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I discovered the cause of the problem was that BW3 had been accidentally muted.


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So Johnson has troubled himself to write a letter to Civil servants urging them to direct all their efforts at preparing for a No Deal.

Well I urge them to sabotage the Brexit process by all means possible. I know a couple of them who have certainly been doing their utmost to do so for 3 full years. True patriots to the people of Britain. God bless 'em!


SBK :eu:


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Like I said …fixated (defn. ‘develop an obsessive attachment to someone or something’).


More BS propaganda and scare tactics @J_Westlock. But what would the Ulster Farmers union know???

No-deal Brexit cattle cull ‘scare tactics’ - Ulster Farmers’ Union


So did you two guys make your date at GBBF?



The threat is over -hyped in terms of culling numbers but the threat of tariffs is a very real one to the NI dairy industry,

BTW Farmer’s Unions in the UK are notoriously useless and out of touch with ordinary farmers. They are run by a few big ones who work only in the interests of their own tier. Ask any medium sized farmer and they’ll tell you the same.




Do the Welsh and Scots feel different?


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All normal my end.
I’m still getting all the boring Remain bleats


No, it’s time you left the country rather than waste your life waiting for an exchange rate that will never happen.

Admittedly, I’ve not had a good day, but, why are all the Remainers still in the UK? Surely they should take their assets and get clear of the UK and let the Sun reading Brexiteers, stew in their own juice.


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Can’t help m8 … I’ve never felt any!


Err I did … several years ago … in fact before the referendum?
Do you hear me complaining about the exchange rate?
Surely I’m the one it affects most??
… so I don’t understand what point you’re trying to make :thinking:


Maybe more appropriate to buns… I believe he’s bitter that his plans to escape the uk have been thwarted by “Brexit” :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


A lot of stuff in the media about the need to eat less meat to tackle climate change.

I don’t eat much meat anyway but I was wondering whether, given the methane emitting menace of cattle, whether kilo for kilo pigs, sheep and chickens are preferable in terms of global warming to cows?

I would ask Westlette but he would probably award me three points.


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No answers when asked to name a single benefit OR opportunity for Brexit.
When shown examples of LEAVE lies and cheating no answer just Whatabouts
Research from parliament showing LEAVE campaign copying racist Nazi type campaign and cheating via Facebook etc and you say I am Fixated.
I have said I feel a little sorry for you and the others as brexit falls apart but this IS a discussion group**(action or process of talking about something in order to reach a decision or to exchange ideas.)**

Just calling names because you have no arguments left is NOT discussion.


The collapse in the value of sterling tells you all you need to know about our likely economic prospects after a “no deal Brexit”. Bloomberg are reported to have commented today that one to one sterling v euro parity is likely.

For all we keep hearing from Huw and JAR About the imminent collapse of the euro, well, the markets don’t think so judging by the exchange rate graph.


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Sadly not Frog. Reckon we should all meet up next year though.


Hi Oili,

A good reply there. The real surprise is that after hearing so much about methane emitting beef, that sheep is so much worse. A real surprise. So perhaps less beef and lamb and a tilt towards pork and chicken and I can remain reasonably content with cheese.


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Sorry, my mistake. It was meant for Buns


Huw and JAR never call a trade. They are all mouth and no trousers. It was like those folk who insisted that if you continue to print money, the price of gold MUST go up. It didn’t