Brexit Wars 3



They certainly act like a bunch of bots all being overseen by one human working from a definite script.


Its a strange thing that all Brexiteers do not realize that their support for this stupid idea is helping every country but Britain: the USA, Russia, France, Germany, etc.

Anyway, let’s gossip: has Carrie been charged yet? How low will Groper Fallon and Half hour Hancock grovel to keep in Johnson’s good books? Is there just one mole in the Foreign Office/ Cabinet or are their hills all over Parliament Green?

I must say that I am disappointed that there hasn’t been a backlash against my comparison of Johnson with Lord Haw Haw above. I must try harder, seeing that I’m being paid handsomely by Brussels for working on this site.




Apparently there was unanimous condemnation of Johnson by Cabinet Ministers yesterday and also by even RW Tory MPs, calling him “despicable”, “cowardly”, “a traitor” and a “wimp”, and worse for his betrayal of Sir Kim Darroch.

And of course he has also set the entire Civil Service against him.

In sum, he might as well pack up now before becoming a lame duck Prime Minister who would soon be forced out of office anyway - and no doubt in utter disgrace.




“talking guff”, was a good one


I’m sure his team have been out and about but if so I haven’t heard them, only quotes from Johnson. Everyone else it was 100% condemnation, and with many there was real disgust for a traitor in their voices.

You don’t often hear Tories speak of one another like that. In fact I can’t ever remember it apart from a couple of snides from Thatcher against ‘the wets’ but even she didn’t have a voice filled with a mixture of rage and utter contempt.


Amazing that Labour’s focus is entirely elsewhere


The Brexit Party surge is fading, according to an exclusive BMG Research opinion poll for The Independent.
The poll puts the Conservatives and Labour neck and neck on 28 per cent and 27 per cent respectively, if a general election were held today, with the Liberal Democrats on 18 per cent and Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party on 14 per cent.



As I mentioned there has been the sweaty Michael Fallon and the Uriah Heep Matt Hancock out trying to bat for Boris in the desperate hope that he’ll give them a job, with blatant lies.

Sickening to watch them.




I actually wouldn’t be surprised if Johnson chucks his hand in before the Tory Leadership contest is over.

His Darroch gaffe has holed him below the water - bit like that £3 Billion Aircraft Carrier of ours which nearly fell apart the other day and in which 3 sailors nearly drowned as several decks got flooded on its first time out.

Johnson may think to himself “Do I really need this, when I could go back to my playboy lifestyle?” He may have realized that he’s not up to the job and he’s got enough on his hands with Carrie?




I think you give him too much credit…



I think that your London Financial Cabal may be being over complacent and suffering from a sense of entitlement.

If Brexit happens I would expect a steady drift to EU centres. But even more importantly to New York. Moreover, the future for Capital is increasingly in the East: Shanghai, Tokyo, Singapore and Mumbai. They have clever people too.

Besides as Trump has said London is not safe, with everybody stabbing or shooting each other. So in a few years you lot will be all out busking on the street or down at the Thames trying to catch an eel for supper.




Thanks for that JW,

Everything going to plan as JAR and his Brexit Biddy Tory mates deliver us the PM that we want. As if any evidence was needed as to his complete lack of suitability than the Ambassador affair?

The polling in the Independent looks like a game/set/match for Remain. I particularly enjoyed seeing that Hunt is preferred by the public by 28 to 22% for Johnson. At the same time we are seeing the polls record a preference for Remain at around 53 to 47%. Don’t JAR and his mates see how they are putting themselves on the wrong side of public opinion? And we can be under no illusions that if Johnson tries to push a Hard Brexit through by closing down parliament there will be a bigger price to pay at the polls.

Also good to see that the LibDems and the Greens are holding on to their support as this will continue to put pressure on Corbyn to unconditionally back a second referendum with a strong commitment for Remain. If Labour did this then sure they would lose some votes to Brexit and Tory parties (nicely split) whilst sucking back an even greater number of Remainer votes from the LibDems and Greens. What’s not to like?

When Johnson is finally annointed, thanks again JAR, we can look forward to many more gaffes. I have a particular vision of him spaffing around at PMQs trying not to answer the questions put to him.

I have no doubt at all that the EU has Johnson weighed up as a big clown and complete fake and overinflated gasbag who cannot master his brief. I think that it was very indicative of the problems he will face when the new Greek PM (who as a centre right leader should be on the same page as the Tory party, was unequivocal that the EU would not renegotiate the withdrawal agreement. Our Brexit Biddy friends like Fynne keep tell us how Europe has put the Greeks through it but there is no sign of support from them.

JAR, Remainer Champion Award Winner!


Frog in a tree


Despite “extensive and expensive” preparations by banks, other UK businesses and the authorities, crashing out of the EU would deliver a “major economic shock” to Britain, the governor of the Bank of England said on Thursday.


Do we listen to Fynn and Huw… or the Governor of BoE?


Well you think wrong Buns. London kicks a**e. End of.


Ah we should believe the terrorists friend with the magic money tree oh and of course they deny what was on Panorama

I am no advocate of trump or Johnson but Corbyn is the worst by a country mile of a very bad bunch


Oh in the Independent that notable balanced rag must be true then


Ah selective cut and paste theBOE also said that UK banks can still lend even with no deal Brexit and the shock of a trade war
Stopped coming on here because of all the one sided nonsense


Missed you.


The ‘selective’ cut and paste was the first paragraph of the article.
As always, I supplied the source for people to read if interested.


You don’t believe the BMG Research opinion poll RRW?
Is it faked? Did they lie?
Or have they made a mistake?