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It seems to me that it’s the easiest thing in the world to reverse (if indeed a reversal is ever necessary) whether it be in 2 years or 10.


I am not so sure. For one thing, even if it could be done, it is doubtful that the rebate could be restored or that we could be outside Shenghen and the euro. Worse, the EU could decide that we had been been more trouble than we were worth and they wouldn’t want to risk Brexit all over again.

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I think tghat is something entirely up for negotiation.

It remains to be seen what happens to the other eight other euro-outs: Bulgaria, Denmark, Croatia, Poland, Romania, Sweden, the Czech Republic and Hungary.
I can’t seen any of them becoming eurozone members anytime soon… it isn’t necessarily the case that new members have to join the eurozone… especially large countries like the UK who have more of a say than smaller countries. At least those eight would be very happy to see the return of the UK from that perspective.


This is the 65 year old man who single-handedly wrestled the 20 something fascist creep to the ground and disarmed him. The full story has yet to emerge but it appears that the fascist was an admirer of the Norwegian collaborator Quisling.

The other thing that we know is that it appears that the the fascist murdered his 17 year old step-sister before going out to attack people in the mosque. True to type, like many of these murderers he has a background of abusive violence against females.

We are better than him and his kind as the hero Mohammah Rafiq has so well proved.

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That would pre suppose (assuming the U.K. leaves), that all 27 Member States vote unanimously to re admit the UK.

Do you not think they might tell the UK to sod off? Is it not more important to make an example of the UK and let it fail?


That really is a non sequitur. If we leave, and then subsequently apply to be re admitted it is entirely at the gift of the EU member states to decide (a) are the UK re admitted at all, and (b) if we are, what are the conditions.

As with the existing ™ deal. The EU have not budged an inch (nor will they). There is nothing up for negotiation. As Larry Summers said, the U.K. has no negotiating position, it has no clout of any sort



"As the Oct. 31 deadline for Britain to leave the European Union approaches, health professionals are warning that shortages of some medicines could worsen in Europe in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

Britain’s food and drink lobby warned last week that the country would experience shortages of some fresh foods if there is a disorderly no-deal Brexit. Pharmaceutical companies have expressed similar concerns about medicines, and some have reserved air freight capacity to fly in supplies if needed…

But the impact on medical supplies will also be felt beyond Britain. About 45 million packs of medicines are shipped from Britain to the rest of the bloc every month, in trade worth nearly 12 billion pounds in 2016, according to a British parliament report.

Experts say some disruption is inevitable if Britain leaves the EU without a deal. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said he will lead his country out of the EU on Oct. 31 without a deal if the EU refuses to negotiate a new divorce agreement.

Some drugs might not have the required regulatory approval by then to continue being brought in from Britain. About 1 billion packs go in one direction or the other each year, industry data show.

Increased customs controls at ports and other borders between Britain and the EU could also disrupt supplies of drugs and the chemical compounds needed to produce them, regulators and industry representatives say…"

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All you need to know about Farage is here

It would have been far better if it had been made available for broadcast. I suspect quite a lot of English nationalists would have been appalled.

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Final Say campaigners are urging supporters to regroup and focus attention on the democratic outrage of Boris Johnson attempting to impose the “scorched earth policy” of no-deal Brexit without consulting the British public.
It comes as negotiations with the EU remain at an impasse, and widespread speculation Mr Johnson may seek to stay on as prime minister even if he loses a confidence vote in order to deliver Brexit on 31 October.



European Financial Situation.
Europe,/Germany as a community, is moving into a financial crisis where the UK could be seriously compromised.
Like it or not BREXIT could well be a "God Send " however, unwanted to many.
UK Banks , ( with Lloyds as THE standout ) through steady testing and forethought, are well set to weather the forthcoming downturn across the Channel .


Fyi, Germanys debt is at 64%, the UK is at 87% and Johnson announces more debt financed projects every day. Which country is closer to a financial crisis?


Keep whistling to kep your spirits up Ross!

If there is a recession in the EU it will also affect the UK whether we are in or out. A correction of markets is about overdue and The Groper’s trade war antics might just bring it on. It may have escaped your attention that the recent UK GDP performance for the UK was negative and one more quarter could put us in reccession. A no deal Brexit should achieve it!

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And now “THE PUMPERS” Pro and Con do there " thing"
Keep at it Fellas.


Just facts. Your post doesn’t even contain a number. How much will the no deal preparations alone cost?


What cobblers. Have you looked at the LLOY SP in recent months?





What a laugh! Where do they find muppets like this?




Keep at it Fellas…we’re all listening .


Give us a clue: what the hell are we supposed to be “pumping”?





You are joking surely?

LLOY as the standout ?
Steady testing and foresight ?

Down 30 % in just over 3 months.

The storm is going to be in the UK, with some scattered showers in the EU.

I am banking on it.



We would take you more seriously, Ross, if there was any spark of intellectual content in your posts. We understand that you are a brexiter but even so, you could try harder. Wishful thinking and poor spelling won’t cut the mustard.


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