Brexit Wars 3



Thanks for your reply Soi. Maybe @macbonzo has a view?




Trump will be devastated.




Hi Pete,

Yes, it does look very careless given that he had tried to kill himself only a few days ago. Did you see the Times’ front page story about Prince Andrew during a stay with Epstein. A very murky story.


Frog in a tree


Its a delicious irony that it is reported that British Steel is to be “bought” by the Turkish Military Pension Fund because no doubt many of its workers in Scunthorpe and Teesside will have voted leave to keep the Turks out!

Also I note the Government is to help bail it out with £300 Million. This wouldn’t be happening if they were not fearful of bad news in the run up to Brexit.

Meanwhile Bojo is just faffing about with Brexit and like Mr Micawber hoping something will turn up. Probably twitching the curtains of Number 10 vainly hoping to see Barnier or Vradka turn up with a note of surrender?




I understand, however, I too had a dependant with complex healthcare needs and three dogs (unfortunately the bigger one you see in my icon, had to be put to sleep yesterday). It is possible to do it, but, the timing will always seem lousy. I suppose I see things in very clearly: Brexit is an economic disaster, we’re past the point of no return, the NHS is a disaster, the Pound will break 1.076 in next two sessions. I hope the UK gets everything that’s coming to it.

My problem, so many friends on here are still in the UK. It’s not going to be oK in10 years.


I knew sheep and Brexiteers have much in common, but that makes them even more alike.


Condolences on your loss Mac. We know how our pets are very much “persons” and very much loved members of our families.



Sheep are much maligned. Unlike people they are fit for purpose in the world, they have dignity and stoicism. They are far from stupid. No two people are worth one sheep. A dozen people in the case of Brexiteers.

But tell that to a townie and they won’t believe you.





Very sorry to hear about yesterday,




Thanks, Frog. They are indeed. I was only supposed to dog-sit for 4 weeks. That was over 10 years ago.


Thanks Buns,

I’m still quite emotional. Forgive the emotional posts. I’d give any amount of money to have the big girl back.


mac - hi,

Sorry to hear about your dog m8. Even some of us Brexiteers can offer sympathy.
Now. if it was Bunsy off to the dogs home in the sky…


Clever people, these right-wing populists?




Sorry to hear about your dog … from personal experience I know how hard that is … Had dogs all my life … losing the last one was tough.
Someone said … when you’re young you go to weddings and when you get older it’s funerals.
One of the reasons I quit working early … I hope to claim my oap pension one day …



There possibly is some truth in that. Finally, we have something which we all agree on. Dogs are great. We overcomplicate our lives too many things. Dogs just want food, shelter and love.




Yep, some facts about the sheep farming industry (UK anyway).

Sheep have a natural lifespan of up to 17 years… all will be killed long before then.
There’s about 22 million sheep in UK… and 14 million are slaughtered each year… 1/2 of those slaughtered will be lambs between the ages of 3 and 10 months.

One in 20 adult sheep die of cold, starvation, sickness, pregnancy complications or injury… due largely to the bleak, poor conditions they are kept in with lack of proper shelter from winter.

If left to nature, a sheep will give birth to just one lamb every spring after a five month pregnancy… but now, farmers force them to have twins or triplets via genetic selection, drugs and hormone implants… and at times to suit the market rather than the welfare of the sheep eg. Easter.
Note that triplets then means the 3rd lamb usually needs to be forcibly taken away from it’s mother.

After birth, lambs are subjected to two painful mutilations: castration and tail-docking… the males are castrated.
They are periodically immersed in a toxic solution (so toxic that even the farmers can get neurological illnesses from it) with their heads held under with a broom or crook. Accidental ingestion of dip by sheep can cause excessive salivation and tears, frequent urination, vomiting, difficulty in breathing, muscle twitching developing to incoordination, paralysis, collapse and death. Dipping is also associated with an increased risk of bacterial infection.

About 400,000 sheep are exported live each year from the UK, constituting the vast majority of our farmed animal live exports. They endure horrific suffering on long journeys from UK ports to continental destinations across Europe and sometimes beyond.


I forgot to add… at the end of their lives… this is the type of thing they have to endure:

Sheep were filmed routinely having their throats repeatedly cut, as many as seven times in one case, in contravention of the law. This is thought to be as a result of the slaughterman failing to maintain a surgically sharp knife. Animals flailed and fitted, having been systematically moved unlawfully before they had enough time to lose consciousness. A slaughterman warned his colleagues when the vet was approaching on multiple occasions.
On three occasions a stockman was caught on camera deliberately picking sheep up by their fleeces and physically throwing the animals, in addition to roughly handling others. Whilst deliberately inflicting cruelty on one animal, the stockman shouts: “See ya! F**k you.”


Hi mac

Sorry to hear about your dog. One of 3 you took with you from Scotland when you moved to Italy yes?
Dogs as pets seem to be very popular in my immediate area, almost every household seems to have one.
A couple of cat owners also.

Moving not easy. Change is also not easy.

Take care



It appears Epstein was not on suicide watch after all. Some big questions to ask over this failure.