Brexit Wars 3



I don’t “know it all” as you put it …
what I do though is treat these “articles” mostly as what they are … other people’s opinions.
That “opinion” is usually in the HEADLINE
So do I need to read the waffle in the article justifying the writers “opinion” … probably not?

“Facts” btw are things that have actually happened and can be proven.
As Brexit hasn’t actually happened yet, so any projections beyond 31/10 are not “facts” they are based on the criteria of the person making that projection… or you could say “opinions”
If fact any forecast even for tomorrow is little more than an educated “guess”


But the article you didn’t read had opinion poll results which didn’t fit with your assumptions about the outcome of voting intentions in Northern Ireland under different scenarios, not covered by the headline.

So maybe you should make a change and try informing yourself.


If it was something I was interested in I would…
I’m not …


But so what?

The Catholic/Republican birth rate is outstripping that of the Protestant/Unionists and soon they will be a clear majority.

Also, the people of Northern Ireland, especially the young, are overwhelmingly in favour of the Good Friday Agreement, peace and remaining in the EU.

Therefore, the only way to keep NI in the UK will be for the whole of Britain to remain in the EU. It is not a dissimilar situation in the case of Scotland.




It is true that what hasn’t yet is not a historical fact, however through learning and understanding the data we can begin to make accurate projections as to likely consequences. As we have seen with Project Fear, most of it, if not all has come true. It is also not hard to predict that any form of Brexit will be damaging and the harder the Brexit the more the damage. Interesting to listen to Branson yesterday explaining how his business will be damaged by the entirely predictable further fall in the value of sterling if there is a hard Brexit. I guess he has read the projections even if you don’t bother.


Frog in a tree


Not a scientific sample though, is it?

I think its a valid observation, myself, and Indeed I applaud the man’s stance, although why he has to bring in the ‘catholic excuse’ I don’t know. Any port in a storm when it comes to avoiding marriage though, I say.

However, your Trump-groupie, Brexiteer mates would sneer and point out that your own experience doesn’t count and therefore all your opinions are also invalid. So I suppose I have to say that just for the sake of balance.


You were interested enough to reply after Froglet posted the article this:
:point_up_2:some always would back a United Ireland … the rest … never in a million years !!


So what ?


So it wouldn’t have hurt to have read about 50 brief lines of the article (which would have taken maybe 1 minute of your time?)… before replying… so you’d actually know what it was about rather than making assumptions.


Brexit all risk No reward… Imagine IF Scotland and NI leave Wales ?.
Wont the first thing they say be

We dont need and Army Navy Airforce to patrol the whole world thanks.


Strange Hardly any mention on BBC or Media about Tommy *** supporters fight with Police attacking TV reporters and Remain Campaigner’s …

Imagine if it had been Remain supporters doing it…

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Its no exaggeration to say that the Tommy Robinson fans look very, very ugly…and thick!




Seen this today about the lady who broke the Panama papers about Offshore Tax accounts.

Any one know any more about this seems like a lot of Powerful Rich people get very angry when someone tries to make them pay tax in their own countries.
Same thing the EU is trying to do.


Here’s some of that tech investment money sitting on the sidelines patiently waiting until we’ve sorted Brexit out, according to you.

The truth is while we stand still because of Brexit the rest of the world is moving on.

Stand still for 3 and a half years plus in tech and you’re a generation or two behind and may as well not even be bothering. I don’t know what planet you’re on, but it must be sandy for you to get your big, thick head completely buried in it.

I can’t understand why Brexiteers are so keen to see the country go under, going all out to specifically hit the sectors where we might have been able to compete globally. I don’t get where they see an advantage in this?

“The value of autonomous-driving startup Cruise jumped to $19 billion earlier this year after it attracted more than $6 billion in investments from SoftBank Group (9984.T), Honda Motor Co (7267.T) and T. Rowe Price (TROW.O).”

“Those valuations were dwarfed by the estimates for Waymo, which is widely acknowledged as the sector leader. Morgan Stanley values Waymo at up to $175 billion, while Jefferies values the company at up to $250 billion.”

“The value of ride services firm Uber Technologies’ (UBER.N) Advanced Technologies Group climbed to more than $7 billion earlier this year after SoftBank, Toyota Motor Corp (7203.T) and Denso Corp (6902.T) invested $1 billion.”

“With VW, the world’s biggest automaker by sales volume last year, Argo is now aligned with a partner with substantial scale and resources. VW also has a broader product portfolio that includes heavy trucks and off-road equipment that could be automated with Argo’s help.”


Makes you wonder who won the War, eh?

Still I suppose when Jarse’s, etc, predictions eventually come true and the Euro collapses and the EU fragments the field will be clear for Global Britain to clean up?




Meanwhile I note that the minimum age for Tory Party members voting in their Leadership election is 15.

Still with only about 10 members under 20 and the average age being 81.5 I doubt that it will skew the result.




That surely must be the voting age applied to Brexit2-This-time-its-meaningful, then?

Or is it just a way for party members to use up those duplicate forms by getting their kids to fill them out? No wonder they muddied the waters about the size of the membership before-hand. I’ve seen figures quoted from 120k up to 160k.

The best result would be a Johnson win on a 110% turn out. Then we could start all over again with 31st October kicked into touch.


Typical Yorkshire cheating (not to mention typical Yorkshire bruiser) in this BBC piece:

"The Conservatives are investigating claims a 12-year-old girl from East Yorkshire voted in the party leadership contest.

Cody-May, Jayne and Kayleigh

Kayleigh claims she’s voted for Boris Johnson to be the next prime minister, although party rules say members have to be at least 15 to take part in leadership elections.

Her mother Jayne and sister Cody-May, 15, say they’re also backing the former mayor of London for the top job in the country.

Kayleigh said: "This country has been trying for three years now to figure out what we’re doing and that still hasn’t happened.

“I think Boris Johnson is the person to get us out with Brexit and let us leave because it’s just not working.”

Conservative Party members have to be at least 15 to vote in leadership elections while Labour’s minimum age for membership is 14.

The Liberal Democrats take members from any age but they have to be at least 10 in order to choose the leader.

The Conservatives say they’re looking into why someone, who’s seemingly too young to vote in the leadership contest, received a ballot paper."

Whatever next, suffragette foeutuses?




Surely their names must disqualify them as they are clearly American, Trump-groupies?


Well John did mention that his local Tory Party meeting was pretty diverse… “a few (maybe 10) of around 60 attendees of ethnic and gay people”

Still waiting to hear how he knew they were gay… but with John he does tend to clam up before he thinks he’s going to put his foot in it.