Brexit Wars 3



I still want to know what we are supposed to be pumping? I’m worried that I might be missing out on something which is profitable and maybe even fun?




In ross case I am tempted to say a blow up doll .

Hope I dont get banned for that thought. LOL



Seems that Farage was more approving of Prince Harry wearing a Nazi uniform than of his marriage to a mixed race woman. I guess he didn’t need to open his mouth for us to know that. Also it is very clear that he is a climate change denier which is another marker of the far right Brexit brigade and another clue to his cluelessness.




Never mind “intellectual content” I can’t see any content at all in his posts. I worry that we might be missing something though: could they be in some sort of code and in reality he is signalling buy/sell something or other to Hedge Fund co - conspirators?




Sadly, SBK, Ross simply tried to provoke us with a stupid post. He is hopelessly outclassed.


Frog in a tree


Hopefully you haven’t been long of that steady old bellweather of the european banking system Deutsche bank since the beginning of 2018, down from 16 to 6, far from scattered showers it appears to have been p###ing it down


The uncertainty over recess then looks to be creative obfuscation by the Government in order to lull the plotters into believing they have more time than they do to act. Expect some creative leaks over the coming weeks about conference recess being cancelled altogether, and then for the adjournment motion to be tabled suddenly, after all, in the second week of September.

This piece about the conference recess I was pondering over the other week… seems this is the answer.
Mogg and the Government are deliberately not issuing dates for the recess.

This is what’s going to happen but several things need to happen in timely fashion for it to succeed:

  • Johnson loses a vote of confidence shortly after they return from current recess.
  • election is called for November/early December.
  • legislation is altered to force extension to Article 50 (what legislation I don’t know but there has to be some coming through to prepare for No Deal).
  • Johnson and Tory Right are able to blame the Remain section of Parliament and use that to fight the election.
  • Labour in September are going to say that either No Deal is taken off the table or they will support holding #BrexitRef2 to confirm any deal or indeed to remain in EU.

Which is after all why all the bungs are around again and taxpayers money is now being promised to appease various different groups.

Anything but a Tory majority is going to see #BrexitRef2 happen next year.


Ah, we see… European companies… bad… UK companies… good.

A very intellectual post to go with Ross’s effort: “Europe,/Germany as a community, is moving into a financial crisis where the UK could be seriously compromised.”

As ever, never any reasons for leaving the EU… just crap about Europe all the time.


Actually voted remain mate but just pointing out that lloyds isn’t the only shite shop in town, but don’t let that get in the way of your vitriolic bile


So you’re fond of saying @allch… quite often too… and yet almost all the comments you make regarding Brexit are anti-EU and Europe… so I suspect that probably isn’t the case.


I see the story of Farage’s disparaging comments about the royal family has made the BBC TV news. It looks quite damaging for the Farage and the Brexit Party. I suspect that Johnson will be quite pleased at this if it deflates BP support a bit.


Frog in a tree


Seems like the only Brexiter hope is THEY the EU will be worse off as well…
where on earth is the sense in that…

and how can anyone think this Gov is sane…

Ministers will have draconian powers to bring in curfews, redirect food supplies and even change the law without consulting parliament in the event of a no-deal Brexit.
Senior civil servants in Whitehall have discussed plans to use the sweeping authority of a little-known law to deal with any unexpected consequences of a disorderly departure from the European Union.


Great. I’d love to see that. Soon be another Referendum then. We’d also find out just how plucky the English are when milk goes up by even 5P a litre and pizzas are in short supply.




…when milk goes up by even 5P a litre and pizzas are in short supply".

If Brexit goes ahead SBK, you will need to modify your spelling of “pizzas” because under the new regime of the ignorant the expected spelling will be “pizza’s”.



Be Funny IF a Scottish court stopped NO DEAL…

The legal bid, backed by more than 70 MPs and peers, is seeking to get the Court of Session in Edinburgh to rule that suspending parliament to make the UK leave the EU without a deal is “unlawful and unconstitutional”.
The petition has been filed at the Edinburgh court, which sits through the summer, and was granted permission to be heard by a judge.
An initial hearing is due to take place before Lord Doherty at the Court of Session on Tuesday morning to determine how the legal challenge will proceed.
A cross-party group of politicians is backing the legal petition, supported by the Good Law Project, which won a victory at the European Court of Justice last year over whether the UK could unilaterally cancel Brexit by revoking Article 50.


“UK Banks , ( with Lloyds as THE standout ) through steady testing and forethought, are well set to weather the forthcoming downturn across the Channel” .

Hi Ross,

What were you saying? LLOY Down 1.5% this afternoon.





The fact is that it is unconstitutional for the Westminster Parliament to drag the devolved Government of Scotland out of the EU with the consequent loss of human rights when their citizens voted Remain in the Referendum. The Scots could save us from ourselves yet and we would owe them an eternal debt of gratitude.




An MP has accused the Brexit Party’s founder of ‘stoking racism and anti-immigrant propaganda’ with a tweet about a non-existent hospital.

Catherine Blaiklock claimed ‘major operations’ are sold in Pakistan to be performed by ‘the NHS in London’ at ‘Slough General’, which is not a real hospital.

In what looks like a disclaimer, she added: ‘Somebody told me this is happening. This is a text I received.’

The story is of course, total nonsense.



The “PUMPERS” are at it in full force. AGAIN & AGAIN
Deja Vu ALL OVER again …as Yogi said
Boring Fellas…just like BREXIT to most of us.


A prominent Brexit Party supporter and former MEP has been slammed for ‘arguing racism is the fault of black people.’:
…”David Lammy’s ranting illustrates why prejudice against black people persists."

This is same person who in 2015 published a blog post telling renewable energy workers their jobs are “damaging the economy” and they should work in “real, value-added industries” instead of “wasteful projects that are little more than gesture politics.”

Read this for a full list of the absurd comments this Brexit Party supporter has said: