Brexit Wars 3



Incidentally, BMG Research repeated the question asked in the 2016 referendum:
“Should the UK remain a member of the EU, or leave the EU?" -

Unfortunately it showed only a 6% lead for Remain (53% of those asked). Most other recent polls have showed a lead of between 7-8%.

When #BrexitRef2 is held next year, it’s difficult to foresee what lies a Leave Campaign can come up with to change that situation like they did 3 years ago with an electorate wiser to the con perpetrated last time.


You see, @Old_Eyes, I told you you have to have more than one reference with these lot.


I don’t know why you’re aiming this at me, I’ve never once said I support Corbyn.


Played Golf today in Wales… missed too many posts to catch up but I see the desperate attempt to change the discussion to Labour / Corbyn

More WHATBOUTs who is the most racist Tories or Labour
Same as who was the best liar / cheat in the Referendum
Not interested in your whatabouts only in.
Is leaving the EU better or worse for my kids n Gkids answer is obvious
LEAVE campaign cheated and Lied in our advisory referendum true…
This was real racism make a poster that make EU migrants look the people Tommy whashisname and supporters hate… any idea why???



Subject of Racism Its True not all Brexit supporters are racist and certainly not the majority of English although older Tories is a ?

However as I said in the past Racist people were targeted by Farage and Bojo and Brexit supporters seem to get annoyed when its pointed out.

Today Tommy Yaxley got 9 months victory for our legal system…

The first thing was supporters did was attack Remain supporters in London so shows what side those mad racists are on…


its what he said when Mayor of London but its still relevant and 2 faced .
The whole issue is politically motivated because he is a Remain supporter. I just hope the Police enquiry is done quickly so we can see who paid for the release of his private messages …


Little England beckons…

It looks like JAR and Co. and the Brexit Biddies will get their wish. I reckon that the Conservative and Unionist party will need a name change.


Frog in a tree


:point_up_2:some always would back a United Ireland … the rest … never in a million years !!


Look at the percentages Fynne. Did you read the article?



We’ve always known that to save the United Kingdom there would have to be a Remain vote, but as we get closer to the break up of the most successful union in history it is still very sad.

I’ve been very surprised at the eagerness with which Brexiteers have embraced the notion of breaking up the union. I suppose they wont be happy until we have just ‘England’ on those silly, over-sized blue passports once again.

They’ll be campaigning for pounds, shillings and pence after that and removing the vote from anyone who doesn’t own property.


Of course I didn’t read the article!!
… journalists, polls, etc etc will always show whatever message the article is trying to get across.
Try speaking to the people yourself and you would understand how deep the divide is in some … and not just the old btw.
Ironic that the marching season has started.
Scotland and some Scottish are just as bad.
You asked also about the new Greek PM … most locals couldn’t care less … “that’s Athens!” and go about their own lives in their own world.


We’re not in the euro so we don’t need to …


Sadly, Fynne, those that don’t read remain ignorant of the facts. The facts don’t go away if you just ignore them. I presume that you didn’t go to uni?

Frog in a tree


Which one? :wink:

“Facts” … I know a couple (mid twenties) two young children and been together 7-8years.
He openly says he will never marry her … because she’s “catholic” even in a registry office.
That’s real life not some article…


Why would logic suddenly be applied?



This is what Brexiteers voted for but said was ‘project fear’. Some how they’ve translated that guilt into accusing Remainers of always being negative and running down 'UK PLC’

I’d love to be positive, but I don’t see anything to be positive about.

LONDON (Reuters) - Sales at British retailers rose at their slowest average pace on record over the past year as worries about Brexit weighed on consumers, a survey showed on Tuesday.

Average sales growth weakened to 0.6% in the 12 months to June, the British Retail Consortium, an industry group, said, the slowest increase since it began its records in 1995.

Retailers also had their biggest annual fall for June on record - down 1.3% - as the Brexit concerns mounted and the spending boost from a heatwave and the men’s soccer World Cup in June 2018 affected the comparison, the BRC said.

“Overall, the picture is bleak: rising real wages have failed to translate into higher spending as ongoing Brexit uncertainty led consumers to put off non-essential purchases,” BRC Chief Executive Helen Dickinson said.


These so-called experts obviously know nothing according to @HuwJarse and co.

The survey conducted by Deloitte, a financial advisory firm, found that 83% of the CFOs believed that leaving the EU would hurt Britain’s long-term business environment.

Only 4% said it was a good time to take on more balance sheet risk, the lowest percentage since the collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008 which helped trigger the financial crisis.

Britain’s economy has slowed sharply after a strong start to 2019 when companies were rushing to prepare for the original Brexit date in March which has been delayed until Oct. 31.


And the hits just keep on coming - as Brexiteers were warned they would…

LONDON (Reuters) July 12 - The pound edged higher on Friday but was set for a record 10th week of consecutive losses against the euro as weak data and the growing possibility of interest rate cuts after a chaotic Brexit kept investors sidelined.

Hopes the Bank of England will raise rates have been one of the few supports for the pound in recent weeks, as the Federal Reserve, the European Central Bank and other central banks turned dovish. Recent dismal data have dashed those hopes.

At the same time, concern has grown about a no-deal Brexit. The favourite to be next prime minister, Boris Johnson, sees that Oct. 31 deadline as set in stone, regardless of whether Britain reaches an agreement with the European Union on the terms of its departure.


Thought so. A stereotypical Brexiter. No harm in that…its the way it is. He already knows it all so no need to read.