is predicting the end of the City however.
There will/is some loss in jobs but the main impact thus far is down to financial passporting (loss of).

My earlier post showed how business flows now use EU state legal entities. It is a seemingly innocuous change that every financial institution implemented in Q1 this year… but it has a large impact on tax for UK coffers.

It also reduces the reliance of large companies on the UK… enabling them to make larger moves/migrations in the future.
Financial Services in the UK shouldn’t be taken for granted… it is a good money earner for UK and Employer… it doesn’t always have to be here either.
Every step that weakens reasons for them to be located here / pay tax here is something to be concerned about.


And there we have it… these “so-called experts”.

How people like you would ever have been able to hold down a job in any serious profession I don’t know.
You’d have been laughed at and sacked very quickly.


Blind AND Stupid, @fynne . And that’s just your arse, apparently…


Just earning a few brownie points before it’s his turn …


So you would take a 15 year projection of the UK economy seriously?
If everything stayed the same … but it won’t will it … and you call me thick :joy:


@J_Westlock, I happened to pass these links you were asking about, so here they are. I found them by searching for “2.2m + finance sector” because I was actually looking for an article that quoted the 2.2m figure (probably from the same source) that was talking about the number of jobs A.I. systems were expected to replace over the next decade. This isn’t it, but may well be where the figure came from originally.

I also found this, still using the 2.2m figure - ‘two thirds outside London’ (there’s that proportion again)


You’ve failed to grasp that there are a number of different models there based on how things may change.

What they don’t take into account is the 2.6% estimated GDP we already lost since the Leave vote.


Have you got anything better to go on that isn’t based on some fantasy about rebuilding Empire? I think you’ll very soon find that the age of gunboat diplomacy isn’t just over, but that we don’t actually have any anyway.

It isn’t like we haven’t been asking for input from you lot.


Yes, I see it… now that figure includes: “UK-based financial and related professional services ”… so that’s all those industries/other companies we mentioned earlier too.


Indeed, as I subsequently commented that could take in just about anything else, only limited by the term ‘professional’.


Some good news at last. This Mitsotakis cookie knows which side is bread is buttered on.

Salvini in Italy looks like the next anti - EU whiner to get the chop with the latest revelations about being bankrolled by Russia.

And what with the suspicions over the Leave Campaign, Banks, Farage and Trump I’m a bit worried that Putin will run out of cash soon?




correction, 2.5% although probably well above that figure now anyway.


Hmm, I wonder if the Brexit rampers here are also in the pay of Moscow?

Can’t see any other reason for them being here.

Mind you if the FSB are funding fynne to the tune of more than 2 Euros a day they are being ripped off.